The ultimate Silver Lining?


Silver birch poles and trees - Portable natural wood trunks, pole screens and decorative backdrops.

Over the past few of years or so we have witnessed a fascinating increase in the demand for natural decorative silver birch tree trunks.

A versatile non-intrusive promotional aid, they can be used in marketing at exhibitions, in window displays or to decorate showrooms. They can also work as offices screens, dividers, stand alone clusters, even as wall dressing etc.

Available in various girths, bark textures and lengths, either with or without branches, they can be incorporated into contemporary architectural designs, complimenting traditional or contemporary decor.

Traditionally a firm favourite for winter seasonal displays, they are increasing in popularity throughout the year.

There are many optional means of fixing these beautiful trunks. One in particular, which works really well for various size trees and trunks, is a steel base support plate, either as single stems, in cluster groups or formal lines of trunks.

As can be seen from the pictures the permutation of length, heights, diameter and shape etc. are almost infinite.

Do you have an unusual installation idea or requirement? Get in touch and let us help bring your vision to life.

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