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Large Artificial Trees & Artificial Plants
from the UK's leading experts!

Large Artificial Trees
& Artificial Plants
from the UK's leading experts!

Creative Ideas

Creative ideas example featuring large artificial blossom tree

Client Work

Ceiling wreaths with artificial lilies
An example of artificial tree installation from plantART
We use FireSilx® foliage to keep your customers and your premisses safe.

Through the use of FireSilx inherently fire retardant Artificial Trees, Fake Plants & Foliage, we help you to avoid the risk of fire whilst creating a stunning landscape.
design sketch example showing fake tree designs
All of our installations feature botanically correct artificial trees and incredibly realistic faux plants built and installed to your exact specification.

All custom made replica trees used in your project are manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK.
Example of international fake tree client
We constantly design and build artificial planting projects throughout France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway, Croatia and most other European countries.

Further afield, we have also installed Large Artificial Trees & Fake Plants in Russia, Asia, Canada and the USA, as well as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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What's hot right now?

Artificial Green Walls, that's what!
plantART artificial green walls are maintenance free, incredibly realistic and completely customisable to the requirements of your exterior or interior design project.

They have several uses across a wide range of interior settings for both business and home.

They enable our clients to create stunning and practical, 'living' walls without the expensive installation and space required by real green walls.

Take a look at what's possible HERE
Mixed planting fake green wall used as screeningwow factor artificial green wall design based on client logosimple but effective artificial green wall screenAttractive faux green wall in restaurant

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plantART Artificial Trees & Artificial Plants Brochure

Check out the latest plantART brochure

Take a look at our informative brochure outlining some of the work we do here at plantART. This colourful brochure not only features some fantastic photographs of our bespoke installations, but it also includes detailed sections on the following;

Large Artificial Trees
Exhibition Spaces
Artificial Boxwood Hedges
Artificial Topiary
Artificial Topiary Shapes
Artificial Green Walls
Visual Merchandising
Natural Vines & Wood
Artificial Outdoor Planting
Artificial Palm Trees
Synthetic Trees and more.

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Artificial green ficus trees for home delivery
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