Relaxing at street level!


It has never been more important for us all to relax and unwind wherever possible.

Your customers are no exception, and with this in mind, we thought it might be a good time to look once more at the hidden benefits of artificial planting in hospitality and business.

We live in a fast paced, ever changing world and many of us choose to play as hard as we work, but what is often overlooked is just how “productive” relaxation time can be. So why does that interest us here at plantART?

Research has shown that flowers, plants and trees play an important role in our lives because they act as a catalyst between cold technology and nature, a connecting block between the hard, stark and colourless with the soft, non conforming and colourful.

Environment is key in order to fully relax and “switch off”. Plants and trees have always played an important role here but if you can also eliminate the stress of taking care of your surroundings, you end up with a win/win scenario and that is why artificial plants, trees and flowers make so much sense when creating a space dedicated to relaxation.

We have a very special and very close relationship with plants and trees. Over the millennia plants have of course played an important role by supplying food, fire, shelter, medicines as well as building structures, tools and contributing to means of transportation. It’s no wonder that we feel a sense of comfort and well-being in their presence.

Various findings have also shown that stress levels and blood pressure can be reduced in the presence of plants. Today, by using artificial plants it is possible to bring this much needed calming effect to our “living spaces” such as restaurants and bars, offices, hotels, airports, schools and hospitals etc. transforming our day to day balance without taking on extra stress in the process.

Artificial plants can provide the same visually pleasing aesthetic and sense of well being gained in the presence of living plants, but as a one-off purchase with no extra costs for ongoing up keep & maintenance.

The selection of artificial plants, trees and flowers for interior and exterior uses is endless. They are available in so many sizes, style and colours. There are artificial exterior UV stable plants and artificial interior plants with inherently fire resistant (IFR) leaves. IFR artificial plants are often a requirement for many interior locations especially those in commercial and public buildings where companies must abide by the current fire and safety regulations.

Artificial interior plants are now an obvious choice as interior decoration accessories. Interior large artificial trees are available up to 7 meters as standard and larger when made to order. Made to order trees can be constructed in any conceivable shape to suit the your individual requirements. Artificial plants, trees, vines, bushes and flowers can be positioned anywhere in a building allowing the benefit of additional artistic license.

Plants, as artificial exterior plants are ideal to decorate home and business premises, especially the outside of buildings and entrances to cafes, restaurants and hotels, particularly those with patios, terraces and beer gardens. In businesses where image, prestige and first impressions count, plants can play an important role and compliment other outside components such as decoration, lights and signage.

The expanding range and quality of artificial exterior plants now allows good and effective exterior planting schemes to be created using artificial plants, something which was not possible until recent technological advances.

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