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Large artificial bamboo trees and plants are available in sizes up to 15.0 meters high!

Large artificial bamboo trees and plants are available in sizes up to 15.0 meters high!

Just how large is large? Well, plantART specialises in providing interior artificial bamboo for a wide range of commercial settings such as atriums, shopping malls, airport terminals and so on.

Most importantly, the artificial bamboo leaves on plantART's bamboo trees are inherently fire resistant. This IFR treatment means that they are not only suitable for all indoor locations, but that they also meet international safety standards, essential for any commercial environment.

These giant artificial bamboo trees are very often made to order, with criteria such as height, style and variety of bamboo adjusted depending on their proposed use and the sought after effect.

Large, free-standing artificial bamboo offers a relatively straightforward way of adding an imposing and majestic feature to any building, often filling the void of vast open interior spaces.

Our large artificial bamboo trees are made up using multiple poles of various heights and different diameters. By increasing the number of poles used per “tree”, we can increase the volume, density and display girth.

Artificial large bamboo and other large artificial trees, just as with natural trees, can be displayed in an extensive range of containers, set into decorative raised planters or planted into sunken beds.

People love to see plants and large trees indoors. However, circumstances do not always allow us to use fresh planting, and so the use of artificial plants is an efficient solution.

The use of giant artificial bamboo also provides labour and cost savings in ongoing up-keep maintenance.

Another (and very popular) use for artificial bamboo is to arrange it as screening. As with stand-alone trees, these screens are of course available in various heights, styles and densities.

If you are considering the use of artificial bamboo in your project, be sure and get in touch for free expert advice form those with extensive experience.

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