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Of all the outdoor artificial plants, trees and topiary plantART supply, artificial boxwood hedges are without doubt the most popular.

Our client at the Savoy Hotel, London had decided to combine the obvious benefits and advantages of using both live Buxus hedges and faux boxwood hedges.
Front of house and locations where there is direct contact with customers and the passing public, real box hedges were deployed. However, at a higher first floor window level and either side of the riverside entrance artificial boxwood hedges were recently installed by plantART.
These particular sections of artificial box hedges were constructed as pre-made drop in units to fit into the hotels’ own planter troughs.
Artificial Buxus Hedge at the Savoy Hotel, Riverside Entrance
Serious consideration was given to selecting the best product, although these faux box hedge displays are initially seen from outside, they can also be seen directly and at close proximity from inside through the windows of the first floor meeting rooms.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Material showing the Fine Leaf Detail
On close inspection of the fake box hedge material, one finds it to be incredibly life-like, thereby making these window displays a fantastic, complimentary addition to any exterior floral decoration.

This concept of mixing real and artificial plants or even replacing living plants with similar fake plants has become common practice. Our customers often decide to replace high maintenance (both in ongoing time and accumulative expenses) live plants for zero maintenance, artificial boxwood topiary hedges, plants and trees.

It is often possible to retain the existing containers - thus a further saving.

An all year around floral presence is one of the key benefits, visually enhancing the exterior decoration of any building through all weathers.

plantART’s faux boxwood topiary hedge (plastic boxwood materials) are available in both UV stable and inherently fire retardant (IFR) options for both outdoor and indoor use.
And for more ideas, unusual creations and breathtaking designs that show how to promote any business using outdoor or interior artificial trees, plants, vines and boxwood topiary hedges, visit our Possibilities section HERE
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