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Artificial Trees and Plants to your door

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A wide range of artificial trees and plants to browse & purchase from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you happen to be.

We have everything from single foliage branches, through to medium-sized trees etc.

Do you have specific requirements for your project?

plantART specialise in hand-built large interior and outdoor artificial trees, giant bamboo and palms to order in all sizes, style, shape and varieties to suit your specific needs and requirements.

If your project requires a specific style of tree please provide us with detail of your requirements - such as the number of trees required, preferred species, tree height, canopy width and height of lowest branches. If you require an irregular or non-symetrical shape canopy, please send us a simple sketch with approximate dimensions.

Any other details specific to your project, however creative or "off the wall" they may be will help us to help you. The more information and detail you are able to offer, the more accurate our price estimate will be.

Any questions, please just call us on + 44 (0) 1207 460 140 or use this simple contact form...

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