Barking up the right tree!

An extremely versatile synthetic pliable material used to produce artificial tree trunks, fake bark panels and different sized practical faux tree stumps can have varied uses.

Moulds are taken from different natural barks, such as the ever popular silver birch as well as oak, ash, olive and even redwood. Fire retardant rated materials are available to conform with Class 1 fire rating.

These faux bark panels can be used to cover unsightly pillars by creating the effect of artificial tree trunks, or use them to overlay walls, cupboards and doors etc.

Framed sections can also be used to make abstract pictures along with many other decorative uses.

Used by plantART when building large diameter fake tree trunks, either as stand alone items or to construct large artificial trees. On larger trees, to increase strength, rigidity and stability up, the trunk will be fabricated with a steel core and detachable steel base if required.

The outer trunk is moulded in either glass fibre or specialised moulding foam.
The tree trunk has a natural taper at the bottom into a root base.

The various colour finishes allow numerous highlights and tones to pronounce the artificial bark texture.

An incredibly versatile product, only limited by your imagination.

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