Artificial Trees and your business!


An insight into the world of artificial trees and their implementation for businesses of all kinds.

Artificial Trees and your business!

The following is aimed at giving you an insight into the world of artificial trees are and an understanding of why businesses throughout the world are using them both indoors and out to enhance their premises & profile.

The growing preference for artificial trees is not because they are less expensive than real ones; this is an unfortunate but common misconception. As it happens, large ‘bespoke’ artificial trees, made to client specifications and preferences can often be more expensive.

However, only considering the initial cost is entirely misleading. The financial benefits gained by investing in artificial trees mean that they are much more cost-effective in the long run: No annual maintenance costs, no replacement expenditure (they won’t deteriorate or die!)

Unkempt trees, plants and even floral displays can reflect poorly on a venue’s image and affect credibility, which in turn can lead to loss of custom. The same applies to unhealthy plants and trees which attract flies and insects leading to possible pungent smells, again very off-putting for your customers.

Artificial Trees and your business!
Artificial Trees and your business!

Now that we’ve explained why it makes commercial sense, it’s time to look at what plantART can do to help.

We specialise in providing commercial customers with “one-off” bespoke artificial trees in any variety, size and style.

Most of the work done by plantART falls within the spectrum of providing “made to order” artificial tree solutions for customers worldwide. Our bespoke service is directed at clients in the hotel, leisure, corporate and exhibition/events industry as well as retail outlets, schools, theatres etc. Pretty much anyone with a large enough space, in need of faux trees of a quality and standard that will enhance their premises and add something unique and characterful.

Examples of our “Large Artificial Tree” installations are in our ‘CLIENT WORK’ section: CLICK HERE.

Most clients are unsure of what to ask for when describing and specifying the fake trees they would like to install. The friendly approach and expertise of our staff at plantART can make a big difference. We will guide you through every stage of the project from initial enquiry and specification to delivery and build.

There’s a lot of choice and lots of decisions to be made; The variety, density of foliage, height of the first, lowest branch, width and shape of the tree crown etc. but we’re with you all the way!

Because plantART make artificial trees to order: if you can imagine it, plantART will build it. If you can’t quite envisage what is required, we will endeavour to fulfil your needs drawing on our decades of experience.

From artificial tropical and exotic trees and those found in the tundra regions, through to indigenous UK and European trees (with or without interesting gnarly trunks and branches), we can create every kind of artificial tree here at plantART.

Artificial Trees and your business!
Artificial Trees and your business!

Large faux trees, 7m tall or more, are made in “kit-form”. Reproduction trees of this size can have canopies of over 5m wide and therefore need to be delivered to site in sections. Being aware of restrictive access is an essential factor when considering, designing and building imitation trees. Limiting factors such as door width, stairs, corridors and tight corners etc. all need to be taken into account - lifts can be particularly problematic, especially if they are the only means of accessing the place of installation.

Nevertheless, once all of the limiting factors are considered, we will find a way for your faux tree to be professionally constructed.

Many of plantART’s smaller replica trees and some of the larger trees (up to 7m tall) are constructed using natural,  kiln-dried timber.

Kiln-dried timber is an essential feature for a good number of reasons; this high-temperature treatment ensures in-borne “bugs” and fungi are killed off, the moisture content is reduced, thus resulting in a weight reduction.

This technique is particularly crucial for trees used in expansive window shop front displays. Kiln-dried wood is used because it potentially contains a reduced amount of moisture. Any moisture that evaporates from wood results in window condensation - thereby causing unnecessary problems for the retailer.

Some of plantART’s larger fake trees (with wide canopies) need to be combined with strong resin trunks. These trunks provide a sturdy foundation and base onto which to build the replica tree canopy using kiln-dried branches. The resin trunks are moulded; this permits duplication of artificial trees, should customers require a pair of matching trees, and conversely, using these solid foundations also allows building large artificial trees with irregularly shaped canopies. The resin trunks, which have sturdy integrally formed steel base plates, 1m square, allow for direct fixing to the floor.

plantART have been able to develop a new breed of imitation synthetic tree with massive advantages due to significant advances in the technology and synthetic materials used. These synthetic materials are inherently fire resistant, lightweight and more importantly, suitable for fabricating OUTDOOR artificial trees.

Artificial Trees and your business!
Artificial Trees and your business!

Moulds are now available to replicate the bark of most species of tree, making the finished product very realistic. Artificial leaves, foliage for artificial outside trees are available with UV stable properties which prevent fading and discolouration, an essential factor when located in countries that have extended hours of intense sunlight.

Shipping is another area in which plantART consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. How do we get large artificial trees shipped all across the world to arrive in such good condition?

Protecting faux trees in transit from the most likely risk of crushing is very important.

plantART’s specially made artificial tree shipping crates, with detachable front-loading access, are in turn colour powder coated to protect the steel from rusting when passing through or into damp and humid climates.

Before packing the trees ready for shipping, they are broken down into their component parts; these are in turn labelled so they can be quickly and easily assembled on site.

Once the false trees are broken down into their component parts and packed into the shipping crates they are internally wrapped with cardboard and externally wrapped with cling-film, labelled and transported to their new destination. They are easily handled using either a standard pallet truck or forklift.

Every branch has a simple means of identification. The fake tree branches are labelled and numbered, and the same number is given to the corresponding recess where the base of the branch fits into the tree trunk.

Faux trees delivered in “kit-form” are not only less likely to sustain damage, but they are also easy to handle and easier to install where restricted access might be a problem.

This concept is especially beneficial for customers using false trees for exhibitions, theatre productions and event management companies, allowing the trees to travel between events in top condition.

Also of interest to these clients are our free standing artificial trees. Looking as if they are growing naturally out of the ground, they are supported using steel bases. This feature is especially convenient for clients using artificial trees for temporary display purposes. The stands are slimline, thus do not take up much space and available in a choice of colours, very quick and easy to use.

Artificial trees in any size are incredibly versatile products which can be seen throughout the world in a diverse range of places and venues.  Due to advances in technology and materials, people often mistake them for the real thing, blissfully unaware they are artificial - no better compliment; just don’t water them!

Artificial Trees and your business!

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