A Tall Story!


Transforming Spaces: The Beauty of Large Artificial Trees.

Clients worldwide are aware of the visual impact large artificial trees (including Bamboo and palms) can create, not only because of their majestic stature but the wonder of having such beautiful outdoor trees set in tranquil interior settings.
Their presence adds a real Wow-Factor!

plantART has the skills, knowledge, expertise and, most importantly, experience in specifying, constructing and safely installing large bespoke trees, large artificial Bamboo and large artificial palms.
It is now possible to build artificial trees and palms up to 7 m plus and artificial bamboo to 15 m plus in any variety, style/shape to complement all internal designs and locations.

Installation of a Large Artificial Pink Cherry Blossom Tree...
The client requested a distinctive "windswept" effect to appear as if the tree was growing from the corner of the room. As usual, this artificial cherry tree was built using delicate, vibrant and colourful artificial cherry blossom foliage, using hundreds of artificial sprays.

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Further examples of our Large Artificial Tree projects can be found HERE

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