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In today’s competitive market it is attention to detail that makes all the difference.

It has never been more important to differentiate your business from the competition by giving the best impression possible and attracting customers with that WOW factor.

Most business owners acknowledge that first impressions really do count. Say for instance you are a restaurant owner and you have the best food in your area, the best service and wonderful staff, however, you may still be losing customers unawares, as they can often make a decision based on the outside appearance of your venue and choose to move on to somewhere more "welcoming".

Fortunately, plantART have a straightforward and easy solution.

We have been increasingly inundated with inquiries about artificial exterior plants and trees.

Clients are keen to learn how no maintenance, hassle-free exterior planting can enhance the outside of their business and make them more attractive and appealing to prospective customers, as well as cater to the rapidly expanding al-fresco eating and drinking culture.

Over the past thirty years, we have helped businesses throughout the country to develop their exterior social areas, mainly in the licensed and leisure industries, but also the likes of shopping malls, airport lobbies, schools and hospitals etc.

Of course, we saw a significant increase following the 2007 smoking ban in enclosed public places which continues to this day.

Perhaps most popular is the use of artificial boxwood and artificial topiary trees.

It is a fact that they are such a quick and easy way to smarten and brighten up an entrance or other prominent areas that often makes them the first choice for small to medium businesses.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular artificial plants we supply are Boxwood or Buxus topiary trees in the form of pyramids and balls (known as standards - or sometimes referred to as “lollypop”).

Lack of maintenance coupled with high-quality products are the key factors most quoted by our clients when asked why they have opted for artificial plants over the real thing. They look very realistic, are incredibly robust and save money by "looking after themselves".

One idea that is quickly gathering momentum is the use of artificial plants in tandem with fresh seasonal planting. Fresh flowers bring lovely vivid colours, soft, pleasing textures and a wide variety of scents, while the supporting artificial plants remain almost maintenance free.

If you feel that your business might benefit from an installation such as those discussed, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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