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#2 Tip – “Lights - they draw attention, create excitement and people love them.

Wednesday 01st December 2010

Artificial Exterior Trees with LED lights
Artificial Boxwood Hedges with LED lights
Artificial Tree Vines with LED lights
#2 Tip – “Lights - they draw attention, create excitement and people love them. Lights give comfort during the long dark evenings ------------ but there’s more – discover how to use lights to market your business this autumn, winter and throughout the festive seasons.”
(In fact all year round!)
Exterior lights this autumn, winter and throughout the festive season. Seasonal lighting can be a delightful way to promote, highlight and enhance any business plus promoting brand images.
People just love and are attracted to lights, their fascination along with their enticing mystical appeal.
So, how can we easily use lights now to promote our businesses?
Exterior - Simply concentrate on areas which will create the maximum visual impact such as at entrances, prominent building elevations – like gable ends etc. and nearby large trees. Pictures shown below demonstrates how lights are used in these examples.
Interior – Lights do play a very active role, all year around exterior and interior, but like buying puppy dogs – they are not just for Christmas; lights play an important decorative role throughout the year.
Remember lights can be used for a very wide and diverse range of uses, not just traditional lights on Christmas Trees; but businesses can use them to bring cheer and delight during January, February and into March until the clocks go forward and we all benefit from the longer hours of daylight. Take a look at the pictures below which show and demonstrate more varied and innovative uses of LED lights.
LED lights are now very good value for money, economical to run and extremely versatile – plus one gets a lot of “candle power for ones Buck!”
Another important safety feature, these lights are mainly low voltage and low power thus making them ideal for use in public areas, exposed areas and inaccessible areas where on going maintenance can be difficult – plus they are economical to run.
Take a look at these additional pictures for more practical ideas and examples showing how simple lighting effects can make a dramatic difference.
Up lighters are a great way to easily and simply add artistic flare to any venue. Quick, spectacular effects are achieved by up-lighting buildings, large trees, back wall lighting and field landscaping etc. Flood lights, soft lights and LEDS individually or together will provide an exhilarating marketing solution.
Colourful lights can be equally dramatic when used tactfully.
Exterior and interior lights are available for both domestic and commercial uses. If lights are to be used in public places; do wherever possible fit and keep them out of easy reach. Similarly use low power and low voltage LED lights. LED lights are generally longer lasting, stronger and consume less electrical power. Buy from a reputable supplier and ensure lighting, adaptors and transformers etc. conform to British Standards – consider this before buying cheap forgiven imports online.
Don’t over load sockets by trying to connect too many lights to one power source. If in doubt call in an electrician who will advise, supply and install any necessary safety tripping devices.
Have fun with lights this year and let’s get them working for you.
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