Artificial Birch Trees & Trunks

Natural silver birch for restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels and more. A decorative classic and an all time favourite of our clients. Get in touch for details.

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Artificial Birch's white bark is one of the most recognised tree varieties but, contrary to general belief, its colour can vary from silvery-white to hues of copper, brown and gold.

plantART sources all natural birch trees from sustainably managed woodlands. The tree trunks and branches are cleaned and kiln dried. This process at high temperatures eliminates any insects or fungi potentially present in these natural materials. This method complies with the plant health phytosanitary certification required by the forestry commission and DEFRA for any exports.

While the trunk and branches are generally natural products the foliage is artificial and we can supply inherently flame retardant products to comply with fire regulations.

When it comes to creating your bespoke, Artificial Birch, silver birch trunk design you will have the choice of a variety of options: consider what height, girth and bark texture you are looking for, whether you would like bare silver birch trunks or trunks with branches. You will also have a choice of how you would like your decorative silver trunks to be arranged: we can produce them in clusters or groups or in single lines or rows. Finally the type of fixtures should be considered – we can supply them as they come, with powder-coated metal base plates made to order, set in a choice of containers, with bespoke brackets to fix them to walls or ceilings or arranged in frames. We are also happy to deliver and install your Artificial Birch on site if required.

No two orders are the same and hence no two prices are the same. If you would like to discuss your design wishes, please call or email us with some details, we can discuss options and are happy to tailor a quote to your requirements.

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