Artificial Yucca, Spikey Plants & Grasses


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Fantastic looking outdoor artificial plants, throughout the year but without the hassle.

Sometimes it can be impractical to have fresh plants in your desired outdoor location, regular feeding and general maintenance can be all but impossible. This simply isn't an issue with our range of artificial outdoor plants. If you can get them in situ, you can more or less forget them!

Significant progress has been made since the days of poorly produced outdoor plastic plants. Today, artificial outdoor plants are of exceptional quality with extremely life-like reproduction detail.

Get ready to save on watering and maintenance costs and install fake outdoor plants.

Click HERE to find inspiration and see just what can be achieved with a Bespoke Installation from plantART or if you already know how you want your project to look, create stunning artificial outdoor plant displays with ease using fake plants from the extensive selection below.

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