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Artificial Trees & Plants for Business

There are many obvious benefits to artificial plants and trees for business; they don't need to be watered, ever! They don't require pruning and won't become overgrown, all of which makes them ideal for high up, out of reach displays or other areas that are difficult to access.
However, one significant advantage that is often overlooked is the ability to "design" an artificial tree to your exact specification. For example, say you want a fake cherry blossom arch to span a doorway. We can design and build an arch that will fit perfectly, in the colour of blossom that best suits the installation environment and we can have the whole thing in situ within days - not the years needed for natural growth!
Over the decades, plantART have built an enviable reputation as one of the world's leading artificial tree installers for business.
If you've ever asked yourself, "Where can I find a large artificial tree in Dubai?" or "Are there suppliers of fake foliage in Canada?" or anything along these lines, then the answer is almost certainly, plantART.
After many, many years supplying artificial greenery to hotels, offices, restaurants, bistros, cafes, airports, shopping malls, schools and retail premises etc. it's no wonder we are the first port of call for businesses looking for fake trees & planting.
Quality is another significant factor for any business wishing to install faux foliage. At plantART, we only use the highest quality artificial materials to create our bespoke business solutions which means that you are assured of the most cost-effective solution over time with long lasting and hard wearing fake plants that last up to five years or more with very little maintenance, just a light dusting now and then in most cases.

Why plantART?


We have a massive range of artificial trees & plants including handmade replica trees built on natural trunks and branches.

90cm to 30m trees, all carefully designed & built using the latest manufacturing processes and materials, we work with architects and designers to offer a completely bespoke solution.
All of our fake trees are uniquely designed and hand-built on natural, kiln-dried trunks and branches to prevent mite infestation. In a wide range of trunk sizes and heights and with various foliages and leaves to choose from, they ready to be installed upon request.
We regularly design, supply and install various types of fake trees, foliage and leaves globally, including Silver Birch, Maple, Ficus, Olive, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom & Faux Topiary. Trees for outdoor use are available with a UV resistant tree formula which will keep the artificial outdoor tree colour-fast in more extreme, hot and sunny climates such as the UAE.

We have a fantastically skilful and dedicated team who thrive on a challenge.

With decades at the forefront of artificial planting supplies, plantART are ideally positioned to help your business make the most of its public and office spaces.
Our many bespoke projects include artificial tree installations all over the world, including most of mainland Europe, Asia, USA & Canada as well as Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the wider Gulf region. With our exceptional customer service, much of our work is sourced by "word of mouth" and you can rest assured that you will receive the most expert and courteous advice every step of the way, from the initial site visit (if necessary) to advice on placement, shape, quantity and of course, choice.

Built to strict British Standards, our artificial trees, palms, plants and flowers are all designed to meet the most stringent international specifications that enable them to resist the strain of everyday life.
We supply artificial trees of all shapes and sizes, including our famous preserved palm trees, all with incredibly short lead-in times and at a very competitive price.
If you are planning an artificial planting project for your business or that of a client, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the link below for some friendly, no obligation advice.

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