Your Artificial Tree to Your Specifications

Your Artificial Tree to Your Specifications
So you know that you need artificial trees for your latest project. You know how many, where they should fit, what they need to look like, even the exact species.
Did you know that you can send us your exact artificial tree requirements via our website?
In fact, we encourage you to send specifications through as soon as you have a vague idea of what’s needed. That way, we can assist you with your choices from the off, and provide you with a much more accurate quote to help with planning and budget.
The image below shows a typical design drawing submitted by one of our clients. From this simple drawing, we were able to create the artificial tree they wanted, exactly as they wanted it.
Working closely with our clients, we construct large artificial trees to exact specifications: species, overall height, trunk width and canopy shape etc., are all precisely measured. Each tree is then crafted to order in line with these exact requirements and to the highest possible standards.
If you want the best installation possible, from experts with decades of experience, why not send us your project details and discover for yourself why we have such exceptional levels of positive feedback & customer loyalty.
Simply complete the form on any of our “Creative” tree pages, such as the one HERE and attach your specification file for upload.
Posted 25 NOV 2018