Artificial Tropical Plants & Exotic Trees

Bringing the world to your doorstep...  artificial tropical plants and artificial exotic trees from plantART

We have a wide range of intriguing, less frequently seen Artificial Tropical Plants and Artificial Exotic Trees such as: Artificial Capensia Trees, Artificial Dracaena Trees, Artificial Longifolia Trees &  Artificial Ming Aralia Trees.

Most Artificial Tropical Trees & fake exotic plants in this section have an abundance of soft artificial leaves with vivid colours giving adding a bit of excitement to any artificial planting scenario.

With decades of experience, you can be sure we will work with you to produce the most suitable artificial tropical tree or exotic plant display for your environment, wherever you are in the world.
plantART have been commissioned to install numerous such solutions over the decades and our expertise is second to none, so if you're planning an installation using Artificial Tropical Plants & Exotic Trees, CONTACT us now for some friendly advice
Alternatively, if you're still not sure how your project will look once completed, click HERE for inspiration and to see just what can be achieved.

Or if you're just looking for an "off the shelf" solution to brighten up your home or office, check out our selection below...

Artificial Dracaena Reflexa Tree

£208.33 (ex vat) £250.00 inc vat

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Deluxe Artificial Capensia Liana Tree

£125.00 (ex vat) £150.00 inc vat

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2.5m Artificial Dracaena Reflexa Variegated Tree


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4m Artificial Dracaena Reflexa Variegated Tree


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