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The Secretes Behind Artificial Jungle Vines.
How to Use Vines and Discover Their Appeal
In today’s competitive market Business owners are looking for something
refreshing and exciting to help differential them from the competition
Embodied into the essence of abundant entangled flora - eerie, frightening and somehow comforting. It brings together the extremes of nature, harnessed avoid of its deadly side contained within its natural state now safely reproduced for us to enjoy.
Above:-  Artificial Jungle Tree Vine built around large tree trunk and branhes
Below:- More more Large Tree Vine examples using lights
There is some infinite magic that comes from the presence of natural materials. Especial wood so intriguing soft comforting and reassuring.
Humans and plants trees have lived in harmony for hundreds of thousands of years from the days when our ancestors roamed the Serengeti.
Over the ages wood has been used in many forms, featured in many places and infinite practical applications for construction, decoration, and survival - hunting weapons, shelters and fires.
Here we try to recapture the mystic essence in the form of natural jungle vines. Their expressive silent voice escaping to new parts in a rush to reach back to their origins and out into places beyond here – mysteriously.
So, where would you like to bring in the spirit of the jungle vines and tree vines? Just take a few minutes to browse through these pictures.
Every vine we have created has been different, just like an “original” piece of art commissioned and constructed to suit our clients’ requirements.
Many extras are available to embody these works of art with more Wow! Factors such as lights, foliage, a mixture of textures and varieties of wood forms.
We have been constructing Artificial vines for almost 20 years for a great number of customers fulfilling diverse tastes and needs, in a variety business and private homes throughout Britain and Europe.
Every Artificial Vine we make is different. It is impossible to exactly copy and reproduce identical vines. Why? Because the vines are natural products and although similar every piece is slightly different from the next.
So, it just looks like we gather a bundle of old sticks, tie them together and clag them to the wall, ceiling, pillars, over doors and just about anywhere we fancy. Yes. This may appear to be the case on inspecting the finished piece of art; but is not the case.
The effectiveness and the success for life like vine construction is in the “mix” to guarantee the right finish and the desired outcome.
We make vines that look like they are growing up trees – tree vines - vines that spread like a “rash” over walls, ceilings and anything you care to include, vines that appear to drop out of the “sky” – ceiling.
Enhance vines and trees with lights.
When we use fairy style lights (small leds) we seek to create bulkier vines with more volume and built up as layers with spaces between them.
The intention is to produce “dancing” shadows and “hollow” glows giving the impression of eternal “voids” and an eerie feeling.
Building clusters of loose vines in front of led back lighters can also have a similar effect. Caution here to ensure if lighting is used that has no heat emission that can cause fires.
Fires can be hazardous to our health and longevity.
Apart from that it is dammed inconvenient and the after effect expensive. We also need to provide easy access to the lighting in case we need to change light fittings.
The use of lighting can dramatically change the room setting, offer a fascinating contrast with the décor and provide an interesting focal point.
Some vines are built onto tree trunks and branches. The effect is to blend texture of materials, provide a more solid look or in situations where secure fixings to the room structure are inadequate or impractical.
Along with our engineering skills, those brought through in from a past life, allows as to exploit creative innovation and produce some spectacular and dramatic expressive tree-vines – that “grow” into the room and large void spaces then leap out like a ferocious predator!
All a bit dramatic but good fun especially for customers with a sense of humour. Now add effective lighting and you have a mesmerising feature.
When integrating vines with trees, wizened, fossil form, knurled and twisted trunks the outcome is amazing. If you need a feature to grab attention, a big tree in a room or venue usually does the trick.
Even more so if you have a two or multiple tier venue we construct jungle vines and trees that appear to grow right up through the floors.
We do vines that go for “walk-about” they do as it says on the side of the tin.
You start them off in a corner of one room and lead off into one or a number of directions around the venue, expanding and contracting as we go.
A nice effect is to blend vines of different tree variety, thickness and textures. Add foliage in the form of various leaf varieties, trialling flora with flowers such as the different wisteria colour range.
Artificial Bougainvillea is also a fantastic flowering foliage and as with the Artificial Wisteria are both an ideal choice when seeking to create a Mediterranean culture feeling for cafés and restaurants.
Another charming,wonderful and very eye-catching flower is the artificial cherry blossom
and striking examples of its use can also be seen here.
For those who enjoy the excitement of making things for themselves do consider using these artificial branches of leaves often referred to as leaf sprays or foliage sprays.
A simple construction exercise is to take the artificial branches and fit them into or wrap them around wooden stems – branch. This could develop and “grow” into trees or escaping vines – artificial jungle vine and artificial jungle tree vines.
A striking effect is produced using cherry and/or apple blossom as seen in the picture here. From the leafy forests of central Europe, to the Medi, to the equatorial mango, swamps to the rain forest, swing about strutting your stuff like Tarzan or your place our vines will take your imagination there – scarrey aye?
For those who prefer to keep things simple and traditional we obviously provide, make and install grape vines, with foliage and with out or without grapes – red or green – whatever your taste.
We can also add lights for you.
The following pictures show a varied application for building vines. Artificial ivy vines for outdoors used to decorate as well as to cover wind breaks and screens, A “Jungle” tree vine set into a plant container.
Add lights to gain an amazing effect.
Another concept shown here are our “floating” trees which are made entirely from varieties of vines and artificial foliage added.
Garden Pagoda – Artificial Ivy & Grape Vines
On a serious note it is important to ensure all materials especially the vines are flame resistant and conform to your local fire authority standards.
If in doubt get advice and have a cross section of the material tested and a fire certificate issued. The materials used are natural products and will need to be treated to conform to fire regulations.
And they must be regularly re-tested subject to regulations – usually once a year and re-treating may be necessary. Do seek and listen to professional advice – whether you take it or not is then your choice.
For more information about fire resisitant products please follow this link.
Hey! Don’t go things are just getting interesting.
Running out of time, one Saturday afternoon waiting for the Rugby International to kick off, desperate to quickly come up with new ideas and getting bore with chain saw in hand, as one dose – wood sculpture came to mind.
I always fancied art at school and intrigued with sculpturing. So it was then I decided to be creative. Don’t try this at home. It is important to ensure the saw is sharp as sculpturing wood with a blunt chainsaw is like cutting bread with a hockey stick.
Over the past seven years we have installed a number of imaginative abstract pieces where contrast between décor, colours and textures of surrounding materials were a mix between a subtle difference and complimentary blend.
A contradiction in terms – well may be. What ever the case it is interesting watching people slowly pass bye or stop observe, stare, be mesmerized or intrigued then touch, stroke the grain and sometimes try and get their fingers struck in the cracks.
Whatever their reason unusual wood forms attracts people inquisitive nature. You will see some heavy pieces of timber have been cut up. So, to set the record straight all the large tree trunks we cut up are from wind fallen trees.
Just one more point of interest before you go. Keeping on the wood-art theme we make interesting framed “pictures” not surprisingly also out of pieces of wood. Much of this material has been very well travelled; however with a very low to zero carbon foot print.
It’s mostly drift wood – nice and smooth but with interesting features which usually depends on how long it has been washed up and down the shores. The “pictures” are put together using singular themes or combining natural and sculptured wood. The frames or made from old recycled timber that has been short blasted to give the eroded and been around for a long time effect.
……….. the styles and combination of wood displays is infinite…………..
.....……. and then there are Bamboo poles which are                                           
                                                        an interesting alternative to wood…………….
What I have shared with you here, albeit in a light hearted manner, is merely a taster of the application and the use of natural vines, tree vines, jungle vines, wood sculptures and our quaint framed “pictures”.
For information about these products do visit us at for vines and wood sculptures. The attached photographs show a limited selection and example of what can be achieved. Do e-mail us or call on 0800 614 540 if you want any addition information.
Our next articles will be on how we build very Large to very, very Large Artificial Trees, Palms and Bamboo, how we use make boxwood to make hedges and other shapes etc. something on Artificial Grass, artificial floral Arrangements and a special feature article by an expert in her field to introduce our new art collection.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope it has been of interest and informative.
Please get in touch, I am interested to here from you with your thoughts on the products shown here as well as your ideas.
And of course any comments and feed back will be welcome.
Kind regards,
Paul Unger
Managing Director – ISD(UK)Ltd
P.S. Don't forget if you want anything like this for your business or home call me on freephone 0800 614 540 or e-mail me via the contact us section found on the top right hand corner of this page.
This company, plantART (part of ISD(UK)Ltd) has a resource of 27 years of knowledge, experience and expertise waiting to help our customers get what they are searching for.
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