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plantART - throughout this Blog, plantART's intention is to provide examples, demonstrate and show how to use large artificial trees, topiary, boxwood and plants to transform business premises, interiors and exteriors, making them distinctively attractive, welcoming and where necessary provide the WOW! Factor.

plantART - brings to this Blog an informative resource for people to use and share our 30 years of knowledge, expertise and experience in innovation, design, supply, delivery and installation, specifically bespoke Large Artificial Trees specially for extensive commercial buildings. Other flame retardant and UV stable products in specialised areas, namely tall outdoor grade artificial palms, extensive range of made to order artificial boxwood topiary hedges and figures etc, along with many other innovative products providing solutions to corporations and businesses which operate mainly in the hotel, restaurant, visual merchandising, exhibition, transportation sectors throughout the UK, Europe and around the World

Friday 19th December 2014

Towards 2014 year's end | Phase 3 | Edited projects summary, September to December

Towards the 2014 years end - plantART, probably the most hands-on and innovative bespoke artificial tree manufacturing company - producing large fake trees + jungle tree vines + any form of faux box hedges & etc. in Europe, have put together in this latest blog addition an edited summary showing jobs recently completed.
What may appear as haphazard snap-shot pictures along with professional photo-shoots: that’s because that's just what they are, intermingled action pictures to show the real side of fake tree creation as it happens - nothing hidden, staged or photographs with added cosmetic brush-overs.
Many client’s come to us with ideas which they need help in to make happen: that is what client’s imagine as the perfectly “finished product” when it’s all done and in place. 
Anything and everything is possible; if you can visualise it plantART can manufacture it
Artificial boxwood hedge window & balcony displays 
28A - (Above) Artificial boxwood hedges - although thin but slender decorative displays, high level fake box hedges set into one piece planters with integral hedges. Attached to building using strong lightweight steel support brackets.
28B - ( below) Silver birch tree, natural wood and colour, window displays - very popular and applicable choice of merchandising accessory to promote seasonal fashions.
Natural silver birch tree window displays
Artificial boxwood hanging ball dispalys                               Natural silver birch bare tree display
30 - Artificial topiary balls and interior dieffenbachia. These and many other varieties of colouful faux and fake foliage plants can be put together, set into any available colour, size, shape, style, material and texture of containers. Fake palms - a very popular choice of interior artificial plants for both commercial and domestic uses.
Interior artificial plants dieffenbachia in tall containers   -   Interior artificial palm in square container
Interior artificial plants in tall containers
Artificial topiary boxwood balls in tall containers
31 - Painted white branches - simple colourful accessories to enhance display windows, promote products and or a catalyst to attract the interest of others. Natural wood branches, any size, shape and quantity can be made to order in a range of colours.
 Natural white branches for display purposes
32 - Prayer tree artificial olive tree - false trees which people choose to have perform a functional need such as wishing, remembrance or prayer tree where children and adults hang tags. This concept has become popular with clients choosing an artificial exhibition tree where delegates hang their business cards and or messages.
 Faux Fake olive tree prayer & wishing tree
Artificial olive tree, prayer tree, wishing tree
33 - Artificial tree vine with white flowers - created to enhance a venue where civil wedding ceremonies are to be conducted. Natural feature tree trunk and characteristic branches both entwined with vines spreading out as if to appear growing naturally to fill the space provided. Artificial flowers added as personal choice as per client’s preference - however, be aware over indulgent will result in a “cheesy” looking extravaganza.
Artificial tree vines with white fake flowers 
 Artificial tree vines
Artificial vine tree
34 - 2.1m green artificial ficus trees - plantART offer a simple solution, budget (less expensive, another word is cheap but don’t associate cheapness with inferior quality) to expand this is one of a choice of various height artificial green ficus trees which are pre-made in component parts, delivered in boxes to site for the customer to self-assemble. The alternative is request plantART to build to order your desired false green ficus tree as per your client’s scaled drawings and specifications.
Fake ficus tree
 Fake green ficus tree leaf.
Constructing artificial trees, a specialality plantART offer making faux tree speciality to suit every client's needs
 In production 2.5 & 3m replica green ficus trees
35 - 3m fake green ficus tree - similar to the above; however slightly larger. Although these these replica trees are pre-made, but to avoid the prescriptive nature limited modifications can be applied to suit one’s individual needs.
As we can all see from taking time to view the accompanying pictures these tree fit ideally into location.
 3m Faux ficus tree
3m Fake ficus tree
36 - Decorative silver birch display products - visual merchandising, high street fashion and mega stores where retailers look for innovative accessories and props to compliment and enhance different brands. Not just seasonal but all year round; however, Christmas, a focal time of year and familiar popular product used widespread, is decorative silver birch trees trunks and branches.
Natural Decorative Silver birch tree trunks and branches
 Full window display with silver birch tree trunk props - Natural large silver birch trunks
 Natural silver birch window displays
Natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities/countries may require
 Natural various size silver birch trunks
 Natural silver birch window hanging displays
Natural various size silver birch trunks 
Real - natural silver birch trunks & poles 
 Silver birch poles
 Visual merchandising high street shop window displays using silver birch tree trunks
Window display with silver birch props
Demonstrated here are various and diverse applications using what is common European tree, natural silver birch. Natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands.
The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities may require.
36G - Creative retail window displays using natural silver birch. Not known or commonly associated as a traditional seasonal accessory, but following more indulgence in applying its versatility natural silver birch distinctive bark has significantly grown in popularity.
 Retail window displays using silver birch framed picture style displays
Silver birch wood displays                                        Silver birch wood picture frame displays  
Ornamental decorative silver birch
One of many additional ideas used is to form various size sculptured displays by framing different length and thicknesses of silver birch trunks which as shown here to decorate this high street store. Vertical standing and ceiling hang grouped cluster demonstrated here is yet another creative variation on this theme. 
37A - Tall artificial boxwood hedges on lightweight steel framework. Specific commission to fulfill a purpose to screen to create privacy as well as providing access to both sides - an artificial hedge with a swinging hinged door, 2.8m high x 3.6m long. Strong lightweight which could not be fixed down so to be stiff because only end fixings were possible. Fake box buxus hedge material both UV stable to resist fading and discolouration as well as inherently flame retardant (IFR) an added fire protection safety feature. An important factor when considering and specifying faux boxwood hedges.
 Artificial box hedges secluded terrace
 Artificial natural looking tall fake boxwood hedges     Artificial natural looking tall faux boxwood hedges 
 High artificial boxwood hedges with door openings                  High fak boxwood topiary partion hedge 
37B - Versatile artificial box hedges - often customers already have fence structures in place but decide to add more decorative options. One, to create an artificial topiary hedge, fake box hedge to cover for example a simple wood structure. A combination between hanging wall paper and laying a carpet: pre-made faux boxwood hedges with component sections joined and attached to lengths of wire mesh which in turn are rolled rolled out and joined together to form a continuos replica boxwood hedge.
Artificial boxwood hedge screen.
Faux boxwood screen hedge
37C - Contemporary artificial bamboo plants and trees set into stainless steel containers, any height, width and style tailor-made to suit individual requirements.
Tal high large artificial bamboo display
38A - Made to measure artificial boxwood window box displays. Replacing existing dilapidated real planting window displays or considering new decorative additional displays to a hotel, guest house or office windows, balconies or patios etc. an easy and extremely effective solution is to have artificial box hedges, fake boxwood hedge displays are very popular providing both a contemporary and tradition feel.
 Artificial boxwood hedge window box display
Fake topiary hedge window box 
38B - Artificial topiary balls, standard fake topiary trees, set into wooden square containers ideal, yet a very complimentary accessory to compliment hotel entrances, avenues and or corridors with prominent places. Often referred to as standards, lollipop or ball trees a popular decorative tree for hotel entrances.
Artificial topiary boxwood ball trees and Faux topiary hedges window displays
Fake faux topiary boxwood ball trees
39A - Natural silver birch, bare autumn trees set within clusters onto steel bases which appear as if growing naturally from the office floor; plus spreading canopy branches to appear as if they are growing through the ceiling. Large girth trunks, real natural coloured and textured bark trees to provide an authentic composure within a contemporary commercial setting.
 Silver birch autumn & winter bare trees.
Ornamental decorative artificial bare trees using silver birch branches and trunks 
 Silver birch trees growing into ceiling
Creative cosmetic birch trees artificial made - fake silver birch bare trees
39B - Silver birch tree trunks, an in sighting, interesting design used in this example to form a mobile screen separating two room spaces. Decorative silver birch trunks, free standing, set onto a mobile steel base - where tradition meets contemporary; anything and everything is possible.
Aesthetic yet functional use of natural silver birch branches
 as a creative and decorative accessory to screen and partition a room
Ornamental and enchanting silver birch branches
40 - Forestation of silver birch trees leafless trees, autumn winter bare silver birch trees, set onto steel base plates so to appear as if growing naturally out of the ground - a cluster of walk though trees.
Bare artificial silver birch trees without leaves - fake autumn and winter trees 
Made to order replica faux trees natural birch with silver bark
41A - Artificial cycas palms - refurbished palms using new fronds to grace the decks of an ocean going yacht. Fake cycas palm heads set into inserts to fit neatly into client’s own containers. Fake palms constructed using faux palm fronds, PVC UV stable specifically for constructing outdoor artificial palms.
Outdoor large artificial cycas palms
Fake cycas palms specifically for exterior use
Outside use large faux cycas revoluta palms
Smaller options outdoor artificial cycas revoluta palms
41B - Faux topiary balls, available in 300mm, 400mm to 500mm diameters. Shown here 300mm diameter trees prepared within square inserts to also fit client’s containers.
~ pictures to follow ~
42 - 3No. large splendid artificial 7m high artificial bamboo clusters. Elegant, magnificent fake trees constructed using faux fire resistant bamboo leaves. Manufactured using real bamboo poles a process which allows plantART to fabricate faux bamboo trees to any size and height. The example shown here demonstrates the bamboo poles slid onto a steel base so to appear as if growing naturally from the ground.
7.5m tall large artificial bamboo trees
Giant fake bamboo multiple pole clusters 1.2m - 4ft - wide
Giant fake bamboo trees 
7.5m tall giant bamboo trees
Inherently flame retardant large artificial bamboo 
leaves to manufacture large faux fake bamboo trees 
 Real natural bamboo poles ranging in sizes 80 to 100mm diameter, set onto steel base support plates
43 - Decorative silver birch tree trunks set and aligned in a row onto a steel base, just perfect to compliment a venue, decorate a room or become a receptive back drop feature as shown here set against a wall.
Picturesque and pleasing aesthetic use for decorative silver birch tree trunks shown here to
compliment the interior of a spa
 Free-standing bases to support tree trunks, bare trees
44 - 5m high fake red maple trees, ideal for instant international exhibition stand impact. Artificial trees, various sizes, species and shapes hand-made to order - if you can visualise it we can create it; and more likely exceed your expectations. plantART offer these and similar fake trees, delivered in easily managed component parts for quick and simple assembly on site - likewise quick when “breaking-down” the exhibition stand to pack away for future use another day.
 5m high large artificial red maple trees 
 Exhibition stand display large fake trees
 Artificial foliages used to construct plantART trees are inherently flame retardant (IFR) - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces. 
  Tall 5m faux red maple artificial trees 
  Large replica maple trees with red leaves also known as Acer or Japanese maple trees 
45 - Simple yet effective bare tree; leaning, bending, over-arching nature wood replica tree. Pre-prepared faux tree ready to be foliated to the client’s choice. plantART hand build to order any size and shape of tree and therefor invite customers enquiring about faux trees to send through details - such as number of trees, species, tree height, canopy width, height of lowest branches, and if you require an irregular or non-symmetrical shape canopy let me have a simple sketch with approximate dimensions.
 Leaning over-arching artificial bare tree - wind swept tree 
46 - An innovative idea: faux boxwood hedge to divide but not isolated adjoining office work stations. This example 8 to 10 inches, 200 to 250mm high x 2 inches, 50mm wide and 1.8m long, but since they are made to order can be produced to any specification requested.
  Innovative and creative use for an artificial boxwood topiary hedge
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Friday 05th September 2014

Phase 2 | 2014 - Summary of selected projects, January to August

Latest blog addition showing some of the projects completed since the beginning of this year 2014 Brief edited text with respective photographs which show recent hands on installations carried by plantART staff.  Any questions regarding anything seen here, then either give us a telephone call or drop us a direct email.
22 - Multiple trunks artificial pink blossom cherry trees - Cancun, Mexico. Faux pink cherry trees with pink blossoms. Unusual fake blossom trees in that they are bushy and constructed on natural wood multiple trunks allowing a broader canopy shape with an abundance of dense blossom.
 6ft & 7ft multiple trunk artificial pink cherry blossom trees
Five 6ft and 7ft artificial pink cherry blossom trees, with free-standing steel base plates, just made and ready for despatch
Delux 7ft Artificial pink cherry blossom trees
Delux 7ft Artificial pink cherry blossom trees in situ at the palace resots hotel Cancun Mexico
The individual trunks are set and secured onto a steel base support plates thereby appearing as if these false cherry blossom trees are growing naturally from the ground.
2.1m 7ft multiple trunk artificial pink cherry blossom trees Artificial light pink cherry blossom flowers
2.1m Artificial cherry tree with light baby pink cherry blossom flowers
23 - Hope school Wigan, outdoor artificial tree, sensual tree with textured bark, chimes, leaves and other stimulating objects. A creation the school had in mind to offer more opportunities for the disabled children to engage and benefit from in a safe environment; things they would not normally experience.
Outdoor artificial tree Outdoor artificial tree trunk
Outdoor artificial tree - all man-made materials
The tree has a strong internal steel structure, made in sections, coated in fibre class (GRP) to form the outer contours before applying the outer synthetic artificial ash tree bark, which in turn was colour matched to replicate the natural finish.
24 - Artificial boxwood hedges made as inserts, an example - South London hair salon. clients already have planters. Live planting for whatever reason has not worked for them, so the artificial alternative is an effective cost effective solution. Plus it saves money on up keep maintenance - a one-off investment cost without the hassle.
 Artificial boxwood inserts to fit clients' containers
Artificial boxwood inserts made to order specifically to fit clients' containers; simply drop into position
25 - Artificial autumn maple tree set into the corner of a teaching room, a school in Lewisham. Want a big replica tree? Artificial autumn maple trees, this and many other species such as faux autumn birch trees. Self-standing trees set onto steel base support plates so to appear as if they are growing naturally from the ground.
2.4m artificial autum maple corner tree 2.4m artificial autum maple tree - set into corner
2.4m artificial autum maple tree - trunk set into corner location with branches and fake maple leaves faning out over the ceiling.
plantART always make every effort to ensure customers get the best from our trees; ensuring they are presented to exploit their maximum potential, fit for purpose and affordable. Over recent years artificial trees, tropical jungle landscapes and enchanted forests have been popular within schools; especially in large urban areas. They find the presence of greenery and trees very relaxing and promotes encourages to learning.
26 - 3No. 5m artificial red maple trees - Barcelona. plantART also offer ready to go kit form trees, come boxed, delivered via courier and ready for the customer to self-assembly easily within 30 minutes. 
Selection of either artificial red maple trees or faux green ficus trees available in sizes from 2.5 to 5.0m high.
Inherently flame retardant (IFR) artificial leaves - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces. Ideal for both UK and Worldwide exhibition and events where immediate impact is required cost effectively, quickly easily and safely.
5m Artificial Red Maple Trees
5m Artificial Red Maple Trees
Presently waiting for more in situ photographs to come.
27 - Snooty Frox Harrogate - Artificial topiary buxus boxwood hedges set into wood purpose made planters. Faux boxwood hedges made to order to suit individual customers requirements.  For made to order fake boxwood hedges customers with specific requests are invited to send through details explaining their requirements to including measurements and as much information as possible along with a destination post-code to allow plantART to offer a delivered
Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge long length
Part section of high level fake box hedge with a combined 17m linear length
Miniature artificial boxwood hedge  Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge
Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge showing sections of straight hedges and pyramid sections
Presently waiting for more in situ photographs; however, those shown above are taken during construction. Nice compact fake box hedge with planter as one piece, where there is a overall height limitation
29 - Decorative bare trees, trunks, branches, along with silver birch trees all without leaves. Autumn and winter look trees, all made to any shape, size and profile, even leaning, arching and over hanging trees. Canopies: the alternative suspended ceilings, ideal for themed events, exhibitions and complimentary decor´ schemes. Many trees and branches are supplied to clients in a variety of colours, as shown above.
Silver Birch - single trunks - multiple trunks with branches - wispy tree clusters
4m Silver birch large tree trunk 4m silver birch single trunk trees 4m Silver birch large tree trunks
Tall 4m single and multiple natural kiln dried silver birch trunks with additional branches
Tall silver birch standing trunks Standing Silver birch - natural & synthetic trunks
Single trunks with a range of free-standing brackets - center three of five trunks in right-side picture are artificial silver birch trunks, made using synthetic materials
Bare autumn silver birch trees
Autumn and winter silver birch trees with wispy branches and various coloured trunks
Larger bare trees - leaning trees without leaves in any size and shape
Over-arching trees Leaning bare tree
Leaning over-arching bare natural trunk trees over 4m high
Bare tree canopy Bare tree canopy trunk & branches
Bare naked tree canopies whereby the branches and trunks are grafted into the trunks.
Both the natural trunks and branches are kiln dried before building the trees
2.8m high Artificial Bare Trees
Naked trees without leaves support by steel base plates so to appear as if the trees are growing naturaly out of the ground
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Thursday 04th September 2014

Phase 1 | 2014 - Summary of selected projects, January to August

Phase )ne - Latest blog addition showing some of the projects completed since the beginning of this year 2014 Brief edited text with respective photographs which show recent hands on installations carried by plantART staff.  Any questions regarding anything seen here, then either give us a telephone call or drop us a direct email.
1 - St. Bartholomew’s hospital London - 10No. large over 3.5m to 4m high artificial silver birch trees as specimen large girth single trunk trees and multiple trunk fake silver birch trees creating wide spreading canopies. Individual trunks set onto steel retaining brackets which in turn were secured into the large steel planters.
 4m Artificial Single and Multiple Trunks Silver Brich Trees 4m Faux Single & Multiple Trunks Silver Brich Tree
4m Artificial Single & Multiple Trunks Silver Brich Trees
As with all the large faux trees plantART construct to order, the fake leaves, artificial foliage is always inherently fire retardant (IFR).
4m Artificial Silver Brich Tree 4m Artificial Silver Brich Trees 
Large 4m high artificial silver birch trees
Similarly if required, as was the case here, the tree trunks and branches can also be protected with a class 1 spread of flame application by treating trunks and branches to achieve Class 1 fire standard. Pyrolac One - Becker Acroma which is a two-pack acid catalysed lacquer, applied application will provide the necessary Class 1 protection. Tree trunks and branches prior to this will require kiln drying to ensure a high extraction of moisture prior to applying Class I protection.
4m Fake Single & Multiple Trunk Silver Brich Trees 4m Artificial Single and Multiple Trunk Silver Brich Tree 4m Replica Single & Multiple Trunk Silver Brich Tree
 4m Multiple Trunk Silver Brich Trees
Natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities may require.
4m Artificial Multiple Trunk Silver Brich Trees Selection large & small fake silver birch trees
As installed on site                  and            Workshop production
4m Artificial Multiple Trunk Silver Brich Trees - Selection large & small fake silver birch trees
2 - Rooms outdoors - An installation for plantART to create an artificial silver birch tree with multiple trunks made to appear as if it engulfs, surrounding a pillar. The four tree trunks were set onto a fabricated angled steel base support plate which in turn was recessed into and fixed to the floor, all covered with pebbles to disguise. The faux silver birch tree canopy spread over an adjacent roof looking both natural and as if it belonged there.
3m Artificial Multiple Trunk Silver Brich Tree 3m Artificial Multiple Trunks Silver Brich Tree
3m Artificial Multiple Trunks Silver Brich Tree
 Faux boxwood hedge wall panels Artificial boxwood hedge wall panel - Fake topiary balls
Artificial boxwood hedge wall panels and fake topiary balls
Also provided an interesting made to fit fake box hedge to follow the contours of adjacent and facing walls: then to compliment and a means of bringing the outdoor inside. Two artificial topiary balls set into contemporary planters provided the finishing touches
3 - Thetford garden centre - artificial oak leaf canopies. Fake foliage canopies work well and are an effective means of filling open high ceiling areas and venues especially retail points of sale an ideal visual merchandising accessory to enhance and soften harsh back drops. Making the shopping experience more welcoming and comforting.
Artificial oak tree leaf canopy False oak tree leaf canopy
Fake oak tree leaf canopy
Artificial oak tree leaf canopies
Artificial oak along with many other indigenous leaf]ves such as maple, silver birch and chestnut etc. offer an effective softening solution bringing the outside in - especially here a fabulous garden centre retail area with a wide and diverse range of both garden and gift items.
Faux oak tree leaf canopies Oak tree artificial leaf canopy
Oak tree artificial leaf canopies
4 - 2.8m artificial ficus tree Finsbury Circus London. Purpose made trees constructed specifically to suit the client’s requirements. Special provision for securing the trunk means the tree stands freely as it has grown up through the reception desk.
2.7m artificial green ficus tree 2.7m artificial green ficus tree
2.7m artificial green ficus tree
plantART hand-build to order bespoke artificial trees, using natural tree trunks and branches which are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities may require.
Artificial Green Ficus Tree Trunk & Branches Faux Green Ficus Tree Leaves
Faux Green Ficus Tree Leaves
Artificial foliages used to construct plantART trees are inherently flame retardant (IFR) - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces.
5 - 2No. white artificial cherry blossom trees - London, Mayfair. Always very popular faux white or pink cherry blossom trees, hand-made to order in many sizes and shapes as well as profiles - symmetrical or non-symmetrical; whatever your preference. Should you wish, simply show us what you or your client wants and plantART will make it. 
3.5m artificial white cherry blossom tree Artificial fire proof white cherry blossom tree.jpg
Artificial fire proof white cherry blossom trees
The example here is built onto large natural tree trunks, along with branches so to create the ideal tree. Then dressed with fake inherently flame retardant leaves.
 Fake fire proof white cherry blossom tree Faux fire proof white cherry blossom tree
 Faux flame retardant white cherry blossom foliage
6 - Over-arching and leaning large artificial variegated ficus trees - Euro-tunnel Folkstone departure lounge. Not all trees, as we will observe when walking through local woodlands are the perfect example of the upright symmetrical tree we may or not envisage.
4.5m Large artificial ficus trees
Secure heavy duty steel anchor plates provides good fixings and allows these artificial to appear as if they are naturally growing away from each other. 
 4.5m Large fake ficus trees
4.5m Large fake ficus trees
Distorted, twisted and leaning trees are common place; something plantART replicate as shown here with the four 4m high fake ficus trees recently installed in Kent.
Leaning 4.5m large faux ficus trees
Overarching and leaning 4.5m large faux ficus trees
7 - Foxholes nursing home in Hertfordshire, a large leaning 4m high artificial orange tree, made to appear as if it was growing up into the glass roof of the orangery.
Large artificial "leaning" orange tree
Large artificial leaning orange tree Large Artificial over hanging orangery trees
Large artificial orange tree
Large 4m high over-arching leaning orange tree with fruits
Large artificial "leaning" orange treeLarge artificial "leaning" orange tree
Large fake orangery tree trunk Artificial orange tree Large faux orangery tree
Center and foreground a large fake orangery tree, in the background a large artificial olive tree
Other artificial feature trees included faux white blossom trees, fake olive, maple and variegated ficus trees. plantART construct fake trees using natural wood trunks into whch are grafted wood branches and in turn the faux leaves are fitted. This allows us to create any shape and size of tree that best suits specific locations.
Artificial white cherry blossom tree Artificial green maple tree
Faux white cherry blossom over arching tree and compant fake green maple tree
Artificial olive tree Artificial olive tree Fake orange tree
Artificial green maple, olive and orange tree with fruits
One of the many priorities care homes for the elderly have to consider, visual aesthetics thereby making the communal areas pleasant, welcoming and memorable. Dementia facilities are especially important whereby plantART create many varieties of indigenous British, familiar trees the occupants can relate too. Green is a soothing colour as is the association within the presence of trees.
8 - White and pink artificial cherry blossom trees. An abundance of luscious flowering light pink cherry blooms to create an overwhelming arching extravaganza of colour covering the ceiling and enhancing the venue as well as complementing the decorative theme.
Artificial arching cherry tree
Abundance of colourful and vivid faux cherry blossom flowers
Large artificial pink cherry tree canopy 8 - Pink artificial cherry blossom
Exuberant dense white faux cherry blossom tree, now a prominent feature surrounding the restaurant entrance. The white works especially well here brightening up the grand stairway approach and much talked about focal point.
8 - White fake cherry blossom Fake cherry blossom tree
An abundance of cascading white and light baby pink artificial cherry blossom trees
9 - Silver birch artificial trees: a noteworthy new concept, clusters of multiple silver birch trunks to form a tall, wispy and airy natural look fake silver birch trees, set into stone granite finish planters.
2.5m Artificial Multiple Trunk Silver Birch Tree Artificial Silver Birch Tree Trunks
The distinctive colour, always a favourite silver birch artificial trees
More frequent requests; the appeal for natural silver birch, the white bark effect is forever a favourite with increasing demand. This is more evident, visual merchandising exercises with use in high street fashion house shop windows, display accessories or exhibition stands.
Large canopy artificial Silver Birch Trees Faux silver birch tree
Artificial trees using delicate silver birch leaves, wispy branches and natural trunks
10 - Artificial topiary men on bikes and large fake boxwood hedges combined together to provide an interesting focal feature display of two life size fake topiary men on bikes and three false box hedges, made using faux buxus hedge material, all set into fabulous exterior grade wood planter boxes.
Happy winning cycling man on bike artificial topiary Man cycling bike fake topiary boxwood
Happy winning cycling man on bike artificial topiary
plantART hand build to order any shape, size and profile of figures, animals, letters and numbers etc. allowing the customers an infinite range of choice.
Artificial boxwood topiary man on bike Large artificial boxwood hedges
Artificial boxwood hedges set into planters and fake topiary cycling man
11 - Very long artificial buxus boxwood hedge. 90m in length an artificial boxwood hedge leading up to and surrounding a large swimming pool set in private grounds. With many corners, recess alcoves to accommodate lighting stands. This artificial buxus hedge stands 600mm 2ft high and approximately 300mm 1ft wide.
50cm high & very long artificial buxus hedge
Beautifully finished corners plantART's fake box hedge look just like the real thing only with the time consuming, expensive and time consuming up keep maintenance.
Outdoor artificial box hedge
plantART's faux box hedges manufctured to order to any length, size and configuration
Outdoor fake box hedge Outdoor faux box hedge
Fake boxwood hedge constructed using a solid exterior grade wood frame which in turn was painted for additional weather protection before fixing the faux boxwood hedge material. Incorporated into the fabrication with invisible joints so to make the entire artificial box hedge a continuos, seamless permanent solid structure.
Outdoor fake boxwood hedge assembly Installation outdoor artificial boxwood hedge 
Powder coated steel ground securing brackets with inter-locking ends.
Thereby ensuring long runs of artificial boxwood hedges retain their line 
12 - Artificial Oleander tree - Colourful flowering large faux trees the fake oleander treeavailable in deep pink and yellow. The example shown here is 3m high marvelous fake oleander tree, built on a real featured trunk and using natural branches with lavish vivid distinctive artificial flowering blooms.
Faux fake oleander tree 3.5m high Artificial Oleander Tree foliage and flowers
Artificial Oleander Tree Foliage and Flowers
13 - Large interior artificial planting green and colourful foliated walls. A popular choice both inside and outdoors foliage walls using and abundance of faux plants in various colours, varieties, textures and shapes along with fake trailing ivy and vines. The possible combination of available artificial plants is infinite to suit, compliment the venue decor´ scheme or as a feature focal point: also provide an alternative back drop to many settings.
Green Wall fake faux plants and ivy trails Green Wall replica plants and ivy trails
Green Wall artificial various colourful and green plants with ivy trails
It is important to point out interior grade polyester artificial silk plants are not suitable for extended exterior uses. Outdoor pvc fake plants and faux ivy trails are available; however their range is limited.
ire a tree oak/ cherry/ apple
Artificial colourful and green plant walls
14 - Square headed topiary trees, made to order in any size and height, set into containers; or as with artificial trees these fake boxwood hedge squares can be set onto steel base support plates to appear as if growing naturally from the ground. Faux box hedge material is available in UV or inherently flame retardant (IFR) or a combination of the both.
Artificial Boxwood Square Head Hedge Fake Boxwood Square Head Hedges 14 - Artificial Boxwood Topiary Cube Hedge
14 - Artificial Boxwood Square Head Hedge Displays, set either in containers or onto steel bases so to appear as if growing naturally from the ground.
15 - White fake trees - “Strictly Come Dancing Road Show”. Simple white artificial trees, with free-standing steel bases were commissioned as props for a television road show production earlier this year.
Artificial White trees strictly come dancing Artificial White trees White Artificial Trees & Branches
Artificial white trees set onto steel stands
Natural looking complete trees, single trunks and or wood branches in any size or shape and also painted in any colour: or of course in multiple colour options.
16 - Large artificial boxwood hedge insert - London. A “block” of Fake boxwood hedge, which in this case built as an insert to drop into the client’s own pre-made planter. Faux topiary hedges made to any height, width and length, corners, curves with special added features such as balls, cones or pyramids etc. can be integrated into the display.
Artifical block hedge insert sections Artifical block hedge insert Artifical block boxwood hedge
Artifical boxwood hedge made to measure size as a two part insert to fit into customer's pre-made recess planter
17 - White branches - coloured branches, what could be more simpler; but, an effective and original display, showing a long line of random nature dried wood branches painted white, fixed to a restaurant wall set above seating. Natural wood branches any size and shape and also painted in any colour: or of course multiple colours.
900-120mm white branches White decorative branches
White decorative natural wood branches
18 - Artificial pink cherry blossom tress - Lisbon. 2.5m and 3.5m high artificial pink cherry blossom trees hand-built by plantART, packed and shipped to Portugal.
Artificial foliages used to construct plantART trees are inherently flame retardant (IFR) - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces.
2.5m Fake Cherry blossom tree Artificial pink cherry blossom trees 2.5m high 18 - 3.5m Faux Cherry blossom tree
Pink artificial cherry blossom trees 2.5 and 3.5m examples shown here
Packing and shipping - the large artificial trees arrive in “kit-form”, which are quick and easy to assemble on site - instructions are provided. The branches numbered and correspond to respective recesses/holes in the trunk; thereby making easy and quick assembly. Replicated tree component parts packed into lightweight, strong steel crates for added protection. See attached pictures - the standard international size 2.1m high with a base 1.0 x 1.2m. Complete tree and packing approximately 70Kg gross weight. This concept reduces national and international transport costs, avoids damage during shipping and allows easy access to buildings: also idea when on “tour” for onward shipping.
Artificial Trees Packed for Shipment
Light weigth steel shipping crates - standard sizes ideal for international deliveries
19 - Fake orange tree - it is fascinating because neither the above false oleander tree nor the faux orange trees are frequently requested; however they are interesting and offer a refreshing change.
Dwarf artificial orange tree, on an old gnarly trunk plus extra wide canopy set onto a base to allow it to stand naturally. Small fake oranges so to keep the tree in proportion.
Artificial orange tree Fake orange tree
Dwarf artificial orange tree built onto heavy feature natural trunk with fruits
20 - Artificial red apple tree - Shirley, Birmingham. Choices of what appear to be delicious red or green fake apples which hang naturally, fully grown and ripened as if ready to pick. Faux apple trees as with all the large fake trees which plantART hand-build to order are carefully constructed with special attention to detail. We find clients are very keen to ensure the trunks are a feature of the tree, the joints between the visible branches and the trunk are seamless; no obvious connections. Also important factors: the foliage looks realistic and the tree canopy is well shaped.
3.0m Fake apple tree Red artificial apples
Workshop prepared artificial apple tree showing support base plus selection of red apples
20 - 3.0m Fake apple tree
Installing fake apple tree on site 
As can be seen in this example the large 3m high artificial red apple tree is set onto a steel base support plate so to appear as if the tree is growing naturally out of the ground, as demonstrated in the attached picture. The base sizes can vary, made smaller if they can be fixed to the floor; if not then large enough to counter balance the canopy overhang. In both situations the bases can be covered with artificial grass or if sunk into the floor covered with either decorative stones or chipped wood.
21 - Red coloured trees - bare natural finish trees with roots, also silver birch tree and single standing trunks, various shaped and coloured branches or poles along with numerous forms of base supports and fixings.
Artificial Red Trees
Standing naturally an artificial red tree
Contemporary displays, trees, branches and wood sculptures in natural and a range of striking colours are very popular as display accessories. As with plantART’s regular artificial trees the white, black, red, gold and silver artificial trees are also made to order in any size, shape and with special configurations - if you can visualise it plantART will build it.
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Tuesday 12th November 2013

Quick summary - plantART's 2013 quite ordinary to extraordinary (Part 2)

The follow on from and continuation; a quick insight into installations completed so for this year - 
and don't forget any questions or enquires simply drop us an email or give us a call.
39. Artificial contemporary display made up using fake plants, yuccas and pandanus- simple set into a modular GRP container which are available in any size, shape or colour. 
40. Residential use for artificial floral decoration is fast increasing in popularity and becoming the favoured option. The key reason being the necessity and quest for nil up keep maintenance. Preferred choices are colourful artificial flowering displays with evergreen plants and ivy used for window, balcony and terrace displays. Below shows how artificial boxwood used to form a tall hedge as a means in providing privacy to a terraced area.
Picture to follow
41. Artificial bamboo screens, also suitable to partition off or simply added decor to specific locations.
42. Because plantART’s replica olive trees are made in “kit-form” for customers to easily assembly once the artificial tree arrives. People are favourably choosing to set their faux trees onto steel stands so it looks as if the tree is growing naturally out of the ground. The fake grass adds a nice finishing touch.
43. Large artificial trees with huge 4ft, 1.2m diameters are easily built in two sections and fashioned to fit around and encase unsightly pillars; or pillars which can be put to a functional use. The example here shows such a practical solution whereby this central pillar is now a large tree with a canopy of foliage, artificial green maple leaves, spreading out over the underside of the ceiling.
44. Hand-built artificial trees using natural wood trunks and branches: never two trees will ever be the same. However, they can appear similar. The branch which form the canopy is manzanita which although a very hard wood is extremely resilient. In this example sprayed to give a light white-wash finish and set onto a steel base support plate.
45. Cut logs any shape and size is possible: a popular choice as window display accessories especially doing the festive season. The logs are kiln dried to give a moisture content of less than 15%. It is important any natural wood materials placed in shop display windows have a low moisture content because to avoid condensation forming on the inside of the glass. The kiln drying process also kills any wood borne insects etc. Proof of the kiln drying process along with technical details are often required if exported where in some cases phytosanitary certificates are required which also qualifies proof the wood have been extracted from sustainable sources.
46. Great choice of variety for artificial plants, flowers and trees which are used in quite often obvious but simple manner to enhance commercial premises. Here we demonstrate an example where colourful artificial interior window displays are brought in to add interest to this long corridor. A subtle blend and thoughtful combination of faux flowers, evergreen plants and trailing leaves.
Large 5m Artificial Red Maple Tree
47. 5m Artificial red maple tree, vivid and distinctive colour, inherently fire retardant (IFR) leaves. Three natural wood stems make up the trunk which in turn are set into a steel base support base; therefore making this artificial tree appear as if growing naturally from the ground. A trong securing solution without the need to fix to the ground.
 Artificial Green Maple Tree
48. 2.5m Artificial Canadian green maple tree, broad lush green characteristic leaves. This faux fake tree was specifically made to fit into a location with a relatively low ceiling thus a flatter canopy profile was produced. The client also needed to fit lights into the tree canopy thus required an electrical cable hidden in the trunk. So, not a problem a concealed channel leaving a pull wire at either end for the client to run an electric flex through was provided.
Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hedge
49. Fake boxwood hedges an effective alternative to resolving the problem of maintaining ornamental garden hedges. Often natural locations for many reasons become unsuitable in healthy sustaining real topiary, therefor artificial boxwood topiary hedges can be a practical and cost effective solution.

50. Artificial hedges, made to order hedge units any size - to fit client’s own containers with inserts made by plantART. Either send us the containers or provide the internal measurements. The faux topiary hedges are made and despatched via courier; then to be simply dropped into the planters - easy and because many customers are tired of dilapidated, dead and unattractive real plants decide to opt for an artificial alternative; but like their own containers. so, simply empty them out, send through the internal dimensions and plantART will make-up replacement fake boxwood hedge insert, delivered via courier, for the customer to simply drop into place.
 3.5m Artificial Olive Trees
51. 3.5m artificial olive trees, 2.4m light pink fake cherry blossom trees, white faux cherry blossom archways, plus artificial palms, dracaena and bamboo trees set into decorative terracotta pots. This combination of faux trees where the first stages of an internal landscaping scheme to enhance the character and compliment the decor of this newly opened quality nursing home. plantART work with clients to exploit the benefits which artificial trees and plants can offer buildings and improve the well being of its occupants.
Faux fake artificial olive tree branches, leaves and foliage
Arching white Cherry blossom trees
Faux white and pink cherry blossom trees
Fake Dracena Trees             2.4m Faux pink cherry tree            Artificial areca palms
2.2m Artificial Kentia Palms
Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Topiary Triple Ball Trees 
~ Pictures to follow ~
52. Artificial topiary displays set into stainless steel containers, simple, contemporary and very practical strong exterior displays. Artificial topiary trees simple but effective fake trees, set into an infinite range of colourful containers. Various faux topiary trees, such as cones, pyramids, single and triple balls available in a range of height

 Artificial Boxwood Buxus Pyramid Trees
53. 2.4m high artificial boxwood topiary pyramids, faux fake boxwood panels displays and artificial hanging baskets and interesting combination of exterior displays. However one employed to enhance the public areas and entrance to a school. Blending traditional colourful flowering displays and more fashionable fake boxwood topiary displays - very effective.
Colour artificial hanging baskets    ~    Artificial boxwood topiary panels
Artificial topiary boxwood panels ideal to decorate walls etc. Large feature fake box pyramids set into large 1m square stainless steel containers which can be weighted - ideal for vulnerable and windy locations such as entrances etc. And an all time favourite colourful faux fake hanging baskets. The range of colour options is infinite.
54. Artificial apple or cherry blossom, white, cream, light or dark pink colours; a supper complimentary decorative accessory with natural timber “twiggy” branches and entwined vines ideal in both commercial venues and domestic locations. 
55. Artificial window boxes, an alternative to traditional plants fake topiary balls - lollipops, providing a clean contemporary appearance.
Apart from being extremely realistic, both visually and to touch artificial plants, aloe are a great choice in places where natural light needed to sustain real plants is insufficient - a nice touch offering a slick, modern feel.
2013 now pasted plantART wish it's customers a fabulous and successful New Year in 2014
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Monday 11th November 2013

Quick summary - plantART's 2013 quite ordinary to extraordinary (Part 1)

Some of plantART's ordinary to extraordinary 2013 creations
Just some incredible feats of ingenuity, opportunities and innovative ideas went into producing this broad spectrum of diverse projects so far this year 2013 - a random selection: a simple exercise to demonstrate what’s available from plantART.
Just give us a call on 0044 1202 460 140 or drop us an email should you have any questions or need specific information.
Popular this year projects requiring tree trunks, many large ones, which involved the need to build from scratch large diameter tree trunks using synthetic materials. One example, the large, hollow artificial “talking tree”. Specially designed and produced for a company which focuses on childrens’ parties and corporate events. Big artificial trees to incase RSJ pillars; a lot of engineering skills needed to provide a working structure, plus the artistic skills in creating the bark texture and colour finishes. From big bulky faux tree trunks to slimmer fake silver birch trunks, lots of ‘em full height room, all lined-up to create a back drop screen in the spa of a luxury hotel.
So, lets scroll through the following pictures: from dogs peeing on car wheels to large 5.5m high outdoor artificial palm trees...........................
1. Peeing dog - an artificial boxwood animal, although other dog positions animals and figures are available; real size or larger.
2. Vines are without doubt a favourite request asked for over the past two decades to date.  WOW! effect - to see an impressive master piece scroll down to item No.13. However, often clients are located aboard there it is better for them to DIY - make up and fit themselves. This was the case with a bar owner who from in the States embarked on fitting and creating a feature artificial vine tree to wrap around a central pillar. So, Paula from California plantART congratulate you on doing fantastic job.
3. Simple but impressive fake tree, red Japanese maple tree. This particular tree is 2.3/2.5m high and a very popular size especially in builds with regular room heights.
4. Tall artificial cypresses conifer trees along with artificial boxwood tower options, great features to compliment grand buildings. Unfortunately the private client who had installed 14No. artificial artificial conifer towers prefers not to allow in situ pictures to be published.
5. What a joy to see seasonal colour to brighten and enhance the visual aspect of a building, especially window box displays, balcony, terrace and patio features. Plants and flowers, even artificial ones which people can’t tell the difference between fake and real, help to soften stark buildings, offer natural textures and make the venue feel and appear welcoming.
6. Artificial Cycas palms - this pair of faux palms where made and destined for a cruise around the Mediterranean aboard a luxury yacht.
7. Forever a charming and extremely popular requested artificial tree, cherry blossom in both white or pink. Although most fake cherry trees which plantART build are normally between 2.5m and 3.5m high; however, trees up to 4 and 5m high are not un-common. Faux trees which appear to be growing naturally out from the ground: this we achieve by providing steel bases which can be either fixed down or made large enough for the tree to stand freely. 
8. Forestation the artificial alternative for botanical gardens and fabulous overarching artificial jungle vines and tree canopies. Four tall columns were incased with large fake tree trunks. For the columns, RSJ’s, forming a 6 by 12m rectangle specially made trunks, split in two parts with purposely were made internal clamps to secure the trunks in place. Very realistic tree trunks, the natural looking bark is man-made synthetic material forming the texture, in this case that of an ancient ash tree with it’s gnarly characteristic. They need to be strong, because these purpose made fake tree trunks are located within a busy nightclub venue flanking the corners of the dance floor.
9. Fake it to you make it, a large number of fake silver birch tree trunks made using synthetic materials which in turn are inherently flame retardant (IFR). Moulds taken from real birch trunks were used to produce a linear display of thirty eight 2.4m vertical trunks extending over 7m. Concealed brackets to offer a seamless floor to ceiling effect, all part of natural accessories to enhance the interior of a high profile hotel spa.
10. From by-gone times boxwood topiary creating beautiful gardens dating back from the Victorian era when craftsmen painstakingly trained, shaped and clipped endless rows of buxus hedges, ornamental shapes and trees. So, befitting when artificial boxwood topiary hedges when installed at historical venues to compliment and line cafe terrace seating areas.
11. An artificial jungle in the big city, although artificial plants, vines, ivies and foliage the effect is overwhelming. The purpose was to make an unsightly basement yard, littered with pipes, service meters and cables etc. a hidden sanctuary that is more soothing to the eye. Enchanted forestation, vines, foliage and such a broad range of artificial plants.
Yeah it's true man in tree!
12. Central feature for a special party: a talking tree. What ever next? Well, you’ll see there’s more to come. A very large trunk 1.2m diameter base, 4.5m high and a 5m plus canopy. The trunk is hollow with arm holes and face aperture, along with rear access door and adjustable set for the occupant actor. Trunk with a strong internal steel frame, wood lined and covered with lifelike textured synthetic bark, natural wood branches and artificial inherently flame retardant oak leaves - a very impressive artificial oak tree.
13. For over two decades plantART have create numerous configuration fro erie artificial vines, tree vines and jungle configuration in limitless sizes and varied locations. Natural wood vines, kiln dried sometimes to enhance large gnarly featured wood trunks and branches and/or with numerous foliage varieties and blossoms. Seen here in this grand, tall building vines entwined pillars and cascading dramatically from the arching ceiling to create an erie and dramatic effect. This newly refurbished venue also benefited from additional artificial trees and planting: very impressive giant faux bamboo built onto large girth natural bamboo poles. Plus extensive leafy plants combine fake exotic and tradition faux English garden plants. To finish the first and last to this fantastic job; outside to the entrance two large artificial topiary boxwood spiral trees
14. Beautiful artificial cherry blossom, white and pink; just two of the five styles of feature trees; all part of a contemporary concept fitted into this new and recently opened venue situated in southern Fife. Although 3m high plus trees set into corners they have very wide canopies extending over the ceilings: without doubt making extremely impressive displays providing an abundance of colour. Other feature faux trees, stand alone trees within the bistro and restaurant areas, 3.5m fake olive tree and multiple trunk faux silver birch trees.  Another popular idea which works well to compliment many decor schemes, erie wizened trees, bare fake trees - no leaves. All fake trees constructed using natural wood trunks and branches sourced from sustainable origins out of UK managed woodlands.
15. Still a very popular tree whether people choose either real or false trees for specific purposes: the Ficus benjamina, commonly known as weeping fig. Three large 2.8m artificial ficus trees were built, delivered and installed at Clydebank shopping centre, Glasgow. An example where in certain circumstances require faux tree canopies to be non-symmetrical especially if they are required to fit restricted window display areas.
16. Fit for purpose outdoor artificial palms. Eight large 5.5m palms were installed at Brighton Marina in July earlier this year. Built onto a heavy internal galvanised structure, strong to resist all weather conditions. Artificial palm fronds, pvc prevent leaves fraying and UV stable to avoid fading as a result of being continually subjected to sunlight. The trunks are encased with faux palm husks, adding authentic character to these fabulous lifelike faux palm trees.
17. Another unusual request - a black tree, bare branches, no leaves and set onto a steel base support stand so to appear as if the artificial tree is free standing. Fake trees of all shapes and sizes made for clients and finished in various colours is a common request, often required for exhibitions where client use them as wishing trees or encourage delegates to hang their business cards for a prize draw.
18. ......... and now onto faux white wind swept trees, built as a special commission for a client in search of a themed fake tree to be a focal feature attraction as well as compliment and enhance their exhibition stand as well as promoting the their client’s own brand image. A free standing fake tree, set onto a steel support base stand, appearing as if growing naturally out of the ground.
19. Artificial topiary displays such as balls (spheres), cones and pyramids are a particular favourite with commercial operators which are looking for a uniform image to their various business venus, especially entrances. Businesses often use artificial trees, plants and topiary to promote their corporate and enhance their brand image. Here is a collection showing simple fake topiary balls and cones set into coloured steel and GRP containers in various size and shapes.
20. Don’t we just love to have colouful plant displays about the house throughout the year? However, making time to maintain and water them along with the hassle and expense of replacing them either seasonally or when they’ve died. Well the simple answer is now you can have any choice of artificial plants and flowers anytime of the year whatever the weather. Put them up, leave them, enjoy them and remember the added benefit of nil ongoing maintenance. The examples shown here are displays prepared and ready for shipping: destined for a Chalet in the French Alps.
21. Large artificial ficus trees, hand-built to order 3.5 to 5m high trees. Schools throughout the country, particularly junior schools are searching for ways to make certain areas, such as libraries pleasant and inspiring place to encourage learning. Making surroundings comfortable using trees, plants, foliage and floral colour etc. Here is such another example where the school has decided to use big faux trees to help capture a welcoming atmosphere. Research has shown people when in the presence of trees and plants become less anxious, less stressed and more relaxed.
22. In Nottingham; “A Visitor Centre stands near to the Great Oak, a tree that was reputedly used by Robin as a hiding place. It is indeed a massive tree, impressive in itself, and easy to see how Robin and his men could have hidden away in it or any of the other gnarled trunks of ancient Oaks that stand in close proximity. Do not believe those that say it would only have been an acorn in Robin Hood's day since nobody actually knows when Robin lived or how old the tree is, so just imagine an encampment at its base with a lookout on a stump nearby” - North Nottinghamshire Tourist Association. In the visitor centre for Nottingham castle plantART installed a 3.5m high artificial oak tree which was to be part of the new refurbishment scheme.
23. Clients are continually looking for original ways to subtly bring the benefits of outdoor trees and vines indoors. plantART replicate this experience by building impressive gnarly artificial vine in any size, shape and style - here are a couple of simple examples of spreading faux vines extending over 7m high.
24. Artificial apple trees with red or white apples, gnarly trunks and branches just like the ones you see in our ancient orchards. 
25. There is more to artificial boxwood topiary then routine hedges. So, apart from animal and people profiles, artistic configurations such as a maze in fake topiary boxwood. This maze is a wall mounted version mounted behind a bar to create a focal point. 
26. Another maze and vertical decorative wall panels, again made using faux topiary boxwood. A simple solution in providing character and decoration to a plain boundary wall and fence.
27. So, apart from “dog with cocked leg having a pee”, “pigs foraging”outside London west-end restaurants plantART have recently produced a large and full size artificial boxwood topiary horse. Animals and human figures in any posture, using fake topiary and boxwood materials can be made up to order. Since we referred to above I’ve also attached a picture of the fake topiary pigs. Other examples also displayed for reference £, %, 5.
28. Easy size and weight to handle artificial pink or white cherry blossom trees. Built to order, delivered in “kit-form” for quick assembly on site. A popular choice amongst our clients which provide prop, wedding and exhibition hire services. The option is available for the fake cherry trees to be either slotted into various containers or set onto steel base support plates so to appear as if growing naturally out from the ground.
29. Christmas a time of year where set traditions are observed;  however, the Christmas tree probably the most significant symbol is often presented in imaginative forms. And every year various fashionable hotels commission spectacular Christmas tree designs. These concepts start as bare trees, trees sculptured fictitious or traditional plantART’s “kit-form” trees: artificial trees which are made of component pieces, ideal for transporting to their destination for quick and easy assembly on site. The pictures below show a “ready-to-go”. One possible albeit and unusual Christmas tree, a non-conventional tree however artistically transformed and used to symbolise the festive tree and become the focal point for celebrations and even a calm place for reflection.
30. Olive trees, whether live or artificial, are becoming frequent and first choice of trees to decorate locations both indoors and outdoors. Although there are many options for the style and size of fake olive tree sizes, generally starting from around 2.3m up to 4 to 4.5m high; and, because each faux tree is made to order canopies are made to any width, proportional or non-symmetrical.
31. Artificial boxwood letters, symbols and shapes are another popular way to display signage and promote events either fixed into position or set onto stands. As you’ll see below a simple signing solution, At this point it is worth considering it is not practical to create small letters or symbols with complicated or fine profiles because the artificial topiary material has a pile of 40 to 70mm deep; thus in these circumstances definition is often lost.
32. Artificial window displays, as we mentioned in item 20 above, not only is the choice infinite with the various combinations we now have available; but it allows plantART the opportunity to offer made-to-order any combination the customer desires. Seasonal colour with artificial pansy, geranium and cyclamen etc, also many choices of upright and trailing evergreen ivy plants. And don’t forget artificial boxwood hedges are a very fashionable choice.
33. Miscellaneous frames we’ve put together to either make artificial trees with foliage or for when customer are in search of plain bare trees which often are painted in various coluors. Although plantART can source containers in any size, style, shape, colour and material etc. an easy and quick solution for clients is the make up square wood versailles container: square, tall or oblong which in turn can be finished in any colour. suitable for both interior and exterior uses.
34. Tropical forestation the artificial jungle theme: versatile solution which creates a dramatic effect to transform any venue. The example here is a newly opened restaurant that wanted to generate the WOW! effect, initiate interest and provide a welcoming and relaxing environment. Natural wood branches, with vines and various specious of colourful artificial leaves spread across the ceiling, drape the walls, plus gnarly trunks and thick vines to disguise the pillar.
35. Enchanted woodland using natural branches and vines to entwined around roof beams  and spreading up and out across to high apex of the roof. Both the wood and vines are treated to conform with fire regulations and the the artificial foliage leaves are inherently fire retardant (IFR). Although a similar concept to the above not only does the abundance of artificial leaves and branches stimulate atmosphere and add character to a venue it also make them more welcoming providing a relaxing environment.
36. Quite often artificial tree branches, fixed with brackets around pillars, onto walls or from ceilings as an effective means of building tree canopy effects. The solution shown here is to simulate an apple tree; red or green apples available. This and many other examples are often used as theatre props and exhibition decorations.
37. Artificial bougainvillea, here made in the form of vines to decorate the serving area of a popular restaurant. The vines also subtly extend over the adjacent ceiling: a nice feature but not too imposing.
38. Artificial ficus tree, a tree built using multiple trunks, a nice variation on the tradition single trunk. Shown here with either decorative moss covering or with artificial under planting.
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Saturday 07th September 2013

NEW! - Outdoor All Weather Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor All Weather Artificial Palm Trees
Long awaited solution for landscapers, developers and operators within the  leisure industry remarkable newly developed artificial palms which can said to be truly fit for purpose: continuous outdoor use and made here in Great Britain.
Don’t we just love to see large stunning, but yet graceful trees and palms especially in places where we choose to enjoy our leisure time and holiday vacations?
People just love to be in the presence of palms, trees and vibrant flora. Mankind’s evolutional journey has evolved around the dependance, cohabitation, working and living in harmony with plants and trees. Research over many decades has concluded the presence of plants and trees can reduce stress and anxiety levels in people. This phenomenon is especially evident and becoming notability effective because many developers take in consideration the powerful aesthetic precedence large artificial palms and trees can offer in transforming many diverse commercial developments. They bring life and neutralise the stark lines of man-made structures.
plantART recently installed eight 5.5m tall artificial outdoor palms along Palm Drive at Brighton Marina - Great Britain. An avenue of palms which enhances this busy restaurant and shopping destination for both visitors and residents.
Magnificent and splendid outdoor artificial palms built in the UK specifically for exterior use. Built to be permanently located outside, especially coastal sites where there is the need for structures to be resilient against salty sea air along with the equally important requirement for the lush green artificial palm fronds to be UV stable thereby retaining their natural colour.
After a lot of innovative work, research and development plantART has produced here in the UK faux exterior palms which can proudly be defined as outdoor artificial palms fir for purpose.
So what’s special in making these artificial palms different from those seen in various shopping malls, large leisure venues and grand hotels etc.? Key features, strength to withstand wind, rain and snow, durability preventing corrosion and dilapidation of materials along with UV stability to ensure the palm fronds retain their as near to natural green texture.
Very strong galvanised internal trunk one piece continuos steel structure, with heavy steel bases which in turn are bolted to large reinforced concrete plinths. Large fake faux outdoor palms over 4m tall will act similar to sails thereby putting continual stain on the core trunk structure and fixings.
The tapered trunks are encased with synthetic husks: designed to add authenticity by enhancing the palm’s natural appearance. Various length pvc artificial palm fronds provide the majestic and elegant flora canopy.
With the ever continuous improvement and development in materials, manufacturing techniques, the probability and confidence for advancing this flourishing process, technology for more variants and choices of outdoor artificial palms and trees can only grow and improve making them them more available for all to enjoy.
You are welcome to either drop us an email or call our offices on 0044 1207 460 140
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Sunday 20th January 2013

Outrageous! Innovative! Stimulating!“I hope so”
Here’s how to release the passionate desire within, naturally.
Looking for something to spice up the home decor´ to create that Wow! factor, perhaps outrageous, innovative and stimulating, providing colour or texture, individuality and reflect your personality, preferences and taste? 
Household decorative accessories! often clustered under a fashionable design umbrella with an “all the rage” contemporary tag. Its all out there, colour, size, style, texture, modern or traditional etc. and the depth in choice is infinite. Another example of how something simple can be complicated by adults to imply the perception of exaggerated importance and inflated prestige all to justify the price tag.
So, where does one go to discover innovative, thought provoking and exciting decorative home accessories? “Can’t see the wood for all the trees?” Well then let me take you by the hand and swiftly navigate you through the present array of vastly diverse and totally inappropriate items which you would never consider having anywhere in or around your home - and onto the distinguished collection of products which plantART can offer
Our home is not only a place to live, relax and enjoy but also, our castle, to escape and surround oneself with the things which are meaningfully close to us and have a purpose albeit sentimental, exciting or meditative thus the reason for choosing them. May be a place where one can “escape” and dream ones dreams - set the scene.
We usually associate emotional events with music, so as with music these choices are unique to us and our families, things we choose individually or together to seal a bonding.
Certain tunes set off emotional triggers and take our memories back to past enjoyable times in our lives.
We quite often remember memorable past events and associate them with things that are stimulated by our key senses the main ones being sight, sound and smell. Music covers sound. Decorative items we see about the home, are probably the most memorable because they are always present, whereas music needs to be activated. So a wonderful catalyst, stimulating things we choose to have close to us in our homes which are there to either share, just be comfortable with, or take precious moments to be alone with.
Albeit, perhaps outrageous many items and pieces of decor´, possibly art? can allow us to emotional drift away momentarily into our own special comfort zone soul searching or allowing one to become immersed.
Lets not forget many of us do not benefit from the privilege of living in tranquil, romantically angelic settings, therefor our personal environments as we insculpt them can be simply beautiful. So, to supplement this, we do this by adding artificial stimulants, something mankind has perfected through evolution.
plantART have put together a compelling number of items, which have been created over recent years, although mainly commissioned for the commercial sector, many as you’ll see will compliment many domestic situations as fascinating decorative accessories. So, Lifestyle Accessories for your House and Home - A New Contemporary Collection, a derivative from Artificial Trees, Plants and unusual furnishings.
Something different from the mainstream “stuff” you see around today. The majority of the items seen within each category are unique, because plantART make them in house. Think of it like a number of stepping stones in place to cross a river although they stand independently, together they have a purpose. Our intension by bringing these eight themes together under one “roof” is to provoke interest by displaying items perhaps regarded as quirky, funky and cool stuff presented conceivably in the form of contemporary home fashion accessories which may perhaps inspire subtle, retro and/or outrageous household trends for home decor´ ideas. And as you’ll see there is a little overlap between categories.
This is an exploratory exercise in the development of new, interesting and innovative ideas to add a different take on the world of interior decor´ for households. 
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Wednesday 16th January 2013

Artificlal Trees - with a difference, Not the "Norm"

Artificial trees? Trees which aren’t alive, not real, fictitious images or an abstractive visualisation. plantART make large artificial trees, up to 7m high, mainly using natural wood trunks and branches which have previously been seasoned and kiln dried. For super large artificial trees, up to 15m high, or something not the "norm", we adopt a process employing 100% manmade fibres using synthetic materials with amassing results; along with other Amasing Artificial Tree Creations.
Outrageous! Innovative! Stimulating! Crazy times call for crazy Actions - or Crazy reActions to clients requests - either way we just do it.
Extending the “norm”; and what is regarded as traditional methods of building artificial trees to replicate as near to the real thing as practically possible.
Recently when customers’ demands extend from what was regarded as the “regular run of mill” in providing natural looking trees - three unusual and recent commissions come to mind those which allowed plantART to it engage its design and innovative skills. 
Horizontal, 8m long artificial cherry blossom trees suspended 6m above the reception, foyer and bar area of the Raddison Blu East Midlands International Airport Hotel. Extremely effective visual accessory, an unusual blend of natural softening materials to compliment a very contemporary setting.
Up-side-down fake trees, a 6m faux tree with a 4.5m diameter canopy, suspended 8m from the ceiling and covered with 15 Km - yes 15,000m - of “state of the art” optic fibre lights. An engineering extravaganza to construct, erect, suspend and commission on site, to create a seamless joint giving the impression this faux tree was growing down out of the ceiling. An impressive example showing the versatility of synthetic materials which in turn are lightweight: an artificial tree this size weighing less then 200Kgs.
London Fashion Week - with the worlds’ eyes again focused on London. This time at the world renown Mayfair Hotel, Claridge’s, Set in two enchanting ballrooms the venue Mulberry chose to exhibit this year’s stunning and exciting spring collection.
What on drawings appeared initially to be a straight forward task to build four 3.5m trees, as two interlinking, over arching pairs with a combined spread per pair of 7.5m. The tree canopies were extend forward and down an additional 1.2m. these canopies were then needed to support 150kgs of wet floral oasis and flowers thereby creating a pronounced cantilever effect. The task turned out to be an ingenious resolve in brilliant engineering to overcome the problems, as we discovered the trees had to be 100% self-supporting and could not be fixed to either the Ballroom floors or walls.
The result was an outstanding finish synthetic, artificial trees built around a complex internal steel support framing.
About four months in the making invling design consultation, engineering calculations, construction and installation; all put together for around 15 minutes exposure to the World’s media; however Mulberry certainly know how to coordinate the best people to put on a fabulous show.

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Wednesday 09th January 2013

NEW! - Lifestyle Accessories for your House & Home

This is an exploratory exercise in the development of new, interesting and innovative ideas to spice the world of interior decor´ for households.
So, take a look and tell us what you think


              Erie Vines                    Feature Trees                 Pictorial Wood Art             Around the House
 "Mouse" Over the Pictures and "Click" to See More within Each Category the Product Collection
  Natural Wood Sculpture  Contemporary Floral     Funky, Quirky Decor               Wood Craft
plantART have put together a select number of items, which have been created over recent years, although mainly commissioned for the commercial sector, many as you will see will compliment many domestic situations as striking decorative accessories. So, Lifestyle Accessories for your House and home - A New Contemporary Collection of Artificial Trees, Plants and unusual furnishings.
Something different from the mainstream “stuff” you see around today. The majority of the items seen within each category are unique, because plantART make them in house. Think of it like a number of stepping stones in place to cross a river although they stand independently together they have a purpose. Our intension by bring these eight themes within under one “roof” is to provoke interest by displaying items regarded as quirky, funky and cool home stuff in the form of contemporary house fashion accessories which may perhaps inspire subtle, retro and/or outrageous house hold trends and home decor ideas. And as seen there is a little overlap between categories.
Now this is where your help is sought! Your feed back is urgently needed and will be much appreciated. Although these items are not yet “on sale” it is our intension to have them and many more available shortly, providing there is enough demand. So, please tell us if you like these items along with your thoughts and feedback. 
  AND BIG BONUS FOR YOU TOO! for your time, our gratitude for helping us, so because we’re nice people we will discount 10% off your first purchase on any of the  products featured in our Lifestyle Living Decorative Accessories Specifically for House and Home category when it goes live.

Hidden secrets for about a decade from the greater exposure of the general public many of these creations were commissioned for commercial uses and only to be found mainly within the leisure industry finding their way into hotel restaurants, bedrooms and communal rooms throughout the country. 
Within this category there are eight sections, to view the other seven sections “mouse” over the respective pictures, shown above, and click on the image.
In response to many inquires from people looking for something different, interesting and possibly contemporary/unusual for their homes and offices plantART have decided to see if there is a demand for such products. Thus eight appetising sections have been put together showing a delightful and distinctive unique collection of alternative art - characteristic features for people to enjoy.
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Thursday 04th October 2012

Welcome new visitors to plantART’s Blog.


Please take a few moments to browse down through the content.


You will notice this Blog is not up dated daily or even weekly; and, that’s because although it is my intention to keep clients and interested people regularly in tune with what’s new in the world of bespoke artificial trees of all sizes, varieties and styles big events don’t happen everyday.

Some projects may take months in construction plus sometimes months of planing with the client.


So, because plantART make large artificial trees to order: if you can imagine it then plantART will build it. If one can’t imagine what is required then plantART will reassuringly endeavor to best work to fulfill the clients needs.


After you’ve browsed through the broad collection of pictures and you don’t see what you are looking for this is because we haven’t made it yet: and that’s why most of plantART’s completed work is manufactured specially to the clients requirements. Remember we are just an email or telephone call away - UK 0800 614540 or from abroad 0044 1207 460 140


Now for lots of pictures and not too much text to show a quick review of what’s plantART’s recently been up to.




Fake trees, leaves, vines and tropical flowers where used to create an imposing enchanted tropical artificial exotic forest. Set within a library and learning centre on a large school situated in the South of England.

The fake tree branches extended over 7m across the ceiling allowing the branches and leaves making up the fake tree to drape down the create an enclosed jungle effect. Jungle vines entwined with fake tropical flowers crept through the fake tree canopy and down the adjacent walls. A wonderful and soothing classroom environment in which to provide an ideal learning platform for children.



To add more authenticity in building large fake trees natural ivy vines are used here incasing the trunk



Another classroom setting; but, this time here we have gone for the indigenous British Oak forest theme configured using faux oak trees, two large trunks and horizontal branches spreading across the ceiling. plantART find faux oak trees have become a popular request for many settings. The creation of another woodland theme; artificial oak trees another variation of an enchanted forest



To give more character to the faux oak trees we have added natural vines along with faux ivy wrapped around the trunks.



Fake olive trees do without reservation make splendid faux trees. As you will see from the pictures above and below faux olive trees shown here have tremendous character and features which make them ideal artificial trees to enhance any venue - as shown here within a shopping mall.

Owing to the popularity and demand for artificial olive trees plantART provide a wide range - style, size and shape. So, for information regarding these wonderful large or small faux olive trees; and, to discover why clients simply love them do please take a few moments to browse over to plantART’s page on Artificial Olive Trees.




Artificial olive leaves - these fake trees are put together using inherently fire retardant (IFR) faux leaves - an international requirement when installing artificial palms, trees and bamboo within public spaces.



See for yourself: Artificial Trees - An insight to the diverse, extensive and breath-taking artificial trees which plantART can construct and supply is endless. 


Fake apple trees have always been popular especially at promotional events. And so is it the case with other fake trees plantART produce such those shown here the colourful fake red maple and autumn birch trees - like those shown above.



Keeping with the theme of indigenous British made up varieties of fake trees. Here we have another faux oak tree and two false cherry blossom trees in white and pink blossom. These hand built to order faux trees are all approximately 3m high with around a 2.5m canopy spread.  



Faux cherry blossom trees are without doubt a massive favourite with clients whether using white or pink blossoms. The example of the white faux cherry blossom trees shown above, and the pink blossoms shown below, are made up in “kit-form”. This means these faux trees are quick and easily packed away making them ideal for theatre, exhibition, events and hire companies.


Artificial trees - flowering and green varieties are an easy and simple way to bring the outdoors inside; and, is as natural as it gets. 



Reproducing a natural form as with these replica cherry blossom trees shown here, whether in pink or white, is a skill plantART have perfected. However, replica trees in any variety can be produced in any height, style and/or canopy shape. So is the case with containers, plantART can supply them any in size, shape, colour and material. Alternatively, round or square, steel support bases which give replica trees a free standing appearance can be made up in any British standard RAL or BS4800 number.



To ensure the artificial trees arrive undamaged at their destination plantART has developed special lightweight steel packing crates, which are made conform to international shipping sizes. A simple, easy and quick method whereby clients can reuse them to either store or transport the artificial trees to various venues. 



Unusual - artificial cherry blossom trees suspended horizontally above the airport hotel’s cocktail bar. Here is an example of how to soften the “hard” appearance of steel and concrete, as used in the construction of many buildings, in the form of light and airy natural trees and branches with a dusting of springtime colour as shown here with artificial “floating” cherry blossom trees



Synthetic artificial trees - using manmade fibre.  Another unusual conception and artistic application for the use of creating and simulating an up-side-down artificial tree. Very light but strong construction a 5m artificial tree being suspended from the ceiling. All materials used are inherently fire retardant (IFR)



Artificial silver birch trees - these trees have been made, again using synthetic materials. Steel core frame and steel support base which is encased using IFR materials - an international requirement when installing artificial palms, trees and bamboo within public spaces.



The above artificial trees dressed with an abundance of fresh flowers in preparation of a very prestigious event.



Six weeks in production, in addition to months of planning, discussions and design for a recent 2012 London Fashion Week event which was in the medias' eyes for just 15 minutes. To provide two sets of two pairs of artificial trees with an overall combined width of 7.5m and 3.5m high.



The intension for displaying the above diverse selection of pictures was to offer a brief insight into the imaginative worldly arena of artificial trees.


Remember we are just an email or telephone call away - UK 0800 614540 or from abroad 0044 1207 460 140


I look forward to hearing from you shortly - Paul Unger

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