Guide to Large Artificial Trees, Palms, Topiary, Boxwood

Make a trunk call

Sunday 22nd May 2016

Silver birch poles and trees - Portable natural wood trunks, pole screens and decorative backdrops.

We all love trees right? Over the past two years or more we have witnessed an amazing increase in the demand for natural decorative silver birch trunks. This versatile non-intrusive promotional aide is predominantly used as a marketing accessory for window displays, for exhibitions or to decorate showrooms etc. as well as office screens & space dividers. Taken to the next level, they can be used more creatively and artistically in stand alone clusters or for wall dressing etc. We’ve even made enormous and incredibly satisfying “door handles” from them.

They are available in various girths, bark textures and lengths either with or without branches, the choice is yours. An all year round favourite, they work equally well as either traditional or contemporary decor´

Although plantART can devise optional means of fixing, the most popular and the one which works best for all size of tree and trunk are steel base support plates, either as single stems, cluster/groups or formal lines of trunks.

As can be seen from the range of pictures the permutation of length, heights, diameter and shape are almost infinite.

So go on, hug a tree today!

Come dine with “tree”

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Dinning table artificial tree centre pieces...

Want to really stun your guests?
Whether it’s of a wedding, corporate event or presentation evening etc. nothing will take your guest’s breath away quite as much as these incredible, ethereal creations.

Choose from fake trees including cherry blossom, weeping willow, oak and olive to name a few. These faux trees with interesting feature trunks are usually around 5ft, 1.5m high and have wide canopies to cover tables. They are set onto steel base support plates which are either decorated or hidden beneath the table cloth. More stunning still are the taller fake trees which appear to grow up through a central hole in the table!

Artificial foliages used to construct plantART trees are inherently flame retardant (IFR) - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces.

The choice of replica leaf variety is vast. NOTE: plantART construct all large or small artificial trees to order in all sizes, styles, shapes and variety to suit your specific requirements.

Got a crazy idea? Get in touch, we love crazy :)
p.s. Sorry about the awful pun in the title, couldn't resist

The Jungle Book

Thursday 21st April 2016

Some of our most elaborate and creative installations have made great use of our impressive range of artificially recreated jungle and tropical vines.

Natural (or not so natural if you like) vines entwining, pillars, creeping up walls and over ceilings to create the most dramatic backdrops for home or business.

A very versatile product that blend into most locations, these vines can also be used to hide a variety of unsightly areas and are available as pre-made panels or wrapped around natural branches off-site and shipped out in kit form for easy on-site assembly.

We offer an installation service for larger and more elaborate configurations. Should you wish to recreate tropical, exotic jungle scenes, rainforest or enchanted woodland experiences - anything and everything is possible!
Please get in touch if you would like further advice

There are hedges and there are plantART hedges…

Friday 15th April 2016

Check out our interesting alternatives to the traditional, (dare we say ‘stale’) artificial boxwood or fake topiary hedge. by applying our “living” artificial green wall concept, we have taken the humble boxwood hedge to a whole new level.

This new concept can be used to create stunning features for both indoor and outdoor use.

The interior version is constructed from panels made with flame retardant artificial vines, ivy and plants which can be attached directly to walls or even the ceiling!

For exterior applications various combinations of UV stable faux foliages and fake plants are set onto strong lightweight panels that can be attached to walls to form fences or to decorate balconies etc.

The frames we use are of a strong yet relatively lightweight steel construction and can be made to any size and fitted with ‘feet’ or casters. They can of course also be set into planters.

Other uses include portable screens, patio/room dividers & decorative perimeter fencing. A truly versatile and inspiring alternative to the humble hedge.

Slim Fast!

Tuesday 05th April 2016

One of the most popular products plantART produce, traditional faux box hedges made to order in any length, width or height.

As a spin off, we have developed these ‘slimline’ panel sections. They are supplied in easy to manage sizes ideal for fitting into tight locations such as balconies, clad walls or to create artificial hedge dividers which can be either fixed down or rather unusually, suspended from above in gravity defying splendour.

They are inherently flame retardant (IFR) and or UV stable to prevent discoloration and fading when positioned outdoors.

In addition to the above and unique to plantART we have developed an alternative to the traditional, and perhaps the all too often banal, standard artificial boxwood or fake topiary hedge by fabricating strong yet relatively lightweight steel frames.

These frames are made in any size with feet which in turn can be fitted with casters thereby making them easily movable, alternatively they can be set into planters.

Ideal as as portable screens, patio/room dividers or decorative perimeter fencing.

Wooden it be nice!

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Wooden sculptures

We all love the feel, texture and hues of real wood, a natural resource which is undoubtedly comforting.

Over centuries wood has been sculptured into various artistic forms. At plantART have taken a contemporary and imaginative approach to this ancient craft by recycling off-cuts and discarded pieces of seasoned timber to create eye catching works suitable for home or business.

Using various geometrical shaped frames, these lovely pieces of art are made using natural wood products, therefore no two features will be the same - see more examples HERE

Branching out - branches or no branches?

Saturday 05th March 2016


Silver birch poles and trees - Portable natural wood trunks, pole screens and decorative backdrops.

Over the past couple of years or so we have witnessed a fascinating increase in the demand for natural decorative silver birch tree trunks. A versatile non-intrusive promotional aid, they can be used in marketing at exhibitions, in window displays or to decorate showrooms. They can also work as offices screens, dividers, stand alone clusters, even as wall dressing etc.
Available in various girths, bark textures and lengths, either with or without branches, they can be incorporated into contemporary architectural designs, complimenting traditional or contemporary decor.

Traditionally a firm favourite for winter seasonal displays, they are increasing in popularity throughout the year.

There are many optional means of fixing these beautiful trunks. One in particular, which works really well for various size trees and trunks, is a steel base support plate, either as single stems, in cluster groups or formal lines of trunks.

As can be seen from the pictures the permutation of length, heights, diameter and shape etc. are almost infinite.

Got an unusual installation idea or requirement? Get in touch and let us help bring your vision to life.

Life is beautiful in colour

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Make something beautiful
So why not colourful trees, branches and twigs, even bamboo poles!

These eye-catching vividly painted natural tree branches are a simple yet imaginative use of common natural branches from various tree species*

By applying a bright distinctive colour or a mix of striking colours - we can create a simple yet versatile display prop that can help promote and enhance a wide range of merchandise through your retail store window display or exhibition stand. Branches, prepared to order, are available in any colour, size, shape and quantity.

Further to this, plantART can also construct hand-built to order, large colourful painted artificial trees in a range of heights & canopy widths, either as uniform or asymmetrical profiles. These fake coloured trees are set onto a steel base support plate which adds to the authenticity, appearing to grow naturally out of the ground!

Our bespoke approach at PlantArt means that with the use of these colourful fake trees, we have helped create some of the most memorable high street window dressing features ever seen. A stimuli to attract attention and focus potential customers on the promotion at hand.

Also becoming popular are trees without leaves. Faux bare trees can look stunning, either left as their natural colour or especially when painted in various colours.

We also supply other frequently requested items in any colour, such as tree stumps or logs cut to any size or desired length.

The only limit is your imagination!


Making the world a more colourful place… with PlantArt

* Natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. plantART offer a kiln drying process. The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, thus conforming with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities may require.

Towards 2014 year's end | Phase 3 | Edited projects summary, September to December

Friday 19th December 2014

Towards the 2014 years end - plantART, probably the most hands-on and innovative bespoke artificial tree manufacturing company - producing large fake trees + jungle tree vines + any form of faux box hedges & etc. in Europe, have put together in this latest blog addition an edited summary showing jobs recently completed.
What may appear as haphazard snap-shot pictures along with professional photo-shoots: that’s because that's just what they are, intermingled action pictures to show the real side of fake tree creation as it happens - nothing hidden, staged or photographs with added cosmetic brush-overs.
Many client’s come to us with ideas which they need help in to make happen: that is what client’s imagine as the perfectly “finished product” when it’s all done and in place. 
Anything and everything is possible; if you can visualise it plantART can manufacture it
Artificial boxwood hedge window & balcony displays 
28A - (Above) Artificial boxwood hedges - although thin but slender decorative displays, high level fake box hedges set into one piece planters with integral hedges. Attached to building using strong lightweight steel support brackets.
28B - ( below) Silver birch tree, natural wood and colour, window displays - very popular and applicable choice of merchandising accessory to promote seasonal fashions.
Natural silver birch tree window displays
Artificial boxwood hanging ball dispalys                               Natural silver birch bare tree display
30 - Artificial topiary balls and interior dieffenbachia. These and many other varieties of colouful faux and fake foliage plants can be put together, set into any available colour, size, shape, style, material and texture of containers. Fake palms - a very popular choice of interior artificial plants for both commercial and domestic uses.
Interior artificial plants dieffenbachia in tall containers   -   Interior artificial palm in square container
Interior artificial plants in tall containers
Artificial topiary boxwood balls in tall containers
31 - Painted white branches - simple colourful accessories to enhance display windows, promote products and or a catalyst to attract the interest of others. Natural wood branches, any size, shape and quantity can be made to order in a range of colours.
 Natural white branches for display purposes
32 - Prayer tree artificial olive tree - false trees which people choose to have perform a functional need such as wishing, remembrance or prayer tree where children and adults hang tags. This concept has become popular with clients choosing an artificial exhibition tree where delegates hang their business cards and or messages.
 Faux Fake olive tree prayer & wishing tree
Artificial olive tree, prayer tree, wishing tree
33 - Artificial tree vine with white flowers - created to enhance a venue where civil wedding ceremonies are to be conducted. Natural feature tree trunk and characteristic branches both entwined with vines spreading out as if to appear growing naturally to fill the space provided. Artificial flowers added as personal choice as per client’s preference - however, be aware over indulgent will result in a “cheesy” looking extravaganza.
Artificial tree vines with white fake flowers 
 Artificial tree vines
Artificial vine tree
34 - 2.1m green artificial ficus trees - plantART offer a simple solution, budget (less expensive, another word is cheap but don’t associate cheapness with inferior quality) to expand this is one of a choice of various height artificial green ficus trees which are pre-made in component parts, delivered in boxes to site for the customer to self-assemble. The alternative is request plantART to build to order your desired false green ficus tree as per your client’s scaled drawings and specifications.
Fake ficus tree
 Fake green ficus tree leaf.
Constructing artificial trees, a specialality plantART offer making faux tree speciality to suit every client's needs
 In production 2.5 & 3m replica green ficus trees
35 - 3m fake green ficus tree - similar to the above; however slightly larger. Although these these replica trees are pre-made, but to avoid the prescriptive nature limited modifications can be applied to suit one’s individual needs.
As we can all see from taking time to view the accompanying pictures these tree fit ideally into location.
 3m Faux ficus tree
3m Fake ficus tree
36 - Decorative silver birch display products - visual merchandising, high street fashion and mega stores where retailers look for innovative accessories and props to compliment and enhance different brands. Not just seasonal but all year round; however, Christmas, a focal time of year and familiar popular product used widespread, is decorative silver birch trees trunks and branches.
Natural Decorative Silver birch tree trunks and branches
 Full window display with silver birch tree trunk props - Natural large silver birch trunks
 Natural silver birch window displays
Natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands. The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities/countries may require
 Natural various size silver birch trunks
 Natural silver birch window hanging displays
Natural various size silver birch trunks 
Real - natural silver birch trunks & poles 
 Silver birch poles
 Visual merchandising high street shop window displays using silver birch tree trunks
Window display with silver birch props
Demonstrated here are various and diverse applications using what is common European tree, natural silver birch. Natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands.
The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification, which some exporting/importing authorities may require.
36G - Creative retail window displays using natural silver birch. Not known or commonly associated as a traditional seasonal accessory, but following more indulgence in applying its versatility natural silver birch distinctive bark has significantly grown in popularity.
 Retail window displays using silver birch framed picture style displays
Silver birch wood displays                                        Silver birch wood picture frame displays  
Ornamental decorative silver birch
One of many additional ideas used is to form various size sculptured displays by framing different length and thicknesses of silver birch trunks which as shown here to decorate this high street store. Vertical standing and ceiling hang grouped cluster demonstrated here is yet another creative variation on this theme. 
37A - Tall artificial boxwood hedges on lightweight steel framework. Specific commission to fulfill a purpose to screen to create privacy as well as providing access to both sides - an artificial hedge with a swinging hinged door, 2.8m high x 3.6m long. Strong lightweight which could not be fixed down so to be stiff because only end fixings were possible. Fake box buxus hedge material both UV stable to resist fading and discolouration as well as inherently flame retardant (IFR) an added fire protection safety feature. An important factor when considering and specifying faux boxwood hedges.
 Artificial box hedges secluded terrace
 Artificial natural looking tall fake boxwood hedges     Artificial natural looking tall faux boxwood hedges 
 High artificial boxwood hedges with door openings                  High fak boxwood topiary partion hedge 
37B - Versatile artificial box hedges - often customers already have fence structures in place but decide to add more decorative options. One, to create an artificial topiary hedge, fake box hedge to cover for example a simple wood structure. A combination between hanging wall paper and laying a carpet: pre-made faux boxwood hedges with component sections joined and attached to lengths of wire mesh which in turn are rolled rolled out and joined together to form a continuos replica boxwood hedge.
Artificial boxwood hedge screen.
Faux boxwood screen hedge
37C - Contemporary artificial bamboo plants and trees set into stainless steel containers, any height, width and style tailor-made to suit individual requirements.
Tal high large artificial bamboo display
38A - Made to measure artificial boxwood window box displays. Replacing existing dilapidated real planting window displays or considering new decorative additional displays to a hotel, guest house or office windows, balconies or patios etc. an easy and extremely effective solution is to have artificial box hedges, fake boxwood hedge displays are very popular providing both a contemporary and tradition feel.
 Artificial boxwood hedge window box display
Fake topiary hedge window box 
38B - Artificial topiary balls, standard fake topiary trees, set into wooden square containers ideal, yet a very complimentary accessory to compliment hotel entrances, avenues and or corridors with prominent places. Often referred to as standards, lollipop or ball trees a popular decorative tree for hotel entrances.
Artificial topiary boxwood ball trees and Faux topiary hedges window displays
Fake faux topiary boxwood ball trees
39A - Natural silver birch, bare autumn trees set within clusters onto steel bases which appear as if growing naturally from the office floor; plus spreading canopy branches to appear as if they are growing through the ceiling. Large girth trunks, real natural coloured and textured bark trees to provide an authentic composure within a contemporary commercial setting.
 Silver birch autumn & winter bare trees.
Ornamental decorative artificial bare trees using silver birch branches and trunks 
 Silver birch trees growing into ceiling
Creative cosmetic birch trees artificial made - fake silver birch bare trees
39B - Silver birch tree trunks, an in sighting, interesting design used in this example to form a mobile screen separating two room spaces. Decorative silver birch trunks, free standing, set onto a mobile steel base - where tradition meets contemporary; anything and everything is possible.
Aesthetic yet functional use of natural silver birch branches
 as a creative and decorative accessory to screen and partition a room
Ornamental and enchanting silver birch branches
40 - Forestation of silver birch trees leafless trees, autumn winter bare silver birch trees, set onto steel base plates so to appear as if growing naturally out of the ground - a cluster of walk though trees.
Bare artificial silver birch trees without leaves - fake autumn and winter trees 
Made to order replica faux trees natural birch with silver bark
41A - Artificial cycas palms - refurbished palms using new fronds to grace the decks of an ocean going yacht. Fake cycas palm heads set into inserts to fit neatly into client’s own containers. Fake palms constructed using faux palm fronds, PVC UV stable specifically for constructing outdoor artificial palms.
Outdoor large artificial cycas palms
Fake cycas palms specifically for exterior use
Outside use large faux cycas revoluta palms
Smaller options outdoor artificial cycas revoluta palms
41B - Faux topiary balls, available in 300mm, 400mm to 500mm diameters. Shown here 300mm diameter trees prepared within square inserts to also fit client’s containers.
~ pictures to follow ~
42 - 3No. large splendid artificial 7m high artificial bamboo clusters. Elegant, magnificent fake trees constructed using faux fire resistant bamboo leaves. Manufactured using real bamboo poles a process which allows plantART to fabricate faux bamboo trees to any size and height. The example shown here demonstrates the bamboo poles slid onto a steel base so to appear as if growing naturally from the ground.
7.5m tall large artificial bamboo trees
Giant fake bamboo multiple pole clusters 1.2m - 4ft - wide
Giant fake bamboo trees 
7.5m tall giant bamboo trees
Inherently flame retardant large artificial bamboo 
leaves to manufacture large faux fake bamboo trees 
 Real natural bamboo poles ranging in sizes 80 to 100mm diameter, set onto steel base support plates
43 - Decorative silver birch tree trunks set and aligned in a row onto a steel base, just perfect to compliment a venue, decorate a room or become a receptive back drop feature as shown here set against a wall.
Picturesque and pleasing aesthetic use for decorative silver birch tree trunks shown here to
compliment the interior of a spa
 Free-standing bases to support tree trunks, bare trees
44 - 5m high fake red maple trees, ideal for instant international exhibition stand impact. Artificial trees, various sizes, species and shapes hand-made to order - if you can visualise it we can create it; and more likely exceed your expectations. plantART offer these and similar fake trees, delivered in easily managed component parts for quick and simple assembly on site - likewise quick when “breaking-down” the exhibition stand to pack away for future use another day.
 5m high large artificial red maple trees 
 Exhibition stand display large fake trees
 Artificial foliages used to construct plantART trees are inherently flame retardant (IFR) - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces. 
  Tall 5m faux red maple artificial trees 
  Large replica maple trees with red leaves also known as Acer or Japanese maple trees 
45 - Simple yet effective bare tree; leaning, bending, over-arching nature wood replica tree. Pre-prepared faux tree ready to be foliated to the client’s choice. plantART hand build to order any size and shape of tree and therefor invite customers enquiring about faux trees to send through details - such as number of trees, species, tree height, canopy width, height of lowest branches, and if you require an irregular or non-symmetrical shape canopy let me have a simple sketch with approximate dimensions.
 Leaning over-arching artificial bare tree - wind swept tree 
46 - An innovative idea: faux boxwood hedge to divide but not isolated adjoining office work stations. This example 8 to 10 inches, 200 to 250mm high x 2 inches, 50mm wide and 1.8m long, but since they are made to order can be produced to any specification requested.
  Innovative and creative use for an artificial boxwood topiary hedge

Phase 2 | 2014 - Summary of selected projects, January to August

Friday 05th September 2014

Latest blog addition showing some of the projects completed since the beginning of this year 2014 Brief edited text with respective photographs which show recent hands on installations carried by plantART staff.  Any questions regarding anything seen here, then either give us a telephone call or drop us a direct email.
22 - Multiple trunks artificial pink blossom cherry trees - Cancun, Mexico. Faux pink cherry trees with pink blossoms. Unusual fake blossom trees in that they are bushy and constructed on natural wood multiple trunks allowing a broader canopy shape with an abundance of dense blossom.
 6ft & 7ft multiple trunk artificial pink cherry blossom trees
Five 6ft and 7ft artificial pink cherry blossom trees, with free-standing steel base plates, just made and ready for despatch
Delux 7ft Artificial pink cherry blossom trees
Delux 7ft Artificial pink cherry blossom trees in situ at the palace resots hotel Cancun Mexico
The individual trunks are set and secured onto a steel base support plates thereby appearing as if these false cherry blossom trees are growing naturally from the ground.
2.1m 7ft multiple trunk artificial pink cherry blossom trees Artificial light pink cherry blossom flowers
2.1m Artificial cherry tree with light baby pink cherry blossom flowers
23 - Hope school Wigan, outdoor artificial tree, sensual tree with textured bark, chimes, leaves and other stimulating objects. A creation the school had in mind to offer more opportunities for the disabled children to engage and benefit from in a safe environment; things they would not normally experience.
Outdoor artificial tree Outdoor artificial tree trunk
Outdoor artificial tree - all man-made materials
The tree has a strong internal steel structure, made in sections, coated in fibre class (GRP) to form the outer contours before applying the outer synthetic artificial ash tree bark, which in turn was colour matched to replicate the natural finish.
24 - Artificial boxwood hedges made as inserts, an example - South London hair salon. clients already have planters. Live planting for whatever reason has not worked for them, so the artificial alternative is an effective cost effective solution. Plus it saves money on up keep maintenance - a one-off investment cost without the hassle.
 Artificial boxwood inserts to fit clients' containers
Artificial boxwood inserts made to order specifically to fit clients' containers; simply drop into position
25 - Artificial autumn maple tree set into the corner of a teaching room, a school in Lewisham. Want a big replica tree? Artificial autumn maple trees, this and many other species such as faux autumn birch trees. Self-standing trees set onto steel base support plates so to appear as if they are growing naturally from the ground.
2.4m artificial autum maple corner tree 2.4m artificial autum maple tree - set into corner
2.4m artificial autum maple tree - trunk set into corner location with branches and fake maple leaves faning out over the ceiling.
plantART always make every effort to ensure customers get the best from our trees; ensuring they are presented to exploit their maximum potential, fit for purpose and affordable. Over recent years artificial trees, tropical jungle landscapes and enchanted forests have been popular within schools; especially in large urban areas. They find the presence of greenery and trees very relaxing and promotes encourages to learning.
26 - 3No. 5m artificial red maple trees - Barcelona. plantART also offer ready to go kit form trees, come boxed, delivered via courier and ready for the customer to self-assembly easily within 30 minutes. 
Selection of either artificial red maple trees or faux green ficus trees available in sizes from 2.5 to 5.0m high.
Inherently flame retardant (IFR) artificial leaves - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces. Ideal for both UK and Worldwide exhibition and events where immediate impact is required cost effectively, quickly easily and safely.
5m Artificial Red Maple Trees
5m Artificial Red Maple Trees
Presently waiting for more in situ photographs to come.
27 - Snooty Frox Harrogate - Artificial topiary buxus boxwood hedges set into wood purpose made planters. Faux boxwood hedges made to order to suit individual customers requirements.  For made to order fake boxwood hedges customers with specific requests are invited to send through details explaining their requirements to including measurements and as much information as possible along with a destination post-code to allow plantART to offer a delivered
Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge long length
Part section of high level fake box hedge with a combined 17m linear length
Miniature artificial boxwood hedge  Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge
Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge showing sections of straight hedges and pyramid sections
Presently waiting for more in situ photographs; however, those shown above are taken during construction. Nice compact fake box hedge with planter as one piece, where there is a overall height limitation
29 - Decorative bare trees, trunks, branches, along with silver birch trees all without leaves. Autumn and winter look trees, all made to any shape, size and profile, even leaning, arching and over hanging trees. Canopies: the alternative suspended ceilings, ideal for themed events, exhibitions and complimentary decor´ schemes. Many trees and branches are supplied to clients in a variety of colours, as shown above.
Silver Birch - single trunks - multiple trunks with branches - wispy tree clusters
4m Silver birch large tree trunk 4m silver birch single trunk trees 4m Silver birch large tree trunks
Tall 4m single and multiple natural kiln dried silver birch trunks with additional branches
Tall silver birch standing trunks Standing Silver birch - natural & synthetic trunks
Single trunks with a range of free-standing brackets - center three of five trunks in right-side picture are artificial silver birch trunks, made using synthetic materials
Bare autumn silver birch trees
Autumn and winter silver birch trees with wispy branches and various coloured trunks
Larger bare trees - leaning trees without leaves in any size and shape
Over-arching trees Leaning bare tree
Leaning over-arching bare natural trunk trees over 4m high
Bare tree canopy Bare tree canopy trunk & branches
Bare naked tree canopies whereby the branches and trunks are grafted into the trunks.
Both the natural trunks and branches are kiln dried before building the trees
2.8m high Artificial Bare Trees
Naked trees without leaves support by steel base plates so to appear as if the trees are growing naturaly out of the ground

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