Preserved Moss Wall

Preserved Moss Wall Range


We work with you to design the perfect moss wall frame for your area 

We have a wide range of of preserved mosses (as shown below) to help create your perfect design using just one of these or a mixture.

What is a Preserved plant?  
Preserved plants are real plants that have had the moisture in their leaves replaced by an eco-friendly biodegradable preparation fluid. This substance is a hygroscopic fluid that can absorb moisture from the surrounding environment and release it back again. A plant that has drawn this fluid up into its stems and leaves is preserved for a long time while retaining its natural look, fragrance and colour.
A low-maintenance plant
The Preserved Moss Wall requires no care other than a bit of dusting now and then! How long the plant will retain its appearance depends on its location, but under normal conditions, this can be up to 15 years!
Caring for your Preserved Moss Wall
When the humidity in a room reaches a certain level, the fluid in the plant will have absorbed so much moisture from the surrounding air that this moisture starts to be released in the form of tiny green droplets on the surface of the leaves. If this happens, simply remove the excess moisture with a dry cloth. However, since these droplets can result in green spots appearing to a certain degree, it would be better to keep the humidity in the room from exceeding 70% and not to let the temperature drop below 10C.
Moss Walls are not suitable for damp areas such as a bathroom or an outside location, and should not come into contact with water! Since modern locations are often equipped with an air-conditioning or climate control system, they make the perfect environment for the Preserved plant.

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