Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall Design & Construction

Here at plantART, we have worked with designers & architects around the globe to take the humble boxwood hedge to a whole new level by applying our “living” artificial green wall concept.

This new concept can be used to create stunning features for both indoor and outdoor use, especially when formed by carefully chosen, complimentary mixed foliage as in these examples.

We will work with you to help create your vision exactly, whether it be a mixed foliage, brightly coloured wall or a more simple affair using traditional hedge foliages.

The example below shows a typical design drawing submitted by one of our clients. From this, we were able to create the artificial green wall they wanted from foliages closely matching the desired colour scheme.
Each wall is crafted to order in line with your exact requirements and to the highest possible standards.

Other uses for the incredibly versatile green walls include portable screens, patio/room dividers & decorative perimeter fencing.

An interesting alternative to the traditional, artificial boxwood or fake topiary hedge.

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