Large Bespoke Artificial Trees


Artificial ficus, artificial olive, fake cherry blossom, faux maple, oak and apple to name a few.

These popular varieties are all available in this extensive selection from plantART. Magnificent and beautiful hand built large artificial trees up to 7.0m high with 5.0m wide canopies

Owing to advances in tree building technology, huge artificial trees with expansive canopies and colossal volumes of artificial leaves are now constructed in sections. A feature which permits large artificial trees to be placed inside buildings, where as in the past we would have been restricted through limited access.
plantART can construct large artificial trees to your specifications: Variety, height and canopy shape can all be altered to suit.

These are Bespoke hand-built artificial trees to suite your exact requirements and can be installed worldwide.
Check out our video demonstrating why these extraordinary and very fashionable Large Artificial Trees are so popular: CLICK HERE

These particular trees are designed and manufactured using “Firesilx” Fire Retardant Leaves and Foliage. An international requirement when positioning faux trees into public spaces.

Note: Positioning your Artificial Tree outdoors: UV stable foliage is available to build trees which can be positioned outside, in sunny locations without the colour of the leaves fading. However, it is important to understand that the foliage will eventually become damaged if exposed to strong winds. Wind will cause continuous leaf movement which eventually frays the edges of the leaf fabric (similar to flags}. Over time the fabric begins to tear away resulting in the tree eventually loosing its leaves.
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Large Red Artificial Maple Tree


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