Artificial Ficus Trees

We use inherently fire retardant (IFR) foliage in the construction of our artificial ficus trees. The fire resistant properties are part of the manufacturing process in the production of the foliage and PVC stems.

This is not a secondary process where the protection was sprayed onto the product, or the product dipped into fire retardant solution. These previous methods are pretty ineffective and because the solution is water based, any cleaning of the foliage required reapplying the solution.  Therefore time consuming, costly and with limited protection.
inherently fire retardant foliage has been developed from day 1 to counter all of these issues. A truly fantastic range of products that has transformed the artificial plant industry, allowing us to create the installation you want, wherever you want it, safely & cost-effectively.
So, inherently fire retardant foliage is the answer - be sure - be safe.

Large Artificial Ficus Exotica Tree

£562.35 (ex vat) £674.82 inc vat

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Artificial Variegated Ficus Liana Tree

£80.00 (ex vat) £96.00 inc vat

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Artificial Green Ficus Liana Tree

£83.33 (ex vat) £100.00 inc vat

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