Fire Resistant Artificial Trees & Plants

 Inherently Fire Resistant... Providing Peace of Mind

Firesilx is an exclusive range of inherently fire retardant products that have been tested by fire departments worldwide.
A British Standard (BS5852) fire certificate is provided for each FireSllx® product purchased.
The fire resistant properties are part of the manufacturing process of the foliage and PVC parts

Firesilk - Inherently Fire Retardant Products

The protection is NOT sprayed onto the product, nor is the product dipped into fire retardant solution. This was a former process that gave leaves an oily film which resulted in dust collection. These Inherently Fire Resistant products are not only more attractive and safer, they also require less frequent cleaning and eliminate the need for  reproofing. An important condideration for larger projects in terms of both on-going costs and disruption to business operations.
Note: plantART hand build artificial trees to order using inherently fire resistant (IFR) foliages and always adhere to  international safety requirements when installing within public spaces.

Artificial Oriental Multiple Stem Bamboo Trees

£83.33 (ex vat) £100.00 inc vat

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Artificial Multiple Natural Stem Bamboo Tree

£108.33 (ex vat) £130.00 inc vat

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Artificial Robellini Palm

£178.19 (ex vat) £213.83 inc vat

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Deluxe Artificial Capensia Liana Tree

£114.73 (ex vat) £137.67 inc vat

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