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The uncomplicated magic of nature

Sunday 26th June 2016

Silver birch decorative displays, trees trunks and branches

The simple, pure magic of nature is reflected in these wonderful silver birch products - so uncomplicated & unobtrusive, yet these natural silver birch tree trunks always stir emotions, bringing a sense of calm to any scenario.

All plantART’s natural tree trunks and branches are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands, then cleaned prior to kiln drying. The high temperature kiln drying process also kills off any indwelling insects or fungi which may be present in these natural products, and conforms with forestry commission and DEFRA plant health phytosanitary certification.

Silver birch bark differ considerably in colour, not necessarily a consistent silvery white as one associates with this species of trees, all dependent on their varieties and where they are grown.

Here are just a few examples showing artistic, ingenious and diverse uses. ??installations we have completed include window displays where pieces are delightfully hung from ceilings, clusters standing up right on the floor and large full height silver birch tree trunks creating a mini forest or screen - a truly versatile feature that can also be used as a complimentary advertising resource.

And for something completely different, how about a pair of full size door handles! One of the many interesting requests we have recently made and fitted for a client.

See more at our sister site plantART BESPOKE

When you wish upon a tree…

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Wishing trees from plantART

Perhaps one of the most interesting trends we have witnessed in recent years is that of the wishing tree. With or without foliage, they offer a wonderful “organic” means of engaging people in a myriad of scenarios.?
Very popular at family celebrations where guests are invited to pin a wish or message to the tree, they can also be used as remembrance trees, prayer trees or trees for exhibitions where delegates are invited to hang their business cards on the branches to be entered into a prize draw at the end of the event.

Another spin on this is to pre-hang prizes in the form of cards, small packages or artificial fruits etc. then customers or members of the public are invited to take part and engage with the product or promotion. A very friendly way of engaging folks.

As with all other plantART artificial tree production, wishing trees are made to order in any size, shape, style or configuration. They can either be set into a container of your choice or supported by means of a steel base which will appear as if the tree is growing “naturally”??Containers are available in any colour, size, shape/style, material and texture. Similarly the steel support bases can be made in any colour. In fact the tree itself can also be painted in a wide range of vivid colours.

You just have to imagine your ideal wishing tree and plantART will build it.
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When we say "No limits"...

Friday 27th May 2016

...we mean our BESPOKE installations are limited only by your imagination.
Where others might take the easy route and stick to what they know best, we relish a challenge, we love 'different' and we always aim to say "yes"
So when we were asked if we could create a fantasy tree for a sweet shop, complete with smiley face, the answer was a resounding "YES"
An artificial tree you could definitely have a chat with :)

Make a trunk call

Sunday 22nd May 2016

Silver birch poles and trees - Portable natural wood trunks, pole screens and decorative backdrops.

We all love trees right? Over the past two years or more we have witnessed an amazing increase in the demand for natural decorative silver birch trunks. This versatile non-intrusive promotional aide is predominantly used as a marketing accessory for window displays, for exhibitions or to decorate showrooms etc. as well as office screens & space dividers. Taken to the next level, they can be used more creatively and artistically in stand alone clusters or for wall dressing etc. We’ve even made enormous and incredibly satisfying “door handles” from them.

They are available in various girths, bark textures and lengths either with or without branches, the choice is yours. An all year round favourite, they work equally well as either traditional or contemporary decor´

Although plantART can devise optional means of fixing, the most popular and the one which works best for all size of tree and trunk are steel base support plates, either as single stems, cluster/groups or formal lines of trunks.

As can be seen from the range of pictures the permutation of length, heights, diameter and shape are almost infinite.

So go on, hug a tree today!

Come dine with “tree”

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Dinning table artificial tree centre pieces...

Want to really stun your guests?
Whether it’s of a wedding, corporate event or presentation evening etc. nothing will take your guest’s breath away quite as much as these incredible, ethereal creations.

Choose from fake trees including cherry blossom, weeping willow, oak and olive to name a few. These faux trees with interesting feature trunks are usually around 5ft, 1.5m high and have wide canopies to cover tables. They are set onto steel base support plates which are either decorated or hidden beneath the table cloth. More stunning still are the taller fake trees which appear to grow up through a central hole in the table!

Artificial foliages used to construct plantART trees are inherently flame retardant (IFR) - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces.

The choice of replica leaf variety is vast. NOTE: plantART construct all large or small artificial trees to order in all sizes, styles, shapes and variety to suit your specific requirements.

Got a crazy idea? Get in touch, we love crazy :)
p.s. Sorry about the awful pun in the title, couldn't resist

The Jungle Book

Thursday 21st April 2016

Some of our most elaborate and creative installations have made great use of our impressive range of artificially recreated jungle and tropical vines.

Natural (or not so natural if you like) vines entwining, pillars, creeping up walls and over ceilings to create the most dramatic backdrops for home or business.

A very versatile product that blend into most locations, these vines can also be used to hide a variety of unsightly areas and are available as pre-made panels or wrapped around natural branches off-site and shipped out in kit form for easy on-site assembly.

We offer an installation service for larger and more elaborate configurations. Should you wish to recreate tropical, exotic jungle scenes, rainforest or enchanted woodland experiences - anything and everything is possible!
Please get in touch if you would like further advice

There are hedges and there are plantART hedges…

Friday 15th April 2016

Check out our interesting alternatives to the traditional, (dare we say ‘stale’) artificial boxwood or fake topiary hedge. by applying our “living” artificial green wall concept, we have taken the humble boxwood hedge to a whole new level.

This new concept can be used to create stunning features for both indoor and outdoor use.

The interior version is constructed from panels made with flame retardant artificial vines, ivy and plants which can be attached directly to walls or even the ceiling!

For exterior applications various combinations of UV stable faux foliages and fake plants are set onto strong lightweight panels that can be attached to walls to form fences or to decorate balconies etc.

The frames we use are of a strong yet relatively lightweight steel construction and can be made to any size and fitted with ‘feet’ or casters. They can of course also be set into planters.

Other uses include portable screens, patio/room dividers & decorative perimeter fencing. A truly versatile and inspiring alternative to the humble hedge.
Buy "off the shelf" and ready to be delivered Buxus Hedges HERE

Slim Fast!

Tuesday 05th April 2016

One of the most popular products plantART produce, traditional faux box hedges made to order in any length, width or height.

As a spin off, we have developed these ‘slimline’ panel sections. They are supplied in easy to manage sizes ideal for fitting into tight locations such as balconies, clad walls or to create artificial hedge dividers which can be either fixed down or rather unusually, suspended from above in gravity defying splendour.

They are inherently flame retardant (IFR) and or UV stable to prevent discoloration and fading when positioned outdoors.

In addition to the above and unique to plantART we have developed an alternative to the traditional, and perhaps the all too often banal, standard artificial boxwood or fake topiary hedge by fabricating strong yet relatively lightweight steel frames.

These frames are made in any size with feet which in turn can be fitted with casters thereby making them easily movable, alternatively they can be set into planters.

Ideal as as portable screens, patio/room dividers or decorative perimeter fencing.

Wooden it be nice!

Tuesday 15th March 2016

Wooden sculptures

We all love the feel, texture and hues of real wood, a natural resource which is undoubtedly comforting.

Over centuries wood has been sculptured into various artistic forms. At plantART have taken a contemporary and imaginative approach to this ancient craft by recycling off-cuts and discarded pieces of seasoned timber to create eye catching works suitable for home or business.

Using various geometrical shaped frames, these lovely pieces of art are made using natural wood products, therefore no two features will be the same - see more examples HERE

Branching out - branches or no branches?

Saturday 05th March 2016


Silver birch poles and trees - Portable natural wood trunks, pole screens and decorative backdrops.

Over the past couple of years or so we have witnessed a fascinating increase in the demand for natural decorative silver birch tree trunks. A versatile non-intrusive promotional aid, they can be used in marketing at exhibitions, in window displays or to decorate showrooms. They can also work as offices screens, dividers, stand alone clusters, even as wall dressing etc.
Available in various girths, bark textures and lengths, either with or without branches, they can be incorporated into contemporary architectural designs, complimenting traditional or contemporary decor.

Traditionally a firm favourite for winter seasonal displays, they are increasing in popularity throughout the year.

There are many optional means of fixing these beautiful trunks. One in particular, which works really well for various size trees and trunks, is a steel base support plate, either as single stems, in cluster groups or formal lines of trunks.

As can be seen from the pictures the permutation of length, heights, diameter and shape etc. are almost infinite.

Got an unusual installation idea or requirement? Get in touch and let us help bring your vision to life.

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