When you wish upon a tree…

When you wish upon a tree…
Wishing trees from plantART

Perhaps one of the most interesting trends we have witnessed in recent years is that of the wishing tree. With or without foliage, they offer a wonderful “organic” means of engaging people in a myriad of scenarios.?
Very popular at family celebrations where guests are invited to pin a wish or message to the tree, they can also be used as remembrance trees, prayer trees or trees for exhibitions where delegates are invited to hang their business cards on the branches to be entered into a prize draw at the end of the event.

Another spin on this is to pre-hang prizes in the form of cards, small packages or artificial fruits etc. then customers or members of the public are invited to take part and engage with the product or promotion. A very friendly way of engaging folks.

As with all other plantART artificial tree production, wishing trees are made to order in any size, shape, style or configuration. They can either be set into a container of your choice or supported by means of a steel base which will appear as if the tree is growing “naturally”??Containers are available in any colour, size, shape/style, material and texture. Similarly the steel support bases can be made in any colour. In fact the tree itself can also be painted in a wide range of vivid colours.

You just have to imagine your ideal wishing tree and plantART will build it.
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Posted 14 JUN 2016