Welcome new visitors to plantART’s Blog

Welcome new visitors to plantART’s Blog
Welcome new visitors to plantART’s Blog.


Please take a few moments to browse down through the content.


You will notice this Blog is not up dated daily or even weekly; and, that’s because although it is my intention to keep clients and interested people regularly in tune with what’s new in the world of bespoke artificial trees of all sizes, varieties and styles big events don’t happen everyday.

Some projects may take months in construction plus sometimes months of planing with the client.


So, because plantART make large artificial trees to order: if you can imagine it then plantART will build it. If one can’t imagine what is required then plantART will reassuringly endeavor to best work to fulfill the clients needs.


After you’ve browsed through the broad collection of pictures and you don’t see what you are looking for this is because we haven’t made it yet: and that’s why most of plantART’s completed work is manufactured specially to the clients requirements. Remember we are just an email or telephone call away - UK 0800 614540 or from abroad 0044 1207 460 140


Now for lots of pictures and not too much text to show a quick review of what’s plantART’s recently been up to.




Fake trees, leaves, vines and tropical flowers where used to create an imposing enchanted tropical artificial exotic forest. Set within a library and learning centre on a large school situated in the South of England.

The fake tree branches extended over 7m across the ceiling allowing the branches and leaves making up the fake tree to drape down the create an enclosed jungle effect. Jungle vines entwined with fake tropical flowers crept through the fake tree canopy and down the adjacent walls. A wonderful and soothing classroom environment in which to provide an ideal learning platform for children.



To add more authenticity in building large fake trees natural ivy vines are used here incasing the trunk



Another classroom setting; but, this time here we have gone for the indigenous British Oak forest theme configured using faux oak trees, two large trunks and horizontal branches spreading across the ceiling. plantART find faux oak trees have become a popular request for many settings. The creation of another woodland theme; artificial oak trees another variation of an enchanted forest



To give more character to the faux oak trees we have added natural vines along with faux ivy wrapped around the trunks.



Fake olive trees do without reservation make splendid faux trees. As you will see from the pictures above and below faux olive trees shown here have tremendous character and features which make them ideal artificial trees to enhance any venue - as shown here within a shopping mall.

Owing to the popularity and demand for artificial olive trees plantART provide a wide range - style, size and shape. So, for information regarding these wonderful large or small faux olive trees; and, to discover why clients simply love them do please take a few moments to browse over to plantART’s page on Artificial Olive Trees.




Artificial olive leaves - these fake trees are put together using inherently fire retardant (IFR) faux leaves - an international requirement when installing artificial palms, trees and bamboo within public spaces.



See for yourself: Artificial Trees - An insight to the diverse, extensive and breath-taking artificial trees which plantART can construct and supply is endless. 


Fake apple trees have always been popular especially at promotional events. And so is it the case with other fake trees plantART produce such those shown here the colourful fake red maple and autumn birch trees - like those shown above.



Keeping with the theme of indigenous British made up varieties of fake trees. Here we have another faux oak tree and two false cherry blossom trees in white and pink blossom. These hand built to order faux trees are all approximately 3m high with around a 2.5m canopy spread.  



Faux cherry blossom trees are without doubt a massive favourite with clients whether using white or pink blossoms. The example of the white faux cherry blossom trees shown above, and the pink blossoms shown below, are made up in “kit-form”. This means these faux trees are quick and easily packed away making them ideal for theatre, exhibition, events and hire companies.


Artificial trees - flowering and green varieties are an easy and simple way to bring the outdoors inside; and, is as natural as it gets. 



Reproducing a natural form as with these replica cherry blossom trees shown here, whether in pink or white, is a skill plantART have perfected. However, replica trees in any variety can be produced in any height, style and/or canopy shape. So is the case with containers, plantART can supply them any in size, shape, colour and material. Alternatively, round or square, steel support bases which give replica trees a free standing appearance can be made up in any British standard RAL or BS4800 number.



To ensure the artificial trees arrive undamaged at their destination plantART has developed special lightweight steel packing crates, which are made conform to international shipping sizes. A simple, easy and quick method whereby clients can reuse them to either store or transport the artificial trees to various venues. 



Unusual - artificial cherry blossom trees suspended horizontally above the airport hotel’s cocktail bar. Here is an example of how to soften the “hard” appearance of steel and concrete, as used in the construction of many buildings, in the form of light and airy natural trees and branches with a dusting of springtime colour as shown here with artificial “floating” cherry blossom trees



Synthetic artificial trees - using manmade fibre.  Another unusual conception and artistic application for the use of creating and simulating an up-side-down artificial tree. Very light but strong construction a 5m artificial tree being suspended from the ceiling. All materials used are inherently fire retardant (IFR)



Artificial silver birch trees - these trees have been made, again using synthetic materials. Steel core frame and steel support base which is encased using IFR materials - an international requirement when installing artificial palms, trees and bamboo within public spaces.



The above artificial trees dressed with an abundance of fresh flowers in preparation of a very prestigious event.



Six weeks in production, in addition to months of planning, discussions and design for a recent 2012 London Fashion Week event which was in the medias' eyes for just 15 minutes. To provide two sets of two pairs of artificial trees with an overall combined width of 7.5m and 3.5m high.



The intension for displaying the above diverse selection of pictures was to offer a brief insight into the imaginative worldly arena of artificial trees.


Remember we are just an email or telephone call away - UK 0800 614540 or from abroad 0044 1207 460 140


I look forward to hearing from you shortly - Paul Unger

Posted 04 OCT 2012