Thinking Outside the box (and in it)

Thinking Outside the box (and in it)
We often have set ideas about how things should look, right? Certain things are expected to be seen in certain places.

In fact, if everything was how we expected it to appear, nothing would ever grab our attention.

However, should something strike us as irregular, different or out of place it naturally draws our attention. Advertisers use this “trick” all the time to make their advert standout from competing promotions. People spend fortunes on their appearance as a means to standout from the crowd, and likewise, prestigious restaurants work hard to establish their “brand” in order to differentiate them from neighbouring venues.

This is where plantART come in…
Fake plants, trees and hedges are a very effective (and cost effective) way of enhancing brand identity.

Replica Boxwood Topiary Ball Trees & Faux Box Hedges
Just as with other walks of life, technological progress has noticeably re-invigorated outdoor artificial plants through advanced innovative production technologies resulting in  extremely authentic artificial topiary trees, bushes, plants and hedges.

Fake Boxwood Hedge - Hilton Newcastle Airport

Although their core production properties are polymers derived from petrochemicals, improved moulding techniques now produce authentic faux leaves/foliage textures and colours. Frequently, people can’t tell the difference between real and faux plants. UV stable inhibitors are added allowing these plants to be displayed in sunny locations without fading as well as fire retardant properties permitting safe use indoors.

Fake Boxwood Hedge - Hilton Newcastle Airport
Call ‘em what you like, imitation plastic, artificial trees, faux plants, fake plants, false plants, replica plants, whatever your chosen definition, one thing is for sure, they ain’t real!

Thriving businesses have huge demands on their time, who can be bothered with the fuss, enormous cost and regular maintenance one has to contend with when real plants are deployed?

Faux Boxwood Topiary Hedge
Remember unkempt planting, especially within the hospitality industry will reflect badly on the credibility of your business. Dead and decaying vegetation will attract bugs and insects etc and become a source of odorous and pungent smells, thus creating an unpleasant and unhealthy environment for your guests.

Artificial Buxus Hedge at Riverside, London Savoy Hotel
It makes sense to embrace the convenient alternative provided in the form of artificial boxwood Boxus topiary trees and plants which many prestigious hospitality venues are now using to enhance and endorse their brand identity. Either front of house or to decorate exterior seating areas. The world of convenience has long since arrived.

Fake Boxwood Topiary Trees
Demonstrating this point: plantART recently installed a prestigious artificial topiary planting scheme which also embraced the use of contemporary and durable GRP - glass fibre - planters and interlinking promotional fabric screens at Brassiere Blanc in the centre of Bristol.

Faux Topiary Trees
Both the operators and customers have found this welcoming off street enclosure to be a comfortable place to soak up the relaxing continental cafe culture, socialise and dine al fresco with friends.

Artificial Topiary Trees - Bristol
A picture paints a thousand words. To see lots more examples of how artificial planting has helped businesses visit our GALLERY section: CLICK HERE
Posted 17 APR 2017