The Tree of Life

Giant Blossom Tree installed INSIDE Bowtry Hall! 

"Spring will have sprung,
love is in the air,
new lives have just begun,
in marriage of bride and man as one,
planned with thought and care,
a fabulous great day at Bawtry Hall is done."
Bawtry Hall and Crown Hotel is, without doubt, a wonderful and very memorable wedding venue. Within the large hall and stairway, the management was looking to create a WOW! factor and feature to compliment this beautiful building. 
They commissioned plantART to build a very large artificial white blossom tree to appear as if growing up into the vast open stairwell and covering the area below where guests gather.
This installation has created the perfect setting for guests to take photographs and relax in the ambient and tranquil surroundings of a beautiful artificial cherry blossom tree.
The large fake cherry blossom tree 6.5m high, with an "on average" 4m wide spreading canopy which fills the expanse of the Victorian staircase. The canopy then spreads out above the gathered guests extending to over 5m wide.
Prior to installation...
Craig Dowie, Managing Director of Bawtry Hall, explains “The area the tree was installed is such a huge vast area and height that we needed to think of something extra special and totally breathtaking to fill it. The ‘Tree of Life’ as it is now becoming known, in many cultures are sacred symbols of energy, spirituality, stability, growth and love – all of which reflect on the joyous occasions including weddings and celebrations that are held in Bawtry Hall".
Katey Dent, Sales Manager of Bawtry Hall, also commented “The tree looks like it was there before the hall – and that the hall has been built around it! Today people want that perfect Instagram / social media photo opportunity, and stunning giant blossom tree is certainly that! We cannot wait to see some amazing photographs over the next few weeks and months”.

If you're looking for the ideal wedding venue, in the perfect surroundings, set in a quaint village, then plantART suggest you give them a call on 01302 710341 and make a visit to judge for yourself.

Photograph below: Pears Photography

Walking up the stairs is a unique experience passing through the tree canopy with an abundance of blossom always overhead: very peaceful and tranquil, an almost magical experience.

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Posted 07 JUL 2019