The magic of theatre
Anyone familiar with plantART will know just how diverse our projects can be. We have been involved in some amazing designs and installations over the decades, but this project at the Winter Garden Theatre in Ontario is genuinely one of the most eye-catching.
Operating as North America’s last “double-decker theatre”, the Winter Garden Theatre sits atop of the Elgin Theatre in downtown Toronto. Built in 1913, the theatre’s auditorium ceiling had an elaborate and very ornate real-leaf canopy that had come to the end of its natural lifespan and needed to be replaced. After extended research, the decision was made to replace the historic leaves with artificial foliage. This new artificial canopy would not only ensure a much longer lifespan and lower maintenance but also conform to the latest fire safety regulations for public buildings in the process. The inherently fire resistant foliage from plantART was selected as it most closely resembled the original foliage, which was pivotal for this heritage upgrade.
The newly refurbished auditorium includes tree trunks and hanging lanterns, as well as 21,800 artificial beach leaves supplied by plantART, and individually connected to the ceiling grid to reproduce the natural setting of the Winter Garden Theatre. As can be seen from these photographs - the results speak for themselves. Is there a more magical theatre auditorium anywhere in the world? We seriously doubt it! 
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Posted 16 JUL 2018