Safety first...
Fire Retardant Foliage from FireSilx
Statistically, there are around 167,000 fire incidents in the UK every year. Stopping fires from quickly spreading is hugely important, and when it comes to artificial trees, we are committed to providing the safest possible products.
That's why we recommend...

These specially treated, inherently flame retardant products are designed to help prevent the spread of fire, thus giving you and your guests peace of mind while enjoying whatever services your premises have to offer.

What difference can FireSilx make to fire safety?

Sadly, significant fires in public spaces are more common than any of us would like. Along with other safety features, it has never been more important to consider every aspect of fire safety, in particular, how the spread of fire can be slowed down. For the reasons mentioned above, fake planting is an obvious candidate for such scrutiny. Thanks to FireSilx, architects, interior designers & business owners can readily conform to the highest standards of fire safety when dealing with indoor plants and trees.
With real plants and trees a fire can spread rapidly, just as it would in the wild, but with FireSilx foliage, instead of spreading, the initial flame will be extinguished in just 10 seconds! Not only does this provide a safe environment, but it also massively limits potential damage to your premises.

Lifetime guarantee and international standards

All FireSilx trees, plants and foliage are exhaustively tested, ensuring that they meet the highest worldwide FR standards, and with the fireproof element guaranteed for life, they will never require reproofing.
FireSilx continually evaluate their adhesion to global FR requirements, for example, recently, adding DIN 4102 Part 1 (the standard in Germany) to their testing spectrum.
Safety, not compromise

Such is the quality of these IFR products that most folks would never realise they are artificial, providing the WOW factor you desire without compromising on standards.
FireSilx products are inherently fire retardant, but they don’t use sprays or dips post-manufacture so no oily, greasy, or sticky film that would impair the look and attract unwanted dust. Instead, they are produced by adding fire-resistant materials and chemicals during the manufacturing process itself.
The plantART difference

plantART have an excellent reputation throughout the world, thanks to our ability to deliver outstanding, bespoke imitation tree & plant installations of the highest quality with exemplary customer service. Our creativity is also legendary, and thanks to the use of FireSilx products, all of this means your customers will not only be astonished by the welcoming environments we can create together but also, most importantly, be kept safe.
No matter what your requirements happen to be, we are sure to have the answer, and the answer is almost certainly YES!
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Posted 09 AUG 2020