plantART - Support The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

plantART - Support The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
 2.5m to 7m Tall, Large Artificial Trees, Now in Stock and Ready for Instant Despatch
“Kit - Form” Artificial Trees, Quick, Simple and Fantastic Value for Money
plantART has recently had the pleasure to supply The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation - Liverpool with two large 2.5m tall artificial green Ficus trees. These marvelous inherently fire retardant (IFR) artificial trees where installed into two city centre locations: St. Johns Shopping Centre and Sainsbury’s at East Prescot Road.
“Celebrate a Life Tree” is presently ongoing; a continual part of the valued and endless work What The Roy Castle Foundation’s Does in their continuos awareness of the tragic effects of lung cancer causes, prevention, patient support and so much more.
The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is an extremely pro-active charity raising funds by engaging thousands of people to participate in many enjoyable events and activities with the result of raising funds to support their deserving cause.
The two trees plantART supplied were set into black square containers. Theses splendid large faux trees are from plantART’s collection of large artificial “kit” form trees which are readily available from 2.5m to 7m tall in stock either as - Large Artificial Ficus Trees - OR large artificial red maple trees for immediate despatch. The ideal solution for customer’s wanting an instant large fake tree. The trees come packed into cartons, easily transported and handled. Once on site they are quick and simple to assemble. plantART can also provide a diverse choice of containers in any size, colour and material.
Our “kit-form” artificial trees are very popular with customers who design and construct exhibition stands for their high profile clients. So, many customers have commented about the marvelous features these trees offer and the benefits their clients have gained from using eye catching and extraordinarily realistic looking artificial trees on their stands; just like the example shown below.
For more wonderful ideas, unusual creations and breathtaking designs on the how to promote any business using outdoor or interior artificial trees, plants, vines and boxwood topiary hedges; do take a few moments to visit - explore the site which is full of exciting products,informative articles and its Blog with news updates exhibiting recent installations, new product developments and the best choice of artificial trees to enhance your brand identity.
Posted 21 APR 2012