Phase 2 | 2014 - Summary of selected projects, January to August

Phase 2 | 2014 - Summary of selected projects, January to August
Latest blog addition showing some of the projects completed since the beginning of this year 2014 Brief edited text with respective photographs which show recent hands on installations carried by plantART staff.  Any questions regarding anything seen here, then either give us a telephone call or drop us a direct email.
22 - Multiple trunks artificial pink blossom cherry trees - Cancun, Mexico. Faux pink cherry trees with pink blossoms. Unusual fake blossom trees in that they are bushy and constructed on natural wood multiple trunks allowing a broader canopy shape with an abundance of dense blossom.
 6ft & 7ft multiple trunk artificial pink cherry blossom trees
Five 6ft and 7ft artificial pink cherry blossom trees, with free-standing steel base plates, just made and ready for despatch
Delux 7ft Artificial pink cherry blossom trees
Delux 7ft Artificial pink cherry blossom trees in situ at the palace resots hotel Cancun Mexico
The individual trunks are set and secured onto a steel base support plates thereby appearing as if these false cherry blossom trees are growing naturally from the ground.
2.1m 7ft multiple trunk artificial pink cherry blossom trees Artificial light pink cherry blossom flowers
2.1m Artificial cherry tree with light baby pink cherry blossom flowers
23 - Hope school Wigan, outdoor artificial tree, sensual tree with textured bark, chimes, leaves and other stimulating objects. A creation the school had in mind to offer more opportunities for the disabled children to engage and benefit from in a safe environment; things they would not normally experience.
Outdoor artificial tree Outdoor artificial tree trunk
Outdoor artificial tree - all man-made materials
The tree has a strong internal steel structure, made in sections, coated in fibre class (GRP) to form the outer contours before applying the outer synthetic artificial ash tree bark, which in turn was colour matched to replicate the natural finish.
24 - Artificial boxwood hedges made as inserts, an example - South London hair salon. clients already have planters. Live planting for whatever reason has not worked for them, so the artificial alternative is an effective cost effective solution. Plus it saves money on up keep maintenance - a one-off investment cost without the hassle.
 Artificial boxwood inserts to fit clients' containers
Artificial boxwood inserts made to order specifically to fit clients' containers; simply drop into position
25 - Artificial autumn maple tree set into the corner of a teaching room, a school in Lewisham. Want a big replica tree? Artificial autumn maple trees, this and many other species such as faux autumn birch trees. Self-standing trees set onto steel base support plates so to appear as if they are growing naturally from the ground.
2.4m artificial autum maple corner tree 2.4m artificial autum maple tree - set into corner
2.4m artificial autum maple tree - trunk set into corner location with branches and fake maple leaves faning out over the ceiling.
plantART always make every effort to ensure customers get the best from our trees; ensuring they are presented to exploit their maximum potential, fit for purpose and affordable. Over recent years artificial trees, tropical jungle landscapes and enchanted forests have been popular within schools; especially in large urban areas. They find the presence of greenery and trees very relaxing and promotes encourages to learning.
26 - 3No. 5m artificial red maple trees - Barcelona. plantART also offer ready to go kit form trees, come boxed, delivered via courier and ready for the customer to self-assembly easily within 30 minutes. 
Selection of either artificial red maple trees or faux green ficus trees available in sizes from 2.5 to 5.0m high.
Inherently flame retardant (IFR) artificial leaves - an international requirement when installing artificial trees within public spaces. Ideal for both UK and Worldwide exhibition and events where immediate impact is required cost effectively, quickly easily and safely.
5m Artificial Red Maple Trees
5m Artificial Red Maple Trees
Presently waiting for more in situ photographs to come.
27 - Snooty Frox Harrogate - Artificial topiary buxus boxwood hedges set into wood purpose made planters. Faux boxwood hedges made to order to suit individual customers requirements.  For made to order fake boxwood hedges customers with specific requests are invited to send through details explaining their requirements to including measurements and as much information as possible along with a destination post-code to allow plantART to offer a delivered
Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge long length
Part section of high level fake box hedge with a combined 17m linear length
Miniature artificial boxwood hedge  Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge
Miniature artificial topiary boxwood hedge showing sections of straight hedges and pyramid sections
Presently waiting for more in situ photographs; however, those shown above are taken during construction. Nice compact fake box hedge with planter as one piece, where there is a overall height limitation
29 - Decorative bare trees, trunks, branches, along with silver birch trees all without leaves. Autumn and winter look trees, all made to any shape, size and profile, even leaning, arching and over hanging trees. Canopies: the alternative suspended ceilings, ideal for themed events, exhibitions and complimentary decor´ schemes. Many trees and branches are supplied to clients in a variety of colours, as shown above.
Silver Birch - single trunks - multiple trunks with branches - wispy tree clusters
4m Silver birch large tree trunk 4m silver birch single trunk trees 4m Silver birch large tree trunks
Tall 4m single and multiple natural kiln dried silver birch trunks with additional branches
Tall silver birch standing trunks Standing Silver birch - natural & synthetic trunks
Single trunks with a range of free-standing brackets - center three of five trunks in right-side picture are artificial silver birch trunks, made using synthetic materials
Bare autumn silver birch trees
Autumn and winter silver birch trees with wispy branches and various coloured trunks
Larger bare trees - leaning trees without leaves in any size and shape
Over-arching trees Leaning bare tree
Leaning over-arching bare natural trunk trees over 4m high
Bare tree canopy Bare tree canopy trunk & branches
Bare naked tree canopies whereby the branches and trunks are grafted into the trunks.
Both the natural trunks and branches are kiln dried before building the trees
2.8m high Artificial Bare Trees
Naked trees without leaves support by steel base plates so to appear as if the trees are growing naturaly out of the ground
Posted 05 SEP 2014