Outrageous! Innovative! Stimulating!“I hope so”

Outrageous! Innovative! Stimulating!“I hope so”
Outrageous! Innovative! Stimulating!“I hope so”
Here’s how to release the passionate desire within, naturally.
Looking for something to spice up the home decor´ to create that Wow! factor, perhaps outrageous, innovative and stimulating, providing colour or texture, individuality and reflect your personality, preferences and taste? 
Household decorative accessories! often clustered under a fashionable design umbrella with an “all the rage” contemporary tag. Its all out there, colour, size, style, texture, modern or traditional etc. and the depth in choice is infinite. Another example of how something simple can be complicated by adults to imply the perception of exaggerated importance and inflated prestige all to justify the price tag.
So, where does one go to discover innovative, thought provoking and exciting decorative home accessories? “Can’t see the wood for all the trees?” Well then let me take you by the hand and swiftly navigate you through the present array of vastly diverse and totally inappropriate items which you would never consider having anywhere in or around your home - and onto the distinguished collection of products which plantART can offer
Our home is not only a place to live, relax and enjoy but also, our castle, to escape and surround oneself with the things which are meaningfully close to us and have a purpose albeit sentimental, exciting or meditative thus the reason for choosing them. May be a place where one can “escape” and dream ones dreams - set the scene.
We usually associate emotional events with music, so as with music these choices are unique to us and our families, things we choose individually or together to seal a bonding.
Certain tunes set off emotional triggers and take our memories back to past enjoyable times in our lives.
We quite often remember memorable past events and associate them with things that are stimulated by our key senses the main ones being sight, sound and smell. Music covers sound. Decorative items we see about the home, are probably the most memorable because they are always present, whereas music needs to be activated. So a wonderful catalyst, stimulating things we choose to have close to us in our homes which are there to either share, just be comfortable with, or take precious moments to be alone with.
Albeit, perhaps outrageous many items and pieces of decor´, possibly art? can allow us to emotional drift away momentarily into our own special comfort zone soul searching or allowing one to become immersed.
Lets not forget many of us do not benefit from the privilege of living in tranquil, romantically angelic settings, therefor our personal environments as we insculpt them can be simply beautiful. So, to supplement this, we do this by adding artificial stimulants, something mankind has perfected through evolution.
plantART have put together a compelling number of items, which have been created over recent years, although mainly commissioned for the commercial sector, many as you’ll see will compliment many domestic situations as fascinating decorative accessories. So, Lifestyle Accessories for your House and Home - A New Contemporary Collection, a derivative from Artificial Trees, Plants and unusual furnishings.
Something different from the mainstream “stuff” you see around today. The majority of the items seen within each category are unique, because plantART make them in house. Think of it like a number of stepping stones in place to cross a river although they stand independently, together they have a purpose. Our intension by bringing these eight themes together under one “roof” is to provoke interest by displaying items perhaps regarded as quirky, funky and cool stuff presented conceivably in the form of contemporary home fashion accessories which may perhaps inspire subtle, retro and/or outrageous household trends for home decor´ ideas. And as you’ll see there is a little overlap between categories.
This is an exploratory exercise in the development of new, interesting and innovative ideas to add a different take on the world of interior decor´ for households. 
Posted 20 JAN 2013