Outdoor Artificial Palms

Outdoor Artificial Palms
“Just in” and ready for you to add that extra WOW! factor to your business


..... a fantastic and impressive solution in knowing to how can create an exciting, realistic and welcoming outdoor Caribbean atmosphere within our temperate European climates; but, without the costly expenditure and hassles of maintaining live tropical palms? The answer is simple - an new and innovative artificial alternative. plantART can now provide luxurious artificial outdoor palms designed and manufactured for exterior uses. i.e exterior artificial palms - big artificial palms.



Just fabulous when of all the things we enjoy it is being able to sit outside enjoying the summer sun, the charm and excitement of the surroundings.


Part the success formula in commercial venues is setting the scene; the vital ingredient: plus the branding, the music, the hospitality, nice food and drink.


Busy times, efficient business, shrewd investment in business provision and innovation, forward thinking will lead the way. However it is the simple things which can make all the difference.


So, in simple terms - trees, plants, foliage and flowers without doubt make the difference.

Man and nature - as they have since the beginning of time providing a relaxing, reassuring and welcoming atmosphere - plus they look great


Exterior trees and plants are an important accessory in setting the scene - whether in cities or country, ground level or in elevated positions such as roof top gardens, terraces or balconies, for street cafes and restaurants - it’s all part of the “market mix”





  • anywhere - what’s new ? why and how?

Innovative uses of outdoor artificial plants provide the answers and solutions for many exterior themes such as Victorian gardens, contemporary gardens, tropical Caribbean, English gardens, tropical rainforest - jungles: what’s yours?




The advantages for using artificial exterior trees and palms:- money saving, no maintenance, real looking and very quick to install.




Think of the comparisons we have come to except - notably how people adapt to modern settings, consumption of processed foods, fast foods and many other un-natural things etc etc.


Where Tradition and technology meet: the artificial alternative.


Posted 20 FEB 2011