Not your everyday artificial tree...

Not your everyday artificial tree...
Artificial trees, not just trees which are not alive, not real but fictitious, abstract visualisations.

plantART make large artificial trees, up to 7m high, mainly using ‘natural wood’ trunks and branches which have previously been seasoned and kiln dried. For super large artificial trees (up to 15m high) or something truly extraordinary, we adopt a process employing 100% man-made fibres using synthetic materials with amazing results; along with other Amazing Artificial Tree Creations: MORE...

Outrageous! Innovative! Stimulating! Crazy times call for crazy Actions - or Crazy reactions to clients requests - either way we just do it.
We go beyond the “norm” and what are generally regarded as “traditional methods” of building artificial trees to replicate as near to the real thing as practicably possible.
Three unusual commissions come to mind which allowed plantART to engage our innovative design skills.

Horizontal, 8m long artificial cherry blossom trees suspended 6m above the reception, foyer and bar area of the Raddison Blu East Midlands International Airport Hotel. Extremely effective visual accessory, an unusual blend of natural softening materials to compliment a very contemporary setting.

Up-side-down fake trees, a 6m faux tree with a 4.5m diameter canopy, suspended 8m from the ceiling and covered with 15 Km - yes 15,000m - of “state of the art” optic fibre lights. An engineering extravaganza to construct, erect, suspend and commission on site, creating a seamless joint giving the impression this faux tree was growing down out of the ceiling. An impressive example showing the versatility of synthetic materials which in turn are lightweight: an artificial tree this size weighing less then 200Kgs.

London Fashion Week - with the worlds’ eyes again focused on London. In this instance, the world renown Mayfair Hotel, Claridge’s, the venue Mulberry chose to exhibit this year’s stunning and exciting spring collection.

What on paper appeared to be a straight-forward task of building four 3.5m trees, as two interlinking, over arching pairs with a combined spread per pair of 7.5m. The tree canopies were extend forward and down an additional 1.2m. these canopies were then needed to support 150kgs of wet floral oasis and flowers thereby creating a pronounced cantilever effect. The task required some ingenious engineering to overcome the unforeseen problems, as we discovered the trees had to be 100% self-supporting and could not be fixed to either the Ballroom floors or walls.

The result was an outstanding, artificial trees built around a complex internal steel support.
About four months in the making, including design consultation, engineering calculations, construction and installation; all put together for around 15 minutes exposure to the World’s media; Mulberry certainly know how to co-ordinate the best people and the result was a fabulous show.
Posted 08 APR 2017