Meet the "panelists"
Artificial boxwood hedge panels

Fake boxwood hedges, one of the most popular products plantART produce, traditional faux box hedges made to order in any length, width and height.

As a spin off, a hybrid if you like, plantART have developed slimline fake boxwood topiary hedge panelled sections, easy to manage sizes ideal for fitting into tight locations such as balconies, clad walls or to create artificial hedge dividers which can be either fixed to the floor (or very unusually), suspended.

Our artificial boxwood hedges are constructed using material which is inherently flame retardant (IFR) making it safe for interior use and also UV stable to prevent discolouration and fading when positioned outdoors.

As a variant to the above (and unique to plantART) we have developed an alternative to traditional artificial boxwood or fake topiary hedges by fabricating strong yet relatively lightweight steel frames. Made in any size, standalone frames with feet which in turn can be fitted with casters thereby making them easily movable! Another alternative on offer is to set them into planters.

Incredibly versatile, these screens can be used as portable screens, patio/room dividers or decorative perimeter fencing
Posted 25 OCT 2016