Large Artificial Trees and Palms

Large Artificial Trees and  Palms
A visual summary of the fascinating experience available from Large Artificial Trees.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you some insights from the world of Large Artificial Trees, Large Artificial Palms, Artificial Boxwood Hedges and Topiary.

The ever changing and fast paced world of plantART has thrown up some unusual, intriguing and innovative designs over the years. Here are some of the highlights...

An unusual construction process of an Artificial Apple Tree - 4m high, an extra wide canopy and with a special feature unique to plantART's artificial tree building engineering: the use of adjustable branches.

This was a special commission for an international, UK based, exhibition design company who needed an authentic looking artificial apple tree that could  “grow” during a three day exhibition period.

A delightfully finished artificial tree, ready to be dismantled for shipment overseas

The artificial tree trunk is GRP (glass fibre) construction set on a 1.0m square base making this wonderful specimen a well balanced, stand alone artificial apple tree

Magnificent 6.0m Large Artificial Fig Tree. These imposing specimen artificial ficus trees come to the customer in kit form ready for easy assembly

5.0m Artificial Trees. London is it's destination and new home. Large artificial ficus trees are a common replacement for failed living trees have been neglegted.

Faux Topiary Spiral Trees

The above picture is an in-situ shot kindly provided by Blue Sky Flowers - "These faux box spirals were installed at the newly refurbished Royal Horseguards Hotel.

Here we demonstrate another use of artificial boxwood as alternative room dividers, screens or partitions. Curving the artificial boxwood hedge adds an unusual and pleasing twist.

Artificial Maple in autumn colours, very distinctive, colourful and a popular favourite with our customers.

Faux Ficus Trees - Shown here are 3.0m artificial trees installed at Glasgow Airport.

False Tree trunks - close-up details, so realistic and providing an authentic touch in the world of artificial tree building.

Artificial Fig Trees, are a popular choice, perhaps because it's the most commonly used live and artificial tree one sees in public spaces. In these locations the choice of container and securing tof he tree is an important consideration.

Remember, interior artificial trees and containers fitted inside need to conform to fire regulations - usually class 1.

Large artificial trees set into containers need additional weight thus the complete product needs to be thought through and prepared prior to delivery on site.

Artificial Cherry Trees - White Artificial Cherry Blossom.

The picture above shows 2.5m artificial cherry tree, built onto a natural wooden trunk and branches, made as a special order with an extra wide canopy plus an increased number of faux cherry blossom flowers.

Pink Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree.
An extremely popular purchase this year, especially with the lighter shade of artificial pink cherry blossom flowers.

A plantART speciality, Artificial Oak Trees - artificial table top trees for special occasions.

Large artificial palms.

The artificial palm tree trunks used to make our popular artificial date palms and artificial washingtonia palms are all natural fibres. plantART offer inherently fire retardant (IFR) preserved palm leaves and artificial palm leaves. Spectacular large artificial palms are made up to 10m high and above; with either straight or curved trunks as shown in the pictures shown here.

A detailed picture showing the head of an artificial date palm using preserved palm leaves.

A detailed picture showing the head of an artificial washingtonia palm using preserved palm leaves.

The picture below shows how the artificial palm leaves and fonds can withstand the weight of winter's heavy snow falls. Once the snow has melted, the resilient artificial outdoor palms leaves spring back into shape.

Artificial Exterior Palms withstanding a severe weather

The artificial olive tree trunk shown in the above picture is also moulded to form a one meter square base. Thus this fake olive tree can stand freely or be secured to the floor.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges, Artificial Topiary Trees and Artificial Boxwood Trees.

Faux boxwood hedges are in big demand especially with the increased number of restaurants and cafés extending their outside dinning areas. False boxwood hedges are now available using inherently fire retardant (IFR) foliage material thereby making them suitable for safe interior use. Our most popular fake boxwood hedges iare available in sections, dimensions; 100cm long, 80cm high and 20cm wide. Other section sizes are available.

And Finally...

Artificial Boxwood Camel - TO GO!

For more inspiration visit the CREATIVE and GALLERY sections of our website.

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Posted 31 JUL 2017