Instant WOW!
Over the past 27 years plantART have been researching, developing and providing artificial boxwood solutions to a wide range of businesses, especially in the hospitality and leisure industries.

With our partners, we have made significant product improvements and advanced the development of Artificial Boxwood Hedges for screens, partitions or perimeter boundaries. Artificial boxwood hedges provide a simple and very natural solution, ideal for cafés, restaurant and hotels who wish to offer customers welcoming exterior eating, drinking and seating spaces.

With the addition of LED lights, a truly magical effect cam be achieved. Imaginative integration of small LED lights creates a fabulous eye catching and distinctive effect, which significantly amplifies the impact & presence of artificial boxwood hedges. Though they can add a “mediterranean feel” in  summer, these pretty lights are especially effective during the longer hours of autumn and winter darkness.

Want to go for the big WOW?

Check out our incredible topiary shapes and figures. We can create just about any shape on any theme, so if you’re looking for a personal touch that pulls people in whilst letting them know exactly what you’re about, this is the answer.

Our previous “bespoke topiary” solutions have proved to be an enormous success, there is no escaping the WOW in these artificial sculptures!

A simple, quick to implement and very cost effective alternative to high maintenance live planting. plantART offers bespoke configurations tailored to your needs using newly improved UV Stable and Inherently Fire Retardant artificial boxwood materials.
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Posted 27 AUG 2017