If you go down to the woods...

If you go down to the woods...
We all love to be absorbed in naturally comforting, tranquil and reassuring surroundings, and that’s exactly what we get from plants, flowers and trees!
Which brings us to our incredible “Enchanted Forests”

Bring the beauty, excitement and wonder of the great outdoors to any large indoor area, even create dense forest scenes! These “forests” have proven to be particularly popular with places of learning such as school libraries, children’s play areas and other places designed to work, relax and learn in.

plantART create these imaginative worlds by incorporating their artificial tree technology to build life size and lifelike large artificial oak trees (one of Britain’s most traditional natural heritage trees).

An artificial enchanted forest with large bespoke feature faux trees and enticing archway

The splendor and ore of Old English Oak Trees - another one of plantART’s creations incorporating a large artificial oak tree.
Adding a touch of authenticity to this faux tree trunk with fake ivy and vines; commonly seen in English woodlands.
The pictures featured here show an extensive scheme embracing the splendor of one of Britain’s most traditional trees; recreating an artificial oak enchanted forest. This primary school discovered the benefits of providing a relaxing setting which instilled an atmosphere to inspire learning.

Two very large tree trunks were sourced and brought in to add more authenticity as was the foliage arch which linked two areas, the library and reading area.

Inherently fire retardant (IFR) faux oak foliage was attached to lightweight branch frames which in turn were fixed to the underside of the ceiling areas and appearing to “grow” out of the top of the trunks.

Without doubt an extremely effective recreation of an artificial enchanted forest; resulting in one very satisfied customer.
Artificial ivy vine arch - a wonderful free-standing accessory to assist in guiding people between areas
This innovative use for artificial vines, trailing ivy and other complimentary abundant flowing flowers is without doubt inspiring.
For more wonderful ideas, unusual creations and breathtaking designs on the how to promote any business using outdoor or interior artificial trees, plants, vines and boxwood topiary hedges; do take a few moments to visit our creative section: CLICK HERE
Posted 02 APR 2017