Bolder Bob - The Prehistoric Genius and Innovator

Bolder Bob - The Prehistoric Genius and Innovator was at this point our prehistoric friend realised that quite often what one sees might not be what one imagines it to be. 
“ it ain’t real was the scream from the cave, was she annoyed, joyful or was it just another angry wife? on one of those Mondays on the Serengeti all those, lots of 100’s of 1000’s of years ago when probably the first artificial tree was created.................... Evolution plays it’s role as this story unfolds......................
Monday, 17th - BC: lots of 100’s of 1000’s of years ago - Serengeti, just by the big lake.
Bolder Bob had had a hard day at “the office”. Bolder Bob and his mates were not having much luck catching dinner on this particular and memorable day out on the Serengeti, even the wider beast were not enthusiastic at being caught and eaten today, a bit inconsiderate thought Bolder Bob. 
Very frustrated at this point. He even considered changing his throwing rock supplier. Those modern ones don’t seem to have the accuracy as the older models. Even the new improved range of flint spear heads kept breaking. Bolder Bob has got himself worked up and decided to give that dodgy sales man who lives down in one of them fancy caves with their flash mud hut extensions alongside the new flamingo lake a good Clubbing the next time he sees him. Which reminded Bolder Bob he must remember to get two tickets for the rock festival next Saturday.
So. Extremely fed up, exaggerated and frustrated by the annoyance of them dammed sabre toothed tigers keep eating his mates and never avoiding to tread in more mammoth dung, he now has to face “her indoors” with the prospect of no meat for her and the kids to eat tonight.
It was at this point Bolder Bob thought he had better make and take home a peace offering. With this thought working around in his mind he and his mate sat down on a comfy ring of rocks gathered around a fallen tree in front of the local cave café as you did in those prehistoric days, because this was before pubs were invented. Well the advantage of not inventing pubs at this point saved the need to make up excuses of staggering home late; with or without a lump of meat. Anyway staring across the Serengeti desperately thinking of a peace offering for the misses he thought it would have to be really good to offset the pain of hungry mouths and the wrath of the misses tongue. 
He could not take home another cave plant, flowers or even a nice fresh shrubbery because they always died in the cave since it was so dark, draughty, and smoky and besides, the misses never remembers to water them.
So it was at this point Bolder Bob had the vision and invented the prototype, first one of its kind and one of many artificial trees to come.
Hey, you should of seen the excitement and obvious joy on the faces of Bolder Bob’s mates and before you could say “watch out there’s another ……” they had gathered a collection of dried wood from the river bank, flat stones, large dried leaves, mammoth bones and even a few tiger teeth. Within a short time a creation was made. All tied together with bits of animal skin and bark strips. Here gave birth to the first artificial tree. Ok, so they’ve come along way since the day of Bolder Bob’s prototype.
But by all accounts the gift was well received by the misses, who can be a bit impulsive at times, although she lacks a sense of humour and does not always see the funny side of things; but now for some strange reason, unknown to Bolder Bob, Bolder Bob seems now to sleep outside the cave at nights. Well Bolder Bob considers himself as a bit of an inventor, visionary and innovator thereby having been kicked out of the family cave he now considers he has discovered a solution for birth control, what a clever lad?
So this gave way to an alternative birth - interior design, the first in a line of imitation artificial trees. Bolder Bob then became his own boss and began to provide a wonderful architectural and design service to his neighbours, this then extended all over the entire Serengeti. Business grew mainly through referrals and recommendations: business then boomed. He has since increased his variety and choice of artificial trees and is now extending into a range of large artificial trees, for the larger more up market residences of cave interiors and those posh looking multiple use structures you see sprouting up everywhere owned by those flash, leopard skin suited property developers. He even hires artificial trees out for special events. 
Nothing new in copying, making replicas or substitutes as artificial and synthetic alternatives are becoming all the fashion.
Bolder Bob realises these artificial trees and artificial plants although not very nutritious to the animals he and his family feeds on; but, they play a fantastic cosmetic role and provide soft and colourful textures to the inside of the hash, hard rock face of the family cave.
Which brings Bolder Bobs attention for the need to get the cave extension planed and organised and put in the planning permission to add more windows even through the neighbours will probably complain.
Bolder Bob is please with his lot, the artificial tree business is growing surprisingly well branching out in many directions and he can only think well life is blooming marvellous.
even we think it’s a load of TOSH! “
“Trees of Serengeti  Homeland”, “yeah that’s a good one”
"uuuuuurh! it will never catch on.......
                                                     ......... where’s me’ mates gone?"
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Posted 21 JAN 2011