Big & Tall - Large Artificial Trees

Big & Tall - Large Artificial Trees
Large artificial trees are rapidly gaining in popularity. 
Clients all over the world are becoming aware of the visual impact huge artificial trees (including bamboo and palms) can create; not only because of their majestic stature; but the wonder of having such beautiful outdoor tropical trees set in tranquil interior settings. 
The “ore” of their presence adds a real Wow-Factor!
plantART have the skills, knowledge, expertise and most importantly the experience in specifying, constructing and safely installing large bespoke trees, large artificial bamboo and large artificial palms.
It is now possible to build artificial trees and palms up to 7 m plus and artificial bamboo to 15 m plus, in any variety and style/shape to compliment all and any internal designs and locations.
The short article below explains how plantART constructed two fabulous trees or a newly opened and exciting venue in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

 Building a 4 m high Large Artificial Pink Cherry Blossom Tree...

The pictures above show the various stages in the construction of this unique artificial pink cherry blossom tree.
The client requested a distinctive “windswept” effect to appear as if the tree was growing from the corner of the room. As usual, this artificial cherry tree was built using very delicate, vibrant and colourful artificial cherry blossom foliage, using 500 artificial sprays in this instance.
The picture below shows the process of installing the artificial cherry tree on site...
Assembling and Installing a Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree into a suitable Container.
4 m  high Large Artificial Green Ficus Tree...
Also a traditional favourite amongst our customers, planrART constructed a hand-built 4 m, large green artificial ficus tree with added liana vine entwined around the trunk. The vine was then extended out and beyond the very dense canopy of lush green foliage – thereby, making the ordinary into something truly extraordinary.
These large artificial trees (ficus and cherry) were set into charcoal grey modular GRP large square and round containers respectively. Owing to the tree heights and the sizes of the canopies, the massive trunks needed to be securely fixed into the containers. Neither the trees nor the containers could be fixed onto the flooring; so we had to find a means of providing sufficient ballast.
Artificial Bamboo set into recesses...
Another additional feature to this interesting project was the innovative use of artificial “natural” bamboo. The picture above shows an unusual configuration of fake bamboo stems to create delicate floral inserts.
Customers wishing to bring the outside inside in, from English garden to tropical varieties of large artificial trees, should get in touch for some friendly advice and/or a product fitting consultation - click HERE
Posted 01 OCT 2018