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2.1m - 7m Large Artificial Date Palm


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Large Artificial Date Palms using Real Preserved Fronds and Leaves 

Tall Artificial Palms with heights 2.10m (7ft) to 7.0m (22ft) 



When people imagine large palm trees this is the palm they visualise in their minds. The Date Palms in their natural environment grow to heights in excess of 40ft and are without doubt an imposing, splendid and magnificent palm.


plantART’s  Large Artificial Date Palm Trees are wonderfully constructed combining a beautiful textured trunk, head and fronds making them a simple and easy tall artificial palm to install into any location. The trunks have an integral steel base which allows fixing directly onto the ground or onto the base of a container. Contact plantART for suggestions and advice about suitable containers for tall artificial palm trees


plantART offers an extensive choice of alternative large artificial palms; magnificent and wonderful looking specimens ideal focal points, in shopping centres, aquatic centres, large atriums, large halls and cinema foyers, etc. People just love to see and be around palms, especially nice, splendid and majestic looking ones. May be it reminds people of their holidays in distant parts, perhaps it gives them the feeling of I wish I wasn’t here or just simply I feel comfortable around them. 


For interest see what wikipedia has to say about the date palm - Phoenix dactylifera and take a look at these images of real date palms.


plantART’s large artificial date palms are reproduced using very authentic preserved palm fronds thereby getting as true to real life as is practically possible. If you are looking to make a statement using tall artificial palms these are the ones for you.


plantART specifies, constructs and can also provide an installation service for a variety of large artificial palms. More choice of  variety of tall artificial palms can be seen in the pictures shown below.

Clusters of tall artificial palm trees made up into groups of various heights make fabulous and spectacular interior forestation. 


NOW! Before you consider ordering a Large Artificial Palm Tree and tall artificial palms trees, do please give us a call on 0800 614 540 or send us an e-mail For many years our parent company ISD(UK)Ltd have been providing, delivering and installing Large Artificial Trees to costumers throughout the country. We would like to offer you before buying; free advice and guidance on selecting the right artificial trees to fulfill your needs and equally important practical, safety and installation information that could help you in being more prepared. 


 The plant container shown above is not included in the price; however please give plantART a call for suggestions and advice about suitable containers for tall artificial trees 




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