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Flowers and Colourful Floral Abundance It can't get any better .................
“How to Bring on The Colour
And brighten Up your Place This Summer.”
Discover how people today save time. money and
enjoy a stress free summer
Imagine yourself sitting outside enjoying the tranquillity, the atmosphere and the comfort of nice summer days bring.
There is nothing more pleasing than the sight of colourful summer flowers and flowering plants. But! Do I hear your little voice within say “when ever I buy plants they always die. I can’t keep plants. And I forget to water them”
Well no more worries as here is the answer - irrespective of where you live, there will be a solution to bring summer colour to where you live.
Now even better because here is a solution: you simply put them out and enjoy them without having to care for them. No more worries to remember to water them, feed them and satisfying other questions like: is there enough light is it to hot, too cold? etc. etc. There is a bonus. They don’t die off so you don’t have to buy more the following year.
In this short article I will show you easy ways to brighten up homes with hanging baskets, window boxes planters at entrances, on patios, back yards, courtyards, balconies and business premises particularly hotels, pub, cafes, restaurants – the list is endless. So, how can we do this and where can we get them?
The Answer is by using Artificial Plants, Trees and Flowers.
Nice warm summer day, you’re outside enjoying the sun rays, perhaps afternoon tea, a social beer with friends alongside the BBQ all in a nice setting now complimented with beautiful colourful summer flowering plants and displays.
An yes you can sit back and gloat, because you have provided all this hassle free, no more watering, no more replacement costs and best of all no more annoying bugs flying around your head that have been attracted to your flowers.
If you are going to position plant displays such as hanging baskets, window boxes and/or hay mangers out of reach you no longer have to worry out the hassle and dangers of climbing up ladders or standing on chairs to water them; you also avoid getting yourself wet.
Types of Artificial Flowering Plant Arrangements and Displays
Here is a list of the ones most commonly used:-
Hanging baskets
Window boxes
Balcony planters
Hay mangers
Plant pots, large tubs or half oak wood barrels
You also see a lot of people engaing their imagination by using:-
Chimney Pots
Old wheel barrows
Old fashioned metal bath tubs
Old metal bread bins
Up turned clay drain pipes
Old metal Buckets
Old metal kettles and tee pots
Old ceramic sinks
Old water troughs
Dust bins etc. etc.
The most common displays such as hanging baskets, window boxes and patio tubs are readily available in many colours, plant and flower varieties.
You can also buy ready “to go” colourful displays in a range sizes, set into plastic containers.
DIY or buy in ready to use artificial plant displays and flower arrangements for outdoors
You may like to consider the pleasure of putting together your colourful outdoor summer displays this year. Alternatively go for the quick and easy and buy them in and ready to go. Our displays come set into high density floral foam ready to put out.
Hanging baskets come with chains ready to hang them up. If you need hanging brackets we can supply them as well. Similarily, planting for window boxes/balcony planters etc. come set into 1.0mtr (39ins) pvc planter troughs. These can also put straight out to enjoy. Securing brackets to support the troughs are also available. Tubs and patio planters also come set into plant containers and these too come ready to put straight out.
Now for the DIY option
This way you can make up displays and arrangements to suit your taste and chose your favourite colours. You can mix flowering plants with evergreen foliage and trailing ivies that are available in various lengths.
By their nature artificial plants do not have roots therefore you will need a medium to firmly hold the plants in your chosen container. Polystyrene foam is the best and the most easily available often in the form of discarded packing materials.
So simply cut to shape and wedge firmly into the plant container. In the case of hanging baskets use wire or thin cord to hold the foam in place. If you are using wire mesh hanging baskets remember to use a liner before fitting the foam. Looking up at the baskets from underneath can be unsightly. so do use liners. If you do not have at hand nice earthy looking “coca mats” then a cut down black bin liner makes a good substitute.
Your local garden centres along with other sources such as B&Q, Homebase, Ebay will have and large selection of wire mesh hanging baskets, liners, window boxes of all sizes, fitting brackets along with a range of pots and patio tubs for you to choose from.
For more ideas and information please take a look at the section on our web-site showing a range of artificial hanging baskets and Artificial window boxes In this section we offer a fantastic selection to brighten up your place.
You will find a selection of ready to go artificial floral arrangements suitable for entrances, patios and conservatories etc.
The enthusiast who wishes to make up their own arrangements will find a good selection of outdoor artificial plants, evergreen plants such as artificial grasses, yuccas and pandanus by clicking  here onto the link. 
And finally if you are looking for the simple pleasures of Artificial Bay Trees & Artificial Topiary Trees there will be something for you here.
I hope you found the information and links in this article useful. Do please contact me or our team with any question, feed-back and ideas of your own by using the contact us section


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