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Stress Buster - and a pleasant way to more relaxed living

Who would have thought faux plants and replica trees hold the answers


Today, people live in an ever changing world. They strive to seek more efficient, modern, fashionable and “state of the art” products to make their lives enjoyable, less stressful and more comfortable by easily allow them appreciate more free time at less cost.


People like seeing, being around and having nice things. Pretty, colourful and pleasing items at home, at work and in places where they enjoy their leisure time activities.


Research has shown flowers, plants and trees play an important role in peoples lives because they act as a catalyst between technology and nature, a contrast between hard, stark and colourless to soft, non conforming and colourful and between abstract tension and calm relaxation. Over generations plants played an important role by supplying a source for food, fire, shelter, medicines and building structures, tools and contributing to means of transportation. So now apart from the role of plants in the food chain and in special cases for medication derivatives their main role is for cosmetic uses indoors as floral displays and plants and outdoors in our gardens, parks and landscapes.
Over the years various research findings have shown that peoples stress levels and blood pressure in the presence of plants has reduced. People feel comfortable around plants. Plants play an important role in work places, offices, hospitals where people often need more soothing environments to feel more comfortable. Similarly plants play an important role in locations where peoples levels of stress can increase such as airports, waiting rooms, doctor’s surgeries, rail and bus stations etc. etc.


Now let’s flip the coin: how to gain a balance between the natural smoothing effects of plants and the problems of keeping them healthy, alive, fed, watered and looking fresh and vibrant especially in locations that are unsuitable for live plants to survive?


Decisions in life does not have to be a “one size fits all” option. There are many situations, in places where there are opportunities to use both fresh and artificial plants. 

Most indoor fresh plants which are mainly from a tropical origin - although probably grown under artificial conditions nearer to in Holland, Belgium or Denmark, will not survive in too cold, too hot, draughty, in low light or in direct bright sunlight. Another consideration is people’s time, funds and resources to look after them, such as keeping them healthy, treatments for insects and deceases, provide water, feed and replace them if they die. There are of course very good companies which specialise in providing a total management care for live interior plants.


Artificial plants provide can provide the same visual aesthete well being element of comfort gained by people in the presence of live plants. However fresh plants provide additional benefits. Providing there are enough plants of sufficient size, leaf capacity then healthy fresh plants can improve the air quality within enclosed spaces. In simple terms live plants naturally work 24 hours every day removing toxics from the air and feeding oxygen back into the air. They also emit moisture back into the air and act as wonderful humidity controllers.


Today with the advanced technology applied to air quality control systems the benefits fresh plants gave to improving air quality is now done by modern air conditioning systems.


The decision is now down to preference of aesthetes. The pleasing elements which both artificial and live plants offer to help improve the well being of people.

So, the options. Buy real looking artificial plants by making a one-off purchase with no extra costs for ongoing up keep maintenance. Buy live plants which can either be bought or acquired on a rental/purchase maintenance agreement. Thus two choices for live plants being; buy and hope they don’t die, or sign up to an ongoing financial rental maintenance commitment.


The selection of artificial plants, trees and flowers for interior and exterior uses is endless. They are available in so many sizes, style and colours. There are exterior UV stable faux plants and interior fake plants with inherently fire resistant (IFR) leaves. IFR artificial plants are often a requirement for many interior locations especially those in commercial and public buildings where companies abide by the current fire and safety regulations.

Interior artificial plants are now an obvious choice as interior decoration accessories. Interior large artificial trees are available up to 7 meters as standard and larger when made to order. Made to order large replica trees can be constructed in any conceivable shape to suit the customers requirements. Artificial plants, trees, vines, bushes and flowers can be positioned anywhere in a building allowing the benefit of additional artistic license.


Replica plants, such as these artificial exterior plants are ideal when decorating home and business premises to provide compliment and add charter to the decor, especially the outside of buildings and entrances to cafes, restaurants and hotels particularly those with patios, terraces and beer gardens. In businesses where image, prestige and first impressions count plants can play an important role and compliment other outside components like decoration, lights and signs. 

The expanding range and quality of artificial exterior plants now allows good and effective exterior faux planting schemes to be created using artificial plants - something in the past which was not possible.


Some more helpful and interesting facts, questions and answers about Artificial Exterior Plants and how to use artificial outdoor plants for business and domestic uses.

Why because artificial plants have become a convenience commodity. If the visual appearance of your business can benefit from plants but you have not got the resources to look after them, or where you want to put plants is not practical to keep fresh ones then artificial exterior plants is the alternative solution.


Where are the best places to use and benefit from the use of artificial exterior plants and trees? And where do people looking for outdoor artificial plants go? People make their homes and business premises look pleasing to make them attractive, “warm” and welcoming. First impressions count, so position plants at the entrances, along path and roadway approaches, on and around the parts of the building people see.

Where to go to source good exterior grade plants? Do spend time researching the options - the easiest is the internet. Speak with potential suppliers because they may suggest more practical alternatives. Remember artificial plants don’t grow roots so it is important to set them properly into your choice of plant containers.


When do people consider using artificial outdoor plants? Anytime of the year because the statue and beauty of these plants is unaffected by weather and environmental conditions they can be used all year around. No maintenance, no more time consuming water duties and no unnecessary replacement costs




Which of the vast choice of artificial exterior plants do people decide on? The application and the purpose of the objectives is a deciding factor of which plants to use. If the premises is located in an area vulnerable to vandalism then position the plants on the building out of reach. Plants in containers can have lifting handles to allow them to be easily brought in at the end of the day. Another option is to ensure there is sufficient ballast in the containers to stop people walking off with them.



Who would ever consider using artificial outdoor plants when fresh plants have in the past been the only available option? Because of changing business operating criteria businesses need the benefits plants can bring to their business, but perhaps do not have the capacity and resources to keep them looking good. Another advantage of artificial plants is they can be positioned in places where fresh plants perish such as windy, exposed locations and directly alongside business roads where fresh plants suffer from wind burn and the effects of pollution respectively.




How are artificial exterior plants and trees planted out, arranged and kept in place? Commercially artificial exterior plants are set and sealed into the customers choice of plant containers using a high density foam and then top dressed with decorative stones which in turn are set into an epoxy resin. Customers wishing to set their own plants into containers can do so using cement to the base of the container and back filled using decorative stones. Artificial hanging baskets and window boxes, from most suppliers, come pre-made and only need fixing into position.



What are the choices of artificial exterior plants and trees available to the unknowing and inexperience customer? Virtually any variety of fresh plant is now available as an artificial alternative. Choosing certain artificial plants and trees does allow the customer to have artificial varieties of plants outside which would not survive if they were the live option. Make time to ask questions of the number of artificial exterior plants suppliers for advice, guidance and information before making any purchases.


Todays improved good quality of artificial exterior plants and large artificial trees for interior uses allows people more choice to select the best solution to fulfill their needs. Business owners are tactfully taking the advantages of both fresh and artificial plants and flowers. In close proximity the fragrance of fresh flowers are a wonderful experience, especially fresh flowers in receptions, summer flowering hanging baskets at entrances to restaurants, scented herbal displays in street cafes and patios.

The skilled business operator therefor has very many more choices available throughout the year to ensure his business premises inside and out looks at its best always.


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