About us

It’s a family affair…

The plantART team really enjoy what they do: because they will do everything and anything within their means to provide whatever you need - on time and within budget.

We are a family business and we believe that no request is impossible. For us imagination, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit (with a bit of wackiness at times) are just a way of life. Which is why we don't ask “Can it be done?" but rather, “How can it be done?".

Our parent company ISD UK Ltd has been trading successfully for over 29 years and most of our contracts come through referrals and recommendations. Our customers are designers, architects, owners of commercial premises and operators working in the licensed and leisure industries, government and public service buildings and departments. In short, any business where first impressions and creating a welcoming atmosphere are essential.

It seemed only logical to extend our offer to the general public and create a separate online store, hence plantART. Anyone can now buy our products and services 24/7. This is not the end though, we are constantly developing and are continually seeking out innovative products to add to our range - which reminds me, please take at look at our CREATIVE section and let us what you think, contact us using the simple form on the right of this page.

Paul Unger

Managing Director
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