Large, Tall Artificial Outdoor Palms

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Large, tall outdoor artificial palms

The ideal solution for locations anywhere around the world where outdoor artificial palms can play a contributing role in making places outside more desirable, welcoming and provide a natural compliment to the surrounding landscape with the result of making it more pleasing to the eye. 

plantART make artificial outdoor palms up to 15m high.

It must be made clear these palms are not “off the shelf” and during busy periods there could be up to 3 months lead-in time from oder to installation. Each outdoor artificial palm is individually made to comply with the clients requirements.

 POA? - Price on Application; because plantART construct to order their large, tall artificial outdoor palms specifically to clients requirements every palm is different such as volume of foliage canopy, number and length of palm fronds and variety - artificial outdoor Date Palm or Washingtonia Palm. Size of base plate, method of fixing and location are also important factors which must be considered.

plantART also offer a consultation service, site surveys and installation; this can all be built into the price particularly when more then one large, tall outside artificial palm is required. 

And remember, initial advice, help and information is only a telephone call away 0044 1207 460150, or by e-mail

The internal supporting structure of plantART’s artificial outdoor palm trunks is a continuous steel construction for artificial palms up to 40ft - 12m tall - thus the height to fit into a 40ft container when being transported.

Outdoor artificial palms are also made in sections where transport, access and handling have their limitations. Thus 10m tall replica palms for outside use can for example be made in 2m sections making them easy to handle, especially where there are restricting access points.

Fabricating tall faux exterior palms manageable sections permits the easy construction of artificial palms up to 15m high.

The process and experience of seeking large artificial outdoor palms which are built to high specifications and made “fit for purpose”, through plantART comes with the knowledge, experience and expertise in providing, specifying and installing outdoor artificial palms worldwide - made reassuringly simple.

So, initial advice, help and information is only a telephone call away 0044 1207 460150 or by e-mail.