Large Artificial Majesty Palm
Large Artificial Majesty Palm


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 2.4m to 5.0m  Collection of Large Artificial Majesty Palm

also known as Large Artificial Majestic Palm


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As shown in the Collection of Pictures Shown Below


plantART’s  Large Artificial Majesty Palms are wonderfully constructed combining a beautiful textured trunk, head and fronds making them a simple and easy tall artificial palm to install into any location. The trunks have an integral steel base which allows fixing directly onto the ground or onto the base of a container. Contact plantART for suggestions and advice about suitable containers for tall artificial palm trees


plantART offers an extensive choice of alternative large artificial palms; magnificent and wonderful looking specimens ideal focal points, in shopping centres, aquatic centres, large atriums, large halls and cinema foyers, etc. People just love to see and be around palms, especially nice, splendid and majestic looking ones. May be it reminds people of their holidays in distant parts, perhaps it gives them the feeling of I wish I wasn’t here or just simply I feel comfortable around them.


 NOW STOP HERE! Before you consider ordering a Large Artificial Palms and tall artificial trees, do please give us a call on 0800 614 540. For many years our parent company ISD(UK)Ltd have been providing, delivering and installing Large Artificial Trees to costumers throughout the country. We would like to offer you before buying; free advice and guidance on selecting the right artificial trees to fulfill your needs and equally important practical, safety and installation information that could help you in being more prepared.


Particular care most be taken when installing large artificial trees where scaffolding or a “cherry picker" will be required especially when working on any large artificial tree above 3.50m and up to 7.0m (22ft) for Large Artificial Palms and Artificial Giant Bamboo 15.0m (47ft). Obviously your safety and the safety of others, whether working off larders or any access equipment especially in public spaces, has to be risk assessed.


 Another point also worth considering if you would like the base, trunks of your large artificial tree pre-set into a container or fixed directly onto the floor. In the case of very large artificial trees stronger and more robust container models will be required and again we can help you in selecting the most suitable container. If for example you choose 5 to 7.0m artificial trees then the container will need to be large and strong enough to support and stabilise the artificial tree as well as holding sufficient ballast. The more container and artificial tree support preparation done offsite the easier onsite installation will be. Remember, if you have questions, need advice or ideas do please call us on freephone 0800 614 540. 



To learn more about the visual magical palms portray can be found at Arecaceae (palms) - Wikipedia and some fantastic pictures at images for Majesty Palms.

For other complimentary; however smaller palms, plantART also offer a full and comprehensive selection of artificial palms and artificial palm trees in a full range of heights.


So, for what ever feature tall artificial trees and palms need we can provide, or provide and install Big Artificial Palm Trees for you up to 7 meters high, and over. They are ready to go and although they are large and heavy they are relatively easy to install.

plantART’s large artificial majesty palms come in “kit form” so, it makes the issue of restricted access no longer a problem- and equally important it keeps transportation costs down.


We have been around for over 27 years specifying, construction/providing and installing very Big Artificial Trees and Tall Artificial Majesty Palms . plantART is happy and willing to share its wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise with its customers — at no cost. So, to answer your questions, just drop us and e-mail or give us a call on freephone 0800 61454


Because we have been around for over 27 years specifying, construction/providing and installing very Big Artificial Trees, Large Artificial Palm Trees and Tall Artificial Palms we are willing to share our knowledge, experience and expertise with you — at no cost; by offering free advice about choosing the right large artificial palm or large artificial tree to suit your needs or the needs of your client.


Don’t forget, to answer your questions, just drop us and e-mail or give us a call on freephone 0800 614540  

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