Giant Artificial Bamboo
Giant Artificial Bamboo


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Very large artificial bamboo trees. - Giant Artificial Bamboo


Large artificial bamboo trees and plants are available in sizes up to 15.0 meters high.

How large is large and how big is big?

Well, plantART specialises in providing interior artificial bamboo into a wide range of commercial settings, namely atriums, shopping malls, airport terminals and many more places.


Artificial Bamboo Leaves which up a plantART artificial bamboo are inherently fire resistant one of many in our collection of fire proof plants and fire resistant trees.


Discover more free advice, guidance and product selection can be gained by reading our article titled, Why Large Interior Artificial Trees? Discover how to select the right ones and how to install them.” and plantART’s Blog.

And of course please do contact us via e-mail or call us on freephone 0800 614 540


Big artificial bamboo trees are usually made to suit customers’ requirements such as height, style and variety, depending on their proposed purpose of use and the effect they wish to create.

 "Free standing" large artificial bamboo, as shown in the above picture, provide very imposing and majestic features to many buildings, especially those which benefit from vast open interior spaces.

Large artificial bamboo are made up using multiple poles of various heights and different diameters. By increasing the number of poles used per “tree” will increase the volume, density and display girth.


Large artificial bamboo, palms and trees, as with large fresh trees can be displayed in a extensive range of containers, set into decorative raised planters or planted into sunken beds. 

People do love to see plants and large trees indoors however circumstances does not always allow them to use fresh planting so the using alternative artificial trees and plants is a fantastic practical solution.

Using artificial large trees and large artificial bamboo provide labour and cost savings in ongoing up-keep maintenance of large real live trees.


Another optional use for artificial large bamboo is to arrange it to act as screening. Similarly available in various heights, styles and densities.


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