100cm Buxus - Artificial Topiary Hedge
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100cm Buxus - Artificial Topiary Hedge


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Artificial Topiary Hedges and often referred to as:-

 faux box hedges or fake boxwood hedges




Fake Box Hedges, Fake Topiary Hedges, Fake Boxwood Hedges


This product is made from UV/FR stable artificial topiary mats has the advantage that it will retain its "natural" green colour when subjected to prolonged sunlight.


Ready to go 100 cm long artificial topiary hedges are becoming very fashionable and are a very popular product with our customers. The example shown here is used as an alternative solution to the traditional planted window planting trough. 


Faux boxwood topiary in the form of hedges shown here are as a 1 meter long unit is made to fit into a standard pvc window planter trough. The style we often see in the garden centres and DIY stores.


We can make any size fake topiary hedges, hand made to order to suit our customers requirements. For more information regarding artificial boxwood topiaries, in sections, made to order please drop us an e-mail or call us on 0800 614540.


If the example you see here is not what you are looking for in faux topiary and prefer larger, more complicated and/or something on a grandeur scale please take a look at our commercial web-site at www.plantartbespoke.co.uk on Artificial Topiary Plants in Social Areas and  Facia Planting using Artificial Topiary (both links show different practical examples) and take you to the respective pages showing a number of interesting and unusual examples of artificial topiary boxwood configurations we have provided our customers of many years. Remember most of our commissions are made to our customers' requirements. So, if you don't see what you are looking please get int touch and will be able to help.


For the DIY enthusiast we provide boxwood mats to allow you to make your own designs. Examples and a selection of mats along with a selection of artificial fire resistant boxwood mats, can be viewed at Artificial Boxwood Hedges & Artificial Boxwood Mats. And to help you on your way please take a few moments to view an article attached to this web site explaining in more detail of the use of artificial topiary plants and trees, along with the many shapes,figures and forms of artificial boxwood hedges as well as instructions on how to make your own artificial boxwood hedge. So please "mouse" over to the Article Titled - Artificial Topiary, Artificial Boxwood and Artificial Bay Trees now!

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