Artificial Olive Trees
3m Large Artificial Olive Tree
Artificial Olive Trees play a fascinating part in our history.
 Mediterranean mythology along with bringing together of past and present cultures, particularly with this tree’s important role in sustaining life over the past centuries with its fruits, extraction of oils and a source of fuel.
Distinctive silvery green, slender and oblong leaves, gnarled and twisted trunks characterise the Artificial Olive Trees, also known as Artificial Black Olive Trees, makes them an interesting and pleasant fake tree to have around.
Many customers are choosing artificial olive trees for their impressive statue, their mystical beauty and what they represent.
A favourite faux tree used in many hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and various other magnificent and majestic locations which feel the grandeur, presence of just what these artificial olive trees can represent.

Most of plantART’s large artificial trees are hand built and individually made to our clients specifications.
Please allow up to three weeks delivery.
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